KLACKHARALD. (Harald ' Klak ' Halvdansson-S2). (Klakharald)(Harald Klak-S2). King of Jutland.
Born about 800 A.D. in Jultland; son of HALFDAN.

he ruled around 812-815 AD, and from 819-826 AD.

During the reign of Louis the Pious, the Frankish Empire had no effective fleet, and this made the coast of Friesland a weak point in the defence of his realm. In 826, Louis opened negotiations with Harald Klak. At the imperial palace at Ingelheim, in the year 826, Louis negotiated with King Harald Klak over unrest on the borders of the Franconia realm. Harald Klak and his attendants were received with all splendour in the imperial palace to Ingelheim and baptized on 24 June. In these negotiations, Louis offered to give Harald parts of Friesland as a fief in return for Harald committing himself to defending the Frisian coastline against future Viking raids. The centre of his fief was located in northwestern Germany, west of Oldenburg.

He died in 846 A.D. (S2). When Harald died, Gorm took his kingdom.


  1. THYRI Kkacksdottir. (Thyre Dannebod)(Thyra-S2). Also known as Thyri of Jutland. Born about 880. She married Gorm, the Old. She died about 935. Thorney Kalcksdottir. She married Sigurd Hart Helgisson. Their daughter Ragnhild was called a great queen.
  2. Ingeborg. She married Sigurd Hjort, the son of Aslaug who was the daughter of Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye.