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MARCOMIR, Duke of the Franks

MARCOMIR, Duke of the Franks. (Marcomer).
Born about 360 AD; son of CLODIUS I, Duke of the East Franks.

After the fall of Troy to the Achaeans in the Trojan War of 1181 BC (1184 BC), some Trojans had fled to Italy under the Dardanian prince, Aeneas. Many others fled to the Black Sea area and joined the nomadic Cimmerians with whom they had good relations. Eventually, these Trojans established several separate tribes within the Cimmerian nation. One such tribe under Francio migrated into the area around modern Budapest and established the Kingdom of Sicambria. When Sicambria was destroyed by the Goths, Francio's followers, the Franks broke into tribal groups. One tribe, the Sicambrian Franks, of whom Marcomir was a member, led by members of the old royal house, migrated westward toward the River Rhine.

Roman historians, including eyewitnesses like Caesar, have given us accounts that place the Sicambri firmly at the delta of the Rhine. The Sicambri appear in history around 55 BC, during the time of conquests of Gaul by Julius Caesar and his expansion of the Roman Empire. Caesar wrote in his Commentarii de Bello Gallico that at the confluence of the Rhine and Meuse River a battle took place in the land of the Menapii with Tencteri and Usipetes. When these two peoples were routed by him their cavalry escaped and found asylum north of the river with the Sicambri. Caesar then built a bridge across the river to punish the Sicambri.

Claudius Ptolemy located the Sicambri, together with the Bructeri Minores, at the most northern part of the Rhine and south of the Frisians who inhabit the coast north of the river. Strabo located the Sicambri next to the Menapii, “who dwell on both sides of the river Rhine near its mouth, in marshes and woods. It is opposite to these Menapii that the Sicambri are situated". So the Sicambri must have lived at the lower Rhine in what is now called the Netherlands.

Marcomir married Frotmund, daughter of Boaz ben Frimutel ha Judah, last prince of the Desposyni in Roman Gaul. They had a son named Faramund (Pharamond) in whose person was combined the bloodline of the House of Judah and King David of Israel.

Gregory of Tours mentions him in his Historia Francorum. In the latter years of Western Roman Emperor Magnus Maximus (about 388 AD), as leader of the whole of Roman Gaul, Magnus Maximus was surrounded in Aquileia by Theodosius I. Taking advantage while he was thus distracted, Marcomir, together with Frankish Chieftans Sunno and Gennobaud and their people, broke through the Roman limes, crossed the Rhine, raided the Roman province of Germania as far as Cologne. They also led the tribes of the Chatti and the Ampsivarii.

Nannenius (Nanninus) and Quintinus, upon hearing the report, marched with an army to Cologne, but the Franks had already re-crossed the Rhine, carrying much booty with them. However, much of their army was still in the Ardennes, and was destroyed by the Romans. The Romans then deliberated whether they should cross the Rhine into Francia. Nannenius refused, but Quintinus crossed the river near Neutz. He found many villages abandoned, and continued in pursuit of the Franks, who pretended to be frightened and retreated before the Romans. Quinitnus was led into a trap into a area of forests and marshes, where his army was attacked and destroyed. Quintinus and just a few of his men escaped back across the Rhine.

Nanninus and Quintinus were replaced by Charietto and Syrus, who were again confronted by an attack of unindentified Franks. We do not know if Marcomir was involved.

Arbogastes (Arbogast) was a related Frank noble who had joined the Romans and became a military commander for them, a general (magister militum) in the Roman army under Valentinain II. As such, he joined the fight for the Romans against the Franks. In 389 AD, Arbogast held a meeting with Marcomer and Sunno about the recent attacks. We are not told if this was the result of battle, but the Franks delivered hostages as part of a peace settlement, and Arbogastes returned to his winter quarters in Trier.

Later Arbogastes had seized power and the West Roman army was nearly completely in the hands of Frankish mercenaries. About 392, in the winter months, Arbogastes crossed the Rhine with a Roman army into Germania. He was unable to make much headway against the Franks, and Marcomir and Sunno stood off and watched his movements from the hilltops. It is possible that Gennobaud died in battle at this time.

On 5 September 394 a civil war shook the Romans. Theodosius attacked Arbogastes in the Battle of the Frigidus on the banks of the Frigidus (Vipava) River. The battle lasted for two days, with heavy losses on both sides. On September 6, Arbogastes committed suicide immediately following his defeat in the Julian Alps. Thus ended Arbogastes' opposition to his own relatives the Franks. Theodosius once again reunited the empire under the authority of one emperor, but it would not last. By 395 AD he was dead, and his two sons re-divided the empire, permanently this time, leaving his son Honorius in charge of the west and Arcadius in charge of the east.

About 397 AD, after the death of emperor Theodosius, Marcomir was imprisoned by Honorius and sent to Etruria. Sunno, who was his brother, crossed the Rhine and tried to avenge Marcomir's treatment, however he was killed by his own people.

Marcomir died in 418 AD.

It is also said that he died in battle in 409 AD.:
Marcomer crossed the Rhine and attempted to defeat the Salian Franks, but they lost the conflict and retreated back to the German side. This war was, apparently, in 409, for Marcomer was killed in a battle, while his son (Pharamond/Faramund) took the king's position in 409.

FROTMUND bint Boaz ha Judah.
Daughter and only child of Boaz ben Frimutel ha Judah, Prince of the Desposyni in Roman Gaul during the 4th Century AD. Boaz was the last prince of the Grail Dynasty, and with his death the Principality passed to the Frankish House of Sicamber with the marriage of his daughter Frotmund to Marcomir of the Sicambrian Franks.

Her Grail Dynasty bloodline is said to be:
Boaz ben Frimutel
Joseph ben Yeshu (JESUS)

CHILDREN of MARCOMIR, Duke of the Franks
  1. PHARAMOND, King of the Franks. King of Westphalia. (Faramond, Faramund, Roi des Francs). 1st King of the MEROVINGIANS; 1st King of all the FRANKS. Born in 370 AD in Westphalia, Germany. Pharamond is known as the first King of France. He was Duke of the East Franks in 404, and then Duke of the West Franks in 419, and then King of Westphalia. He married (1) Argotta, a distant relative, in 394 AD. They had three children from whom are descended three important branches of the House of Sicamber. He married (2) Ymbergide (Imberltrude). He died (427-S1)(428-S2)(430-S4,S5).
  2. Marcomir, Duke Of The East Franks. Born about 372 in Westphalia, Germany. He died in 423.
  3. Ildegonde. Born 399 AD. She married Clodio of the Franks.