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George Benedict and Jane Holes

[F17024]. George BENEDICT
Born about (1512-S4)(1515-S1)(1520-S2) at Tasburgh (Tasborough), Norfolk, England. He was called a yeoman. He married Jane HOLES [F17025] about (1538-S4)(1540) at (Saxlingham Nethergate)(Tasborough-S4), Norfolk, England. He died before 26 JAN 1575-76 at Tasburgh, Norfolk, England.

[F17025]. Jane HOLES.
Born about 1517 in Tasburgh (Tasborough), Norfolk, England. (S4). She was apparently a widow having a son and a daughter by previous husband, as a John Holes and Jane Jepcian (dec. by Jun 1578) were mentioned in her will. She married George BENEDICT [F17024] about 1540 at Saxlingham Nethergate, Norfolk, England.
She died before 18 Jun 1578 at Hapton,Norfolk,England.

CHILDREN of George BENEDICT [F17024] and Jane HOLES [F17025]: