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RICHARD, Earl of Cambridge, and Anne de Mortimer

RICHARD, Earl of Cambridge. (of Conisburgh). Third Earl of Cambridge/
Born about September 1376 in Coinsborough Castle, Yorkshire, England; younger son of EDMUND of Langley, Duke of York, and Isabella of Castile.

He married Anne de MORTIMER.

His paternal grandparents were Edward III of England and Philippa of Hainault. His maternal grandparents were Pedro of Castile and Marķa de Padilla.

He was confirmed in the Earldom of Cambridge, which had been resigned by his brother, in 1414. In 1406, he married his cousin, Anne Mortimer, also a descendant of Edward III (his great great granddaughter), through his son Lionel of Antwerp. It was through her that the Yorkist faction in the Wars of the Roses claimed the throne. Their marriage produced a daughter, Isabel Plantagenet, and a son, Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York.

Following Anne's death, Cambridge married Matilda Clifford, but they were probably married a very short time before he was discovered fomenting the Southampton Plot against King Henry V immediately prior to departure on the French campaign. (His elder brother, Edward of Norwich, 2nd Duke of York, would die at the Battle of Agincourt, less than three months later.) He was stripped of all his titles and estates and was executed at Southampton before the fleet set sail.

He was executed on 5 August 1415 at Southampton Green, Hampshire, England.

WIFE (1):
Anne de MORTIMER. [Familytree].
Born 27 December 1390 in New Forest, West Maeth, Ireland; daughter of Roger MORTIMER, Earl Of March, and Eleanor HOLAND.

She married Richard, Earl of Cambridge.

She died after 20 September 1411.

CHILDREN of RICHARD, Earl of Cambridge, and Anne de MORTIMER:
  1. RICHARD, Duke of York. Born 20 September 1411 in Conisborough Castle, Yorkshire, England. He married Cecily de NEVILLE. He was killed on 30 December 1460 at the Battle of Wakefield in Yorkshire, England.

WIFE (2):
Matilda Clifford


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