Enoch Wellington and Sarah Richardson

Born 1 September 1756 at Cambridge, Waltham, or Watertown, all in Middlesex County, Massachusetts; son of Joseph WELLINGTON and Dorcas STONE.

An Enoch Wellington served in the Revolutionary War under Captain John Parker of the Lexington Militia Company. Since they had no specific orders they were discussing various alternatives when Captain Michael Jackson commanding the Newton Militia Company arrived. He [Enoch Wellington] advised that he heard the British were retreating from Concord and that Lord Percy was leading a relief force to rescue them. He [Enoch Wellington] was leading his men to Lexington to intercept them. Is this the same Enoch? He is about the right age and at the right place, though perhaps a bit young to be leading men.

He married Sarah RICHARDSON on (8 MAY-S6)(18 AUG-S?) 1782 in Watertown, Massachusetts. (S7). At the time of his marriage he was apparently of Cambridge, Massachusetts. (S6).

It appears that Enoch left Massachusetts in 1799, after the death of his wife Sarah. Enoch Wellington settled in Jaffrey on lot 20, range 5, in 1799. He apparently had with him children:
Abby. She married Daniel Wood of Jaffrey, son of Jonathan Wood, in August 1813.
Thomas, who removed to Ashley, Mass. (S2)

It is interesting to note that George and Lucy Wellington of Watertown, Massachusetts, also a descendant of Roger Wellington, moved to Jaffrey in 1796. He moved to vermont in 1801, but left at least one child, Lucy who married and lived in Jaffrey.

He died on 5 August 1817 at Jaffrey, Cheshire County, New Hampshire.

Born 9 (JAN-S?) JUN 1763 at Woburn, Lincoln, or Watertown, all in Middlesex County, Massachusetts; daughter of Edward RICHARDSON and Abigail CHINERY.

She married Enoch WELLINGTON on 8 MAY 1782 in Watertown, Massachusetts.(S7). She was of Watertown at the time of her marriage. (S6).

She died 8 MAY 1799 at Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

  1. Sally WELLINGTON. (Sarah). Born (1783) 1785 at Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts or Watertown, Middlesex county, Massachusetts. She married Thaddeus ALVORD in December 1814. Between 1815 and 1824 they moved to Oakland County, Michigan. She died in 1824 at Waterford, Oakland County, Michigan.
  2. Charlotte WELLINGTON. She married Ephraim Richardson, son of Joseph and Mary Richardson, on 22 October 1793 in Monmouth, Maine. She died 9 June 1842.
  3. Harriet WELLINGTON.
  4. Abigail (Abby) WELLINGTON. She married Daniel Wood in 1813. She died 8 December 1834.
  5. Thomas WELLINGTON.


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