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Leudwinus, Bishop of Trier, and Willigarde of Bavaria

Leudwinus. (S1,S2,S3). (Leutwinus-S1,S2)(Saint Leutwinus-S1,S2,S3)(Lievin-S2)(Liutwin-S2,S3), Bishop and Count of Trier. (Treves). (S1,S2).
Born (about 660-S3)(about 665-S2) in Austrasia, France (S2); Son of Warinus (Garino) and Kunza (Gunza) of Trier. (S1,S2).

He received his education from his maternal uncle, Saint Basinus, Archbishop of Treves. In 697, Leudwinus signed the Deed of Echternach with his uncle. (S3).

In 697, Leudwinus was appointed coadjutor of his uncle Basinus von Trier.[5] In 698, he cofounded the Echternack Abbey at Mettlach. (S3).
When Archbishop Basinus died on 4 March 705, Leudwinus succeeded him and was consecrated Archbishop of Treve. Leudwinus was also appointed bishop of Laon. This made him one of the most important church dignitaries of the time in the Frankish kingdom. (S3).

According to legend, the abbey in Mettlach was founded after Leudwinus went hunting near Saar. He grew tired and fell asleep under the shade of a tree. As he slept the sun changed positions exposing him to its hot rays, but an eagle swept down and sat on Leudwinus with its wings spread out. When Leudwinus woke up, his servant told him how the eagle had protected him from being burnt by the sun. Coincidentally, Leudwinus happened to be napping at the site of the Miracle Eagle near the chapel of St. Denis of Paris. Leudwinus saw this as a God-sent sign to establish a Benedictine monastery at that site, and it soon developed into a Christian missionary center. At the location of the original Dionysius Chapel now stands the parish church of St. Gangolf in Mettlach. (S3).

He died on 29 September 722 at Trier. He was buried at Mettlach, Saarland, Germany. (S2,S3). Mettlach is a municipality in the district Merzig-Wadern, in Saarland, Germany, situated on the river Saar, approximately 7 km northwest of Merzig, and 30 km south of Trier. Leudwinus had founded an abbey at Mettlach. (S3).

Willigarde of Bavaria. (S1). (Guilgarda-S1)(Wiligarde de Agilofinges-S1)(Hilligarde-S1).
Born before 670 in Francia; daughter of THEODO II and Folchaide. (S1).

Another tradition has Willigarde as a daughter of Chrodobertus II, ruler of Neustria (western France). (S1). S2 seems to indicate that Leudwinus was married twice; first to a daughter of Chrodobertus II, and second to Willigarde.

She married St. Leudwinus (Leutwinus)(Lievin)(Liutwin), Bishop and Count of Trier, (in 674-S1)(in 686-S1) (in Francia-S1)(in Trier-S1).

She died in 732 in Francia. (S1).

CHILDREN of Leudwinus and Willigarde:
  1. Willigardis de Trêves. (S1).
  2. Milo. Count of Trier. (S3).
  3. Guy. (Gui)(Guerner de Hornbach)(Wido). Count of Hornbach. (S1). Born about 675 in Francia. (S1).
  4. Lambert de Spolète. (S1).
  5. N.N. de Thurgovie. (S1).
  6. Chrotbert. (S1).
  7. Warnarius. (S1).
  8. Rotrude of Trier. (Rotruda de Treves). (Chrotrude). Born (about 690-S1)(about 694-S1) (in Francia-S1)(in Moselle-S1). She married Charles Martel. She died on 22 October 724 (in Francia-S1)(in Quirzy, Aisne, Picardie, France-S1). Most sources indicate that Rotruda was a daugther of Leudwinus and Willigarde. (S3). However, it is also indicated that Leudwinus married a daughter of Chrodobertus II and they were the parents of daughter, Rotrude of Treves (S2).