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[F2260992]. (Sir) John COLQUHOUN. Eighth Lord of Colquhoun and tenth of Luss. [FAMCHART COLQUHOUN].
Born in 1370 in Dumbarton, Scotland; son of Humphrey COLQUHOUN [F4521984] .

Sir John Colquhoun succeeded his brother Robert as eighth of Colquhoun.

He bound himself, between 25th July, 1392 and the 23rd of April, 1411, by letters patent, sealed with his seal, to Duncan, seventh Earl of Lennox, that he would marry Margaret, daughter of that Earl, within the term of two years. Whether Sir John implemented this engagement does not appear.

He married Jean ERSKINE.

Sir John Colquhoun was appointed Governor of the Castle of Dumbarton in 1424 by King James I, for his fidelity during his imprisonment in England. From his activity in punishing the depredations of the Highlanders, who often committed great outrages in the low country of Dumbartonshire, he rendered himself obnoxious to them, and a plot was formed for his destruction. He received a civil message from some of their chiefs, desiring a friendly conference, in order to accommodate all their differences. Suspecting no treachery, he went out to meet them but slightly attended, and was immediately attacked by a numerous body of Islanders, under two noted robber-c hiefs, Lachlan Maclean and Murdoch Gibson, and slain in Inchmurren, on Loch Lommond, on 24 SEP 1439. He was buried at Dumbarton, Scotland.

[F2260993]. Jean Erskine. [FAMCHART COLQUHOUN].
Daughter of Robert, Lord Erskine [F4521986], who was a co-heir with Lyle, of Duchal, of the ancient Earls of Mar.