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PHARAMOND, King of the Franks, and Argotta

PHARAMOND. (Faramond, Faramund, Faramundus). First King of all the Franks. King of Westphalia. First King of the Merovingians.
Born in 370 in Westphalia, Germany; son of MARCOMIR, Duke of the Franks. Pharamond is known as the first King of France after the departure of the Romans from Gaul. He is not mentioned by Roman historians of the 4-5th centuries, or by Gregory of Tours, so most modern historians disregard him as a historical person, but regard him as an invention to establish a dubious dynastic continuity.

The Liber Historiae Francorum, also known as the Gesta regnum Francorum, which is customarily dated to 727 AD, gives a different father for Pharamond. It is noted though that this work is incorrect in other historical datings.

He married (1) Ymbergide (Imberltrude). They did not have children.

He married (2) Argotta in 394 AD.

The story is told of the election of the first Frankish king. It says that after the death of Sunno, Marcomir proposed to the Franks that they should have one single king, contrary to their tradition. The Liber adds that Pharamond, named as Marcomir's son, was chosen as this first king, and then states that when he died, his (son-S?) (son-in-law-S?) Chlodio was raised up as the next king. The work says no more of him.

He was Duke of the East Franks in 404, and then also Duke of the West Franks in 419, and King of Westphalia.

In Prosper of Aquitaine, we read, under the year 417, the twenty-sixth year of Honorius:
Faramundus regnat in Francia. (S12).

In several sources, for example Gregory of Tours, who wrote Historia Francorum, multiple kings are attested to rule simultaneously in later times, so it was not always the rule to have only one king over the Franks.

He is believed to have led his people across the Rhine River heading west in 420 AD, separating his people from the Riparian Franks settlement near Cologne.

He died in (427-S1)(428-S2)(430-S4,S5).

NOTE: David Hughes makes the following statement, without citing and sources:
The genealogy of the early Frankish kings was confused by medieval clerics who had few sources available to them, but modern scholarship has come along to untangle the mess using multiple sources that have come to be available over the years from discoveries made in the libraries of old monasteries. For example, the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Frankish kings, namely, Faramond [Pharamond], Chlodio, and Merovech, are NOT father, son, and grandson, as they appear in the traditional genealogy of the Merovingians, but rather each came from entirely different families. Faramond's mother and both of his wives were Frankish princesses. His successor, Chlodio, murdered Faramond's only son upon Faramond's death to clear his own succession. Chlodio's wife, Argotta [aka Siegse], was one of Faramond's two daughters. Argotta brought into the marriage a son, Merovech, from a previous marriage to Quintus Tarus, Prefect of Provence. It was the civil war between Merovech and his half-brother, Cloderic, that was the pretext for the invasion of Gaul by Attila "The Hun". And, the confusion of the parentage of King Clovis "The Great", who was not the son of the Frankish King Childeric I, is due to the fact that the wife of Prince Clovis [King Childeric I's son], namely, Dochilt, married [the future] King Clovis "The Great" upon the premature death of her husband, Prince Clovis [King Childeric I's son], thus, the misidentification of Prince Clovis [King Childeric I's son] with King Clovis "The Great" by medieval clerics is understandable. (S10).

WIFE (1):
Ymbergide (Imberltrude)(Imbegride-S1`0).
Daughter of Basogast, a Frankish prince. (S10).
She married Pharamond, King of the Franks. They did not have children. [but S10 says they had a son].

CHILDREN of PHARAMOND King of the Franks, and Imbegride:

WIFE (2):
ARGOTTA. Queen Of France.(Rosemunde-S10). (Princess of the SALIC FRANKS, Argotta De Cimbres)(Siegse)).
Born in 376; daughter of GENEBALD (Genbald), Duke Of the Franks.

Argotta is sometimes listed as the daughter of the King of the Cimbri (Cambray).

CHILDREN of PHARAMOND King of the Franks, and ARGOTTA:
  1. Fredemundus DESPOSYNI.
  2. Adalbert (Alberico, Adelbertus). Duke of MOSEL. Born in 405 AD. He died in 491 AD.
  3. (Frotmund?). Ancestor of Viviane del Acqs. (S2). She would have been named after her grandmother.
  4. Argotta. According to Hughes (S10) she married (1) Quintus Tarus, Prefect of Provence. They had a son Merovech. She married (2) Chlodio. Chlodio is often listed as the son of Pharamond, but note that David Hughes (S10) says he was not the son of Pharamond, but the son-in-law, having married Argotta, the daughter of Pharamond.
  5. Belizde. She married Gundicar (Gunther), King of Burgundy. (S10).


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