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Ralph Basset and Alice de Buci

Ralph BASSET. [Our Basset Ancestors].
Born (about 1076-S2)(in 1086-S1), in Drayton Basset, Staffordshire, Engoand; son of Thurstine de BASSET.

He was Chief Justice of England under Henry I.

He married Alice de BUCI.

He died in 1120 at Abbey Adington, Berkshire, England.

Alice de BUCI. [PC T3-2-1-5-5]. [PC M2-10-1-3-5-2].
Born about 1065 in Great Weldon, Kettering, Northamptonshire, England; daughter of Robert de Buci.

CHILDREN of Ralph Basset and Alice de Buci:
  1. Richard BASSET. [Our Basset Ancestors]. Born about 1102. He married Matilda de RIDEL about 1124. He died in 1144.
  2. William BASSET. [Our Basset Ancestors]. Sheriff of Sapcote.
  3. Thomas Basset. [Our Basset Ancestors]. Born (about 1090-S2)(about 1099-S1) at (Wallingford-S1)(Colston Basset, Nottinghamshire-S2), England. He died in Wallingford, Berkshire, England. (S2).
  4. Gilbert "Thurstine" BASSET. Born about 1106. He married Eustachia about 1130.