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George Stovall and Joane Tickner

[F1600]. George STOVALL (Stoffold-S1,S2)(Stovold-S2)(Stoval, Stovell, Stowell, Stobbold). [PC H3-1].
Born about 1623 at Albury, Surrey, England; son of George STOVALL [F3200] and Margaret FARLEY [F3201]. (S5). Although his birth and baptismal records are not known, he is connected to his father through brother William's Will.

He is said to have been the overseer of the will of John Stovold of Cranley on 3 April 1634. He was of albury, Surrey, England. (S5). This is not likely if he was born about 1623. Either he was born earlier, or it was his father who was the overseer of the will.

He married Joane TICKNER [F1601] about 1645-1650. (S2). George married Joan Tickner before October 15, 1653, when Joan's mother, Millicent Tickner, filed a claim on a cottage and garden after the death of her husband, Bartholomew. The lord of the manor of Albury granted her copyhold tenure of the property to be past on to her heirs after her death.

She died after getting the property, and it was turned over to George and Joan. Due to financial difficulties, they were unable to pay a "fine" or fee for permission to enter upon the land, and it was turned back over to the lord of the manor. George was also fined for failing to attend the lord's manor court, a standard duty for one who was a copyright tenant (Oct. 7, 1657, Apr. 19, 1659, Apr. 29, 1661 & Oct. 19, 1663).

He is called a Yeoman of Albury. (S5).

George and Joan possibly became Quakers. According to record from the Church of England they did not attend church for over 3 months (Easter 1661 term of Surrey Quarter Sessions-criminal court of the county). From the sessions rolls:

He and many others Did not repair to their respective parish churches or to any other ususal place of common prayer for three months following the 1st of january 1661 on which day they were all of the age of sixteen years or more in contempt of the King and against the styature...and against the peace. (S5).

The sheriff's response to the 5 separate writs on April 1661 indicates that he could not find George. George was cited on Easter Term of 1662 and also on April 28, 1663 for not attending. Throughout all this, there's no record he was punished for the offenses. At that time, the Church of England was the only recognized church in England and attendance was mandatory.

The Church of England had been re-established at the time of Charles II's ascension to the throne in 1660, when attendance was made mandatory. (S5).

ALBURY PARISH RECORDS, George Stovall paid 1 Hearth Tax in 1664.

George lived in Albury parish according to the hearth tax roll of Albury, dated Lady Day (March 25, 1664) with one hearth assessed from him.

He died on 8 November 1665. (S5). Despite possible Quaker beliefs, he was buried in Albury, Surrey, England, on 8 November 1665-6 with all rites of the Church of England.

[F1601]. Joane TICKNER.
Born about 1630; daughter of Bartholomew TICKNER [F3202] and Millicent [F3203] . She was of Surrey County, England.

She married (1) George STOVALL [F1600] about 1645-1650.

On May 7, 1675, widow Stovall asked the Friend's congregation to help find her son a job.

Guildford, Godalming and Sheere Society: FRIEND'S MEETING on 3rd month, 7th day, 1675 show the Widow Stovall bringing forth her son for apprenticeship.

She died (after 1665-S3)(about 1675-1680).

CHILDREN of George STOVALL [1600] and Joane TICKNER [1601]:
  1. [F800]. Bartholomew STOVALL. [Note: It is generally believed, but not proved, that George was the father of Bartholomew. (S5).]. Born 24 June (August-S2) 1665 at Albury, Surrey, England. He married Ann BURTON [F801] on 8 August 1693. He died about 1721.