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Rod Morris and Deborah Handy


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Anna Margaretha Abegg B:9September1708 M:30November1734 Georg Spörri D:18September1757 Familytree
Hans Heinrich Abegg B:18September1681 M:29September1707 Elisabeth Raas D:3July1725 Familytree
Hans Rudolf Abegg B:about 1549 M:14September1574 Dorothea Stumpf D:9September1599 Familytree
Hans Ulrich Abegg B:24April1642 M:7August1666 Elsbeth Relistab D:6 February 1709 Familytree
Heinrich Abegg B:about 1515     D:14June1598  
Heinrich Abegg B:23August1575 M:about 1616 Anna Meyer   Familytree
Kaspar Abegg B:about 1616 M:about 1641 Verena Trümler D:29October1691 Familytree
Abijah, King of Judah B:about 950BC   Maachah or Michaiah D:about 925BC Familytree
Abraham (Abram) B:2052BC   Sarah (Sarai) D:1877BC Familytree
Achir Cirre mac Echach (c231AD-c294AD) B:about 231AD   D:about 294AD Familytree
Margaret Acres Chr.15September1633 M: about 1654 John Rathbun D:after March 1716 Familytree
Thomas Acres B: about 1608 M:16 December 1632 Margery Houghton D:24 April 1647 Familytree
William Acres B: 1582 M: 1607 Alice Birchall D: 1650 Familytree
ADAM B: 4001BC   EVE D: 3071BC  
Adam Gwent B: about 1190     D: after 1246 Familytree
John ap Adam (Adam Fychan) B: about 1220     D: after 1249 Familytree
(Sir) John ap Adam B: about 1255 M: before 1291 Elizabeth de Gournay D: about 1311 Familytree
(Sir) Thomas ap Adam B: before 1307 M: before 1341 Joan Inge D: before 1342 Familytree
(Sir) John ap Adam B: about 1332   Millicent Bessylls D: after 1375 Familytree
Cherry Adams B: 1694   (1) Jonathan Stone, (2) Thomas Wellington D:16December1764 Familytree
Elizabeth Adams B: about 1627 M: about 1645 Edward Phelps D: 4May1718 Familytree
Henry Adams B: about 1583 M:19October1609 Edith Squire D:5October1646 Familytree
Henry Adams B: about 1531 M: about 1552 (Rose?) D:12August1596 Familytree
John ap Adams B: about 1360   Clara Powell   Familytree
John Adams B: 1452 M: 1474 Jane Rannelegh   Familytree
John Adams B: 1482 (1482-1557) Catherine Stebbing D:2August1557 Familytree
John Adams B: 1500 M: about 1529 Margery Squire D: 1543 Familytree
John Adams B: about 1502 M: 1530 Alys D: about 1542 Familytree
John Adams B:1January1555 M:1February1575 Agnes (Stone?) D: about 1603 Familytree
John Adams B:10December1622 M: 1650 Anne Howe D: 1706 Familytree
Joseph Adams B: about 1656 M:21February1687 Margaret Eames D:20July1701 Familytree
Richard Adams B:17June1530 M:3March1549 Margaret Armager D:18March1603 Familytree
Robert Adams B:10October 1602 M: about 1625 Eleanor Wilmot D:12Octpber1682 Familytree
Robert Adams B: about 1568   Elizabeth Sharlon D: about 1601 Familytree
Roger Adams B: 1392   Jane Ellyott   Familytree
Thomas Adams B: 1422   Marie Upton D: 1452 Ancestors
Constance Adkinson B: about 1574 M:8November1598 Edward Holton    
Aed Find B: about 718AD     D: 778AD Familytree
Aedan Glas living about950BC       Familytree
Aedd Mawr living c1300BC       Ancestors
Aelfgar B: about 1025AD   Aelfgifu D: about 1062AD Familytree
Aelfgifu B: about 1025AD Aelfgar D: about 1062AD Familytree
Aeneas, King of Latium B: about 1210BC   Creusea, of Troy D: about 1150BC Familytree
Afallach ap Affleth B: about 46BC   Athilda   Ancestors
Affleth ap Beli Mawr B: about 79BC   (Anna of Cornwall?) D: about 18BC Ancestors
Ahaz, King of Judah B: about 750BC   Abijah D: about 716BC Ancestors
Ahaziah, King of Judah reign began 842BC   Zibiah D: about 841BC  
Ailill Anglonnach Aulomm B: about 160BC   Maedhb ingen Echdach    
Ailill Erann mac Fiachach          
Alamos   M:21August1104 Predslava (Premislava) D: 1129 Familytree
Alan Dapifer Dolensis B: 1024     D: 1180 Familytree
Alan II of Bretagne B:1January900 M: 943 Roscille of Anjou D: 1008 Familytree
Alan I Duc de Dol, le Grand B: about 854 M: 874 Oreguen de Rennes. D: 907 Familytree
Frances Alcock B: about 1610   John Hutchins D:5April1694  
Adam de Aldiyhley (living 1066)        
Lydulph de Aldiyhley (living 1066)       Familytree
Deborah Aldrich B:31May1714 M:2October1736 John Elliott   Familytree
George Aldrich B:September1605 M:3September1629 Katherine Seald D:1March1683 Familytree
George Aldrich B: about 1575 M: 1594 Joan Thurgood D: about 1658 Familytree
Jacob Aldrich B:28February1652 M:3November1675 Huldah Thayer D:22October1695 Familytree
Mehitable Aldrich B:9October1716 M:20December1739 David Elliott D:13October1794 Familytree
Peter Aldrich B:17October1686 M: about 1705 Hannah Hayward D: about 1748 Familytree
William Aldrich B: about 1550   Mary    
