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Ralph Basset and A. (Alice de Buci?)

Ralph BASSET. Lord of Drayton. [Our Basset Ancestors].
Born (about 1076-S2,S5)(in 1086-S1), in Drayton Basset, Staffordshire, England; son of Thurstine de BASSET.

He was a native of Normandy (Montreuil-au-Houlme near Domfront in Normandy), and may have come to Henry's notice while Henry held land in Normandy prior to becoming king. Basset is first mentioned in documents about 1102, and from then until his death around 1127, he was frequently employed as a royal justice. His son Richard Basset also became a royal judge. (S7).

"Few families in the early annals of England can boast of a more eminent progenitor than the Bassets, and the descendants of few of the Anglo-Norman nobles attained a high degree of power than those of Ralph Basset, who was Justice of England under King Henry I. We find his son Ralph, in the reign of King Stephen, abounding in wealth, and erecting a strong castle upon some part of his inheritance in Normandy. Ralph Basset, the Justice of England, required none of the artificial aids of ancestry to attain distinction; he had within himself powers sufficient at any period to reach the goal of honor, but particularly in the rude age in which he lived. To his wisdom we are said to be indebted for many salutary laws, and among others for that of the frank pledge. Like all the great men of his day, he was a most liberal benefactor to the church." (S8).

He married Alice de BUCI about 1101 in Drayton Bassett, Staffordshire, England. (S5).
Only the first initial of his wife's name is known, which was A. (S7).

The first secure mentions of Basset are in royal charters dating to around 1102, where he appears as a witness. (S7).

He was Chief Justice of England under Henry I. (S7).

He appears as a judge in a royal dispute with the sheriff of Yorkshire. Basset is named as one of the commissioners of the Liber Winton, a survey of the landholdings in the city of Winchester which took place at some point between 1103 and 1115, probably close to 1110. From his Norman lands, Basset is recorded as donating lands to the Abbey of Saint-Evroul in 1113. In 1111, Basset took part in the Michaelmas session of the Exchequer, and he continued to take part in financial affairs and can be considered as an early Baron of the Exchequer. (S7).

Basset appears as a royal justice in 1116, serving in Huntingdonshire. Basset was noted in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle entry for 1124 as hanging 44 thieves, during an eyre in Leicestershire. Possibly, Basset's severity was part of an attempt to overawe the under-tenants of the Beaumont twins, one of whom, Waleran, Count of Melun rebelled during 1124. During the period 11101127, Basset was one of the leading royal justices, and was described by the medieval chronicler Henry of Huntingdon as one of the "justices of all England".[11] Huntingdon's implication is that Basset's scope was over all of England, not limited to his own locality. (S7).

It is clear that Basset was employed by the king extensively and probably that the nobleman worked mostly full-time for the king. Basset's rewards for his royal service included a number of manors. Basset was granted the manor of Mixbury by the king, after the family that held it at the time of Domesday Book died out and it escheated to the king. Other lands held by Basset were probably royal rewards also. One was Quiddenham, which had been held in 1086 by crown. Another was Stoney Stanton, originally held in 1086 by Robert Despenser. (S7).

He died (in 1120-S5,S8)(about 1127-S7) at Abbey Adington, Berkshire, England. (S5).
Basset probably died in 1127, and was certainly dead in 1130. He is said to have taken ill at Northampton, and to have been clothed in a monk's habit while on his deathbed. He was buried in the chapterhouse at Abingdon Abbey, which he left a bequest to. (S7).

Alice de BUCI. (Agatha Alice-S4). [Familytree].
Born (about 1065)(about 1079-S4)(about 1080-S3) (in Great Weldon, Kettering, Northamptonshire, England)(in Normandy, France-S3,S4); daughter of Robert de Buci and Agnes de Clare. (S3).

She is said to be the daughter of Robert de Buci Bruce, but there is no clear connection to Robert de Brus of Scotland. (S4).

She died (in 1107-S3)(in 1125-S4) in Drayton Bassett, Staffordshire, England; and was buried in St. Peter's Church, Drayton Bassett. (S3).

CHILDREN of Ralph Basset and Alice de Buci:
  1. Richard BASSET. [Familytree]. Born about 1102. He married Matilda de RIDEL about 1124. He died in 1144. Richard is called the eldest son by Dugdale. and by others, the 2nd. (S5,S8).
  2. William BASSET. [Familytree]. Sheriff of Sapcote. (S1). He is said to be William of Colston. (S3,S4). He is not otherwise listed as a son. (see S7).
  3. Thomas Basset. [Familytree]. Born (about 1090-S2)(about 1099-S1) at (Wallingford-S1)(Colston Basset, Nottinghamshire-S2), England. He died in Wallingford, Berkshire, England. (S2). ancestor of the Bassets of Heddington, from whom diverged the Wycombe Bassets. (S5).
  4. Gilbert "Thurstine" BASSET. Born about 1106. He married Eustachia (Edith de Oiley-S3) about 1130. of Little Rissington, Gloucester, ancestor of the Bassets of Little Rissington." (S5).
  5. Thurstine Basset. (Turstin-S7). Succeeded to the manor of Colston. Held land around Wallingford. (S7). [was he the one who married Edith de Oiley?].
  6. Nicholas Basset. He sided with King Stephen against the Empress Maud; and his son forfeited all the estates to Henry II. (S5).
  7. Ralph Basset. He became as cleric. (S7).
  8. Basset also had daughters, but their names are not known.


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