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William de BEAUCHAMP and Maud FitzJohn

William de BEAUCHAMP. [PC T3-2-1-5].
Son of Willaim de BEAUCHAMP and Isabel MAUDUIT. 1st Earl of Warwick of the Beauchamp family, inherited not only the feudal barony of Elmley from his father, but had previously derived from his mother the Earldom of Warwick (originally possessed by the Newburghs), and the barony of Hanslape (which had belonged to the Mauduits). This eminent nobleman was a distinguished captain in the Welsh and Scottish wars of King Edward I. "In the 23rd year of which reign (1294-95), being in Wales with the king," as Dugdale relates, "he performed a notable exploit; namely, hearing that a great body of the Welsh were got together in a plain, betwixt two woods, and to secure themselves, had fastened their pikes to the ground, sloping towards their assailants, he marched thither with a choice company cross-bowmen and archers, and in the night time encompassing them about, put betwixt every two horsemen, one cross-bowman, which cross-bowman killing many of them that held the pikes, the horse charged in suddenly, and made a great slaughter. This was done near Montgomery."

He married Maud FITZJOHN, widow of Girard de Furnival (See Burke, Pg. 225).He died at Elmley June 5 or 9, 1298.

Maud FITZJOHN. Countess of Warwick. [PC T3-2-1-5].
Daughter of Robert FITZJOHN [F7086354]. one of the four daughters and co-heiresses of Richard FitzJohn, son of John FitzGeoffery, Chief Justice of Ireland.

She married (1) Sir Gerard de FURNIVAL, Lord of Hallamshire, son of Thomas de Furnival, and grandson of Thomas de Furnival, slain by the Saracens in the Holy Land. This older Thomas de Furnival was the guardian of William de Mowbray, son of Roger de Mowbray, the Yorkshire baron. Maud and Gerard had a son, Thomas de Furnival, who in the 22nd year of Edward I., had summons, among other great men, to attend the king, in order to advise of the affairs of the realm. This Gerard de Furnival died before October 18, 1261.

She married (2) William de BEAUCHAMP, Earl of Warwick.

She died April 16 or 18, 1301 and was buried at the Grey Friars', Worcester.