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Rudolph Zuppinger

Born about 1465 at Fischenthal, Zurich, Switzerland. S(S1,S2).

Fischenthal is situated in the upper Töss Valley in the canton of Zürich. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fischenthal).

The name orginated from a farm hamlet "Zuppigen" near St. Gallenkappel in present day Swiss Canton of St. Gall. Folks from there were "Zuppigers" and one branch that moved away wound up as Zuppinger. A young married couple, first names unknown, are listed as residents of the parish of Fischenthal in Canton Zurich in a 1469 tax record. Much thanks to Daniel Bly for the information on this page! (S2).

Rudolph Zuppinger was listed in later records as the tenant of a farm called "Wydum" that belonged to the monastery at Fischenthal. In 1521, He and his six sons, were given perpetual hereditary right to the farm as long as they paid certain fees and pastured animals belonging to the monastery. Not long after that the Reformation occurred in Canton Zurich and the monastery was abolished. The farm became property of the Reformed Church, but the descendants of Rudolph continued to occupy it for another century and half. The six sons were Vinzenz, Simon, Hans, Moritz, Jacob and Wilhelm. Some of these moved elsewhere but Vinzenz, Jacob and Wilhelm remained at Fischenthal. Wilhelm lived at Wydum. Vinzenz lived at farm called "Boden." (S2).

He is said to have died in 1513. (S1).


  1. Simon ZUPPINGER. In 1531, the Canton of Zurich officially adopted the Reformed Church and catholics had to move to a catholic canton. For this reason, Simon's family moved to the Canton of Luzern.
  2. Hans ZUPPINGER. Hans fought in the Italian campaigns with the King of France between 1513 and 1515. He moved to Mannedorf on Lake Zurich in the 1530's.
  3. Moritz ZUPPINGER moved to Hinwil in Canton Zurich before 1532.
  4. Jacob ZUPPINGER died 1571 at Fischenthal, Canton Zurich, Switzerland.
  5. Wilhelm ZUPPINGER died 21 Jul 1579 at Fischenthal, Canton Zurich, Switzerland.
  6. Vinzenz ZUPPINGER. He fought in the Italian campaigns with the King of France between 1513 and 1515. He died in 1567, in a great plague, which killed much of the population of the village.


	Rudolph Zuppinger (1465-1513) of Fischenthal
	Vinzenz Zuppinger (?-1567)  
	Jacob Zuppinger (c1516-1567) and Weybrot Stoltz 
	Burckhart Zuppinger (1552-1602) and Verena Weber
	Hanz Zuppinger (1589-1654) and Othilla Hagmann
	Conrad Zuppinger (1628-1687) and Elsbeth Dickbuch (1629-1672)
	Conrad Zuppinger (1663-1701) and Margaretha Wirth (1666-1723)
  |                                                |         
  |                                             Margaret Zuppinger (1686-1750) and Hans Rudolf Winkler (1674-1741)
Hans Ulrich Zuppinger and Adelheit Mueller      Konrad Winkler and Regula Sommer
Anna Barbara Zuppinger and Hans Heinrich Peter  Hans Jakob Winkler and Verena Greitler
Heinrich Peters and Elsbetha Waeckerlig        Anna Magdalena Winkler and Hans Jakob Winkler
Anna Peters and Hans Jakob Ott                Hans Jakob Winkler and Susanna Burri
Heinrich Ott   ----    and    ----    Anna Elizabeth Winkler
Louisa Ott and Jakob Kunzler
Tina Matilda Kunzler and  Eli Ray Morris 
LeGrand Elliott Morris and Dorothea Berta Ernestina Kersten
Rodney Allen Morris and Deborah Lee Handy