Elizabeth Aldridge B: about 1568 M:8November1590 Richard Farley D:November1595 Familytree
George Aldridge Chr13February1543   Margaret   Familytree
John Aldridge (c1520-?)   Helen    
ALFONSO I, King of Portugal B:25July1109 M: 1146 Mafalda (Maud) of Savoy D:6December1185 Familytree
ALFONSO II, Count of Provence B: 1174   Gersinde II, Countess of Forcalquier D: 1209 Familytree
ALFONSO II, King of Aragon B:aboutMarch1157   Sancha of Castile D:25April1196 Familytree
ALFONSO IV, King of Portugal B:8February1291 M: 1309 Beatrice of Castile D:May1357 Familytree
ALFONSO IX, King of Leon B:15August1171 M: about 1200 Berenguela of Castile D:23September1230 Familytree
ALFONSO VI, The Brave B:beforeJune1040 M:byMay1080 (1)Constance of Burgundy;(2)Jimena Muñoz D:1July1109 Familytree
ALFONSO VII, Emperor of Spain B:1March1105 M:aboutDecmeber1152 (1)Berenguela of Barcelona;(2)Rixa of Poland D:21August1157 Familytree
ALFONSO VIII, King of Castile B:11November1155 M: 1169 Leonora (Eleanor) of Acquitane D:5October1214 Familytree
ALFONSO X, King of Castile B:23November1221 M: 1249 Violante of Aragon D:4April1284 Familytree
ALFONSO XI, King of Castile and Leon B:13August1311 1328 Maria of Portugal D:26March1350 Familytree
ALFRED, The Great B: about 848AD M: 868AD Easlwith D: 899AD Familytree
Alice (Allen?) B: 1500 M: about 1525 Thomas Marston D:aboutJuly1587  
Ephraim Allen B:21February1720 B:30April1745 Elizabeth Chilson   Familytree
George Allen B: about 1580 M:5November1624 Katherine Starkes D:2May1648 Familytree
John Edmond (Ephraim?) Allen B:25May1784 M:3May1804 Pamela Perry D:4December1865 Familytree
John Ephraim Allen B:20March1758 M:20July1783 Sarah Edmonds D:5October1830 Familytree
John Allen B:27September1686 M:23April1713 Mary Howe D:22November1724 Familytree
Obadiah Allen B: 1646 M:28October1669 Elizabeth Sanford D:2April1712 Familytree
Orval Morgan Allen B:9June1805 M:4August1850 Elizabeth Ann Burkett D:12November1893 Familytree
Samuel Allen B: about 1596 M:5November1624 Ann D:26August1671 Familytree
Almodis de La Marche B: 1020 M: about1053 Ramon Berenguer I, The Old D:16October1071 Familytree
Almos b: about 840AD     D: about 895AD The Hungarians
Alpin macEochaid, K.of Scotland B: about 778AD     D:20July834AD Familytree
Alice Alton B: 1554 M: 1579 John Gregory D:3December1627 Familytree
George Alton B: 1503   (Margaret Paxton?) D: about 1528  
John Alton B: about 1528   Alice D: about 1561 Familytree
Alexander Alvord B: about 1509 M: about 1538 Agnes D:22December1578 Familytree
(son of Alexander) Alvord B: about1545-1550       Familytree
Alexander Alvord B:10October1627 29October1645 Mary Vore D:3November1687 Familytree
Charlotte Alvord B:21January1815 M:16July1834 (1)Lyman Curtis;(2)Peter Mack Elliott D:9September1879 Familytree
Ebenezer Alvord B:23December1665 M: 1691 Ruth Baker 13February1738 Familytree
John Alvord B: about 1480        
Joseph Alvord B:15March1697 M:30July1730 Clemence Wright D:1January1786 Familytree
Joseph Alvord B:12May1733 M:2February1778 Submit Chapin D:April1805 Familytree
Thaddeus Alvord B:28October1781 M:28April1814 Sally Wellington D29February1874 Familytree
Thomas Alvord B: 1575 M:11May1618 Joan Hawkins D: about1635 Familytree
Alwin B: about 1030     D: 1083  
Alyfon ap Brychwain, King of Siluria B: about 360BC        
Amaziah, King of Judah     Jecholiah   Ancestors
Amon, King of Judah began reign 632BC   Jedidah D: about 640BC Ancestors
Anchises, King of Dardania B: ?   Fetjuir D: about 1179  
Andregoto Galindez     Garcia Sanchez I    
Andrew II B: about 1177 M: about 1200 Gertrude of Merania D:21September1235 The Hungarians
John Andrews B: about 1648 M:18April1684 Sarah Dickenson D: about 1731 Familytree
Mary Andrews     Simon Couch   PC T56
Robert Andrews Chr.14November1609 M: 1637 Grace Melburn D:29May1668 Familytree
Robert Andrews B: about 1580        
Sarah Andrews B:28September1686 M:4November1714 John Phelps D:23April1739 Familytree
Angus I B: about 1070BC     D: 1032BC  
Angus II B:about 424BC   Magach ingen Fergusa D: about 384BC  
Angus, son of Romaich          
Anne of Gloucester B:April1383 M:28June1398 Edmund Stafford D:October1438 Familytree
Annun ap Alafon B: about 320BC        
Ansaud of Dijon          
Ansbertus of Schelde B: about 506AD   Blithilde of Cologne D: 570AD  
Ansegisel B: about 602AD M: about 635AD Begga of Landen D: about 662AD  
Antenor I, King of Troy       D: about 440BC  
Antenor II, King of Sicamber B: about 440BC   Cambra D: about 384BC  
Antenor III, King of Sicamber       D: in 142BC  
Antenor IV, King of the Franks       D: in 69AD