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William Bassett and Rachel Williston

(Colonel) William BASSETT. [PC T3-9].
Born in 1656 at Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts; son of William BASSETT, Jr. and Mary RAINSFORD.

He married Rachel Williston on 9 October 1675 in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

He was marshal of Plymouth Colony at the time of the union with the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

In 1710 he was one of the Judges of the Inferior Court. He was afterwards Register of Probate.

He was an excellent penman, and wrote a very small, yet distinct and beautiful hand, easily read. The records show that he was a careful and correct man. He was the most distinguished Bassett in Massachusetts.

As Justice of the Peace, William and Rachel witnessed documents. (S4).

He died 29 September 1721, at age 65, at Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts.

Born about 1655 in Taunton, Massachusetts; daughter of Thomas WILLISTON [F3730] .

She married William Bassett on 9 October 1675 in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

She died in 1682.

  1. Mary BASSETT. Born 20 October 1676 at Sandwich, Massachusetts.
  2. Nathan BASSETT. Born in 1677. He married Mary HUCKINS, daughter of John HUCKINS of Barnstable, in 1690. Mary was brought up in the family of her grandfather, Elder John CHIPMAN. The account of her religious experience which she wrote is a narrative of thrilling interest. They moved to Chilmark. They had 11 children. Their son Nathan graduated from Harvard in 1719 and settled in Charleston, SC.
  3. Rachel BASSETT. Born 25 October 1679 at Sandwich, Massachusetts.
  4. William BASSETT. [PC T3]. He married Abigail BOURNE.
  5. Jonathan BASSETT. He married Mary. He died 13 December 1683, leaving one son, Jonathan. He was buried on 14 December 1683 at Sandwicch.
  6. (dau.) BASSETT.