Matthias St John and Elizabeth Seeley

Matthias (Matthew) ST. JOHN. [PC M2-12].
Christened 30 November 1628 at New Windsor, Berkshire, England; son of Matthias ST JOHN [F4268] and Mary TINKER [F4269]. Other parents are sometimes given, but Matthias and Mary are most probably correct.

He apparently moved to New England with his father about 1634. They settled first at Dorchester, Massachusetts. They moved to Windsor, Connecticut, (about 1638-1640-S1)(in 1640-S2). They moved to Wethersfield, Connecticut about 1648.

He married Elizabeth (SEELEY-S4) in 1658.

Matthias was the second tavern-keeper in Norwalk. He was authorized by the selectmen on 17 December 1678 "to keep an ordinary for the entertayning of strangers." Christopher Comstock had been authorized to keep an ordinary at the town meeting of 9 February 1671. The two tavern-keeping families must have been on excellent terms since two of Matthias St. John's sons married daughters of Christopher Comstock.

He was still an inn-keeper in 1704 when Sarah Knight, a school teacher from Boston, stayed one night at his inn. On her way from Boston to New York she had a noon meal in Norwalk, but the tavern is not clearly identified. This was 6 December 1704. “... when about 12 at noon we arrived, and Had a Dinner of Fryed Venison, very savoury.”

On her way back to Boston from New York she stayed at the tavern. Although no names are mentioned, his tavern was the only one next to the meeting house. She wrote the following uncomplimentary description of the inn, of Matthias St. John, and of the town in general. “About 9 at night we come to Norrwalk, having crept over a timber of a Broken Bridge about thirty foot long and perhaps fifty to ye water. I was exceeding tired out and cold when we come to our Inn, and could get nothing there but poor entertainment, and the Impertinant Bable of one of the worst of men, among many others, of which our host made one, who, had he bin one degree Impudenter, would have outdone his Grandfather. And this I think is the most perplexed night I have yet had. From hence, Saturday, December 23, a very cold and windy day, after an Intolerable night's Lodging, wee hasted forward only observing in our way the Town to be situated on a Navigable river, wth indifferent Buildings and people more refined than in some of the country towns wee had passed tho' vicious enough, the Church and Tavern being next neighbors.” (Presumably the "Grandfather" in the above passage is a euphemism for the "devil.").

A grant made by the town (recorded in March 1706) to Ebenezer and Samuel St. John of about four acres of islands to be held jointly. And in February 1706/7 the town granted land to Ebenezer, James and Samuel St. John. Later that month the town granted land to Matthias and Samuel St. John. While no relationships among these men are stated they are treated equally which leads to the presumption that they are brothers with equal claims on the town.

Matthias died in DEC 1728 in Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut. Administration of his estate was granted to his widow Elizabeth St. John on 5 September 1732.

Elizabeth (SEELY-S2,S4).
Born about 1634.

CHILDREN of Matthias ST JOHN and Elizabeth:
  1. Mary ST JOHN. [PC M2-12]. Born 1651-1657 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut. She married Thomas HYATT [PC M2-11]. on 10 November 1677. She died 17 August 1745.
  2. Matthias ST JOHN. Born in 1667-1668 in Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut. He married Rachel BOUTON, daughter of John BOUTON and Abigail Elizabeth MARVIN, about 1690 in Connecticut. (Rachel was born 16 DEC 1667 in Norwalk) Matthias died on 17 Aug 1728 (1748-S4) in Wilton, Fairfield County, Connecticut; he was 61.
  3. Ebenezer ST JOHN. Born about 1660 at Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut. He married Elizabeth COMSTOCK, daughter of Christopher COMSTOCK and Hannah PLATT. He died about 1723.
  4. James ST JOHN. Born about 1674 at Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut. He married Mary COMSTOCK, daughter of Christopher COMSTOCK and Hannah PLATT, on 18 DEC 1693 at Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut. He died in JUN 1754, before the 28th when his will was proved.