Bartholomew Tickner and Millicent

Bartholomew TICKNER.
Born about 1571, He was of Albury, Surrey, England. ; son of Thomas TICKNER and Alice FRAUNCIS.

He married Millicent.

She was of Albury, Surrey, England. She married Bartholomew TICKNER. DRAFT COURT BOOK, 15 Oct. 1653, on the second proclamation came Millicent Tickner, widow of Bartholomew Tickner and Joane Stobbold, wife of George Stobbold and daughter of Bartholomew Tickner. They claimed admission to a little cottage and garden surrendered by Bartholomew Tickner. The tenement was granted to Millicent for her lifetime, then to Joane Stobbold and her heirs for ever at a yearly rent fee. Millicent Tickner and George Stobbold gave a fine to the lord of the manor for admission and out of favor, the rest of the fine was pardon by reason of their poverty.

CHILDREN of Bartholomew TICKNER and Millicent:
  1. Joane TICKNER. Born about 1630. She was of Surrey County, England. She married George STOVALL about 1645-1650 at Albury, Surrey, England. She died about 1675-1680.


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