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MATUEDO I Duc de Poher and Hawise of Bretagne

MATUEDO I Duc de Poher. (Mathue'doi I). [BOYD Family Chart].
Born (about 880)(in 885) in Bretagne, France.

Often said to be the son of ALAIN I Duc de Dol, le Grand, and Qrequen de Rennes. However, Rodney Timbrook Ancestors and Relatives says Matuedo I is the son-in-law, not the son, of Alain I Duc de Dol. (S1).

Out of the union of the Breton royal family and that of the Counts of Rennes and Nantes came Alain III the Great or Grand, surnamed le Poher, Duke of Brittany. At his death in 909, joint succession fell to his son-in-law Count Mathuedoi of Poher and his cousin Gurmhailion (Geoffrey) who was Count of Cornouailles. Mathuedoi renounced his claim and exiled himself to England, but his son Alain Barbe-tort (Red Beard), reclaimed the duchy around 970. According to Hubert Guillotel this restoration would be reached with that of Louis IV of France as part of an overall negotiation including, William I of Normandy, Hugh the Great and Herbert II of Vermandois. (S1).

Married to a daughter of Alain I of Britain, Mathuedoi is mixed with strife-born death of Alain. Gourmelon Cornish took advantage of the situation to be recognized as sovereign of Britain. This is an executive authority without leaving the kingdom failed to fall while the Vikings are taking advantage of the situation to destroy the land. (S1).

Count Mathuedoï involved in several charters of the Cartulary of Redon. Around 920, he was forced into exile with arms, baggage and family. He is hosted by the English king Athelstan, and never left England. (S1).

The same will Athelstan fifteen years later his godson Barbetort Alain, son of Mathuedoi in regaining his throne, which will also more than non-royal and ducal, having expelled the Normans outside Britain. (S1).

Died in 952 in France. (S1).

Hawise de Bretagne. (Havoise). [BOYD Family Chart].
Born about 880 at Penthiève, Bretagne, France; daughter of ALAIN I Duc de Dol, le Grand, and requen de Rennes.

Some sources say her name is unknown (S3), others (S1,S2) say her name is Hawise.

CHILDREN of MATUEDO I Duc de Poher and Hawise:
  1. Rennes (daughter).
  2. ALAIN II Bretagne. [BOYD Family Chart].


Hawise de Bretagne  md Matuedo I de Poher, Duc de Bretagne (885-952) 
Alain II Bretagne, (Fretaldus)(Wrybeard)(de Poher) (c905-962)  md Roscille de Anjou
Frotmundus Vetules Bretagne  (960-1008)
Flaad, Seneschal of Dol  (1005-1064)    md  Constance De Dol
Alan, Dapifer Dolensis (Dapifer of Dol) (1024-1080) 
Flaad of Dol (1048-c1106).   
Alan FitzFlaad  (c1082-c1121)  md  Aveline de Hesdin
Simon FitzAlan (1114-1164) md Eschina (Eschyna)(Loudin)(de Londonis ( Stewart)
Robert Boyd (I) (Boyt)(Boidh) (c1155-c1240) 
Robert Boyd (II). (Robert, Dictus Boyd).  The Hero of Goldberry Hill  (c1225-c1290)
Robert Boyd (III)  (1249 - c1300 or 1330).  
Robert Boyd of Kilmarnock, 1st Baron of Kilmarnock.  (c1285-1333)
Thomas Boyd of Kilmarnock, The Archer, 2nd Baron of Kilmarnock (1323-1365) 
Thomas Dominus Boyd, 3rd Baron of Kilmarnock (1360-1410) md  Alice G. Gifford
Thomas Boyd, 4th Baron of Kilmarnock  (c1385-1432) md Joanna Montgomery
Thomas Boyd, 5th Baron of Kilmarnock  (c1405-1439) md Isabell
Robert Boyd, 1st Lord Boyd of Kilmarnock (c1415-1482)  md Mariot Maxwell
Alexander Boyd, 3rd Baron of Boyd  (1452-1508)  md  Janet Colville   
       |                                                  |                                
Robert Boyd  (?-1557)   md  Helen Somerville     Margaret Boyd md  George Colquhoun            
         |                                                             |    
Robert Boyd (c1517-1590).  ----    md    ----    Margaret (Mariot) Colquhoun (c1525-1601) 
Agnes BOYD (1523-1574).  md  John Colquhoun, Lord of Luss (c1523-1574)   
Alexander Colquhoun  (1573-1636) md Margaret Helen Buchanan
John Colquhoun (1632-?) md Katherine Graham (miss Montrose)	
William Cahoon (Colquhoun) (1635-1675) md Deliverance Peck
Joseph Cahoon (1665-c 1710)  md  Elizabeth Scranton
Ebenezer Cahoon (1706-?) md  Mary Reynolds (step sister of Reynolds Cahoon)
William Cahoone (1733-1813)  md  Elizabeth Vaughan	
William Cahoon  (1765-1828) md  Mary Smith
Mary Cahoon (1810-?) md   David Elliott	
Peter Mack Elliott (1833-1885)  md   Charlotte Alvord
Harriett Louisa Elliott  (1860-1902) md   James Newberry Morris  
Eli Ray Morris (1892-1980) md Tina Matilda Kunzler	
LeGrand Elliott Morris (1916-2005) md Dorothea Berta Ernestine Kersten
Rodney Allen Morris and Deborah Lee Handy