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[F3200]. George STOVALL/STOVOLD. (Stoffold, Stoval, Stovell, Stowell, Stobbold). [PC H3-1].
Born about 1588-1590 at Albury, Surrey, England; son of George STOVALL [F6400] and Lettice STONE [F6401].

He married Margaret FARLEY [F3201] on 11 OCT 1612 at Albury, Surrey, England.

He was a blacksmith by trade. They lived in Wonersh, Surrey, England. They, and others, benefited from the sale of the estate of Margaretís father upon his death. The estate included two messuages (houses and lots) and gardens with 7 acres of land in Farley Green and Albury. George and Margaret stayed in Wonersh at least until Anne, their third child, was baptized there. The other two children are listed in the will of William Stoffold.

George STOVOLD and Christopher Lidger of West Clandon, Surrey, were indicted for an alleged assault on John Nipps of Albury. The assault was said to have happened on 19 MAR 1612-13 in Albury, but George was found not guilty on 1 JUL 1613 at Southwark. At the general criminal court hearings, Nipps was accused of attacking George on 20 OCT 1611 at Shere.

COURT BOOKS OF MANOR OF ALBURY 1649-1666. George Stobbold first listed as a tenant on 8 Aug. 1654. (Guildford Records Office). George was also presented with others forfault and fined on 7 Oct. 1657, 19 April 1659, 29April 1661 and 19 Oct. 1663.

He is said to have died before FEB 1657-8; but the above record indicates otherwise.

[F3201]. Margaret FARELY.
Born in 1593; daughter of Richard FARLEY [F6402] and Elizabeth ALDRIDGE [F6403] alias DEANE. It is unclear what is meant by alias Deane; if it refers to Elizabeth, or Richard, or both. [See S1.]. She was of Farley Green village, Surrey, England; and was probably born there, though it is not clearly stated.

CHILDREN of George STOVALL [F3200] and Margaret FARLEY [F3201]: