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William Mainwaring III and Mary Davenport

[F4362640]. William MAINWARING III. [see PC M2-10-4-5].
Roger MAINWARING [F8725280] and Christian de BIRTLES [F8725281].

William Mainwaring married Mary Davenport in 1325. (S2).

He died (between 1338-1350-S1)(about 1338-S2).

[F4362641]. Mary DAVENPORT. [see PC M2-10-4-5].
Daughter of Henry DAVENPORT [F8725282].

CHILDREN of William MAINWARING III [F4362640] and Mary DAVENPORT [F4362641]
  1. [F2181320]. William MAINWARING IV. [see PC M2-10-4-5]. He married Elizabeth LEYCESTER [F2181321]. Living in 1334. (S8).
  2. Roger Mainwaring. Living in 1334. (S8).
  3. Margery Mainwaring. Living in 1334. (S8).
  4. Milicent Mainwaring. Living in 1334. (S8).