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Simon Basset and Elizabeth Avenal

Simon BASSET. [Our Basset Ancestors].
Born (about 1160-S6)(about 1163-S4)(about 1165-S2,S5) at Sapcote/Hinckley, Leicestershire, England; son of William BASSET. (S1,S2,S4,S5,S6).

NOTE on parents:
Simon Basset is listed as the son of William Basset, Sheriff of Sapcote. (see S1). This source then claims that William was the son of Ralph Basset and Alice de Buci. Other sources claim that William, Sheriff of Sapcote, was the son of Richard Basset and Matilda Ridel. (S7). This brings into question of who was William, and was he really the father of Simon Basset.

NOTE on Children:
Some researchers add another generation between Simon Basset and Elizbeth Avenal and Ralph Basset and Milicent of Chaucombe. [see Ralph Basset, born about 1190. (S4). Though there is little evidence given for this, it does fit well timewise. We will therefore accept this generation addition, while looking for confirmation or refutation.

He died before 1231. (S6).

Elizabeth AVENAL. [Familytree].
Born (about 1165-S2,S4)(about 1166-S3) (at Sapcote/Hinckley, Leicestershire-S2)(of Hadden, Derbyshire-S3,S4), England; daughter of Willaim AVENAL. (S1,S2,S4).

She is also said to be the daughter of Ralph Avenal and Maud de Reviers. (S3).

CHILDREN of Simon BASSET and Elizabeth AVENAL:
  1. Ralph Basset. Familytree. Born about 1190. (S2). He married Marion Darley.
  2. Mabel Basset. (S3,S5).
  3. Simon Basset. (S3,S5).
  4. John Basset. (S3,S5).


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