TASSILO I, Duke of Bavaria

TASSILO I, Duke of Bavaria. (591-609). (TASSILON I) (Herzog von Baiern)
Son of GARIBALD I and Waldrade. {S3}.

He became the Duke of Bavaria in 591 after his father. {S2}.

Paulus Diaconus (Pauli Historia Langobardorum IV.3, MGH SS rer Lang I, p. 117. {S2}) records that "Tassilo" was ordained as "Baioarium rex" by "Childeberto rege Francorum". This passage is included in the text after the accession of Agilulf King of the Lombards, which is dated to [590], but before the report of the death of Evin Duke of Trentino. The Annales Ducum BavariŠ (Annales Ducum BavariŠ 593, MGH SS XVII, p. 365. ) record that "Tassilo dux" reigned in Bavaria in 593. {S2}.

About the middle of the 590s, he conducted campaign against the Slavs (Karantans, Cheks), who at this time were moving westwards from their middle-eastern homelands. In a first campaign he was victorius in the Puster valley in South and East Tirol, and returned with rich plunder. He was apparently killed in a second campaign in 609, as the Slavs had made alliance with the Avars, as this is the last known report of him.


CHILDREN of TASSILON I, Duke of Bavaria
  1. GARIBALD II, Duke of Bavaria. He became the Duke of Bavaria in 609 when his father died. He ruled until 625. He married Geila, princess of Friulia. Friulia is an area in northeast Italy, comprising the major part of the autonomous region Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The capital of Friuli is the city of Trieste. Paulus Diaconus names "Tassilone duce Baiorariorum, filius eius Garibaldus" when recording that he (Tassilo) was defeated by the Slavs "in Agunto" He died in 640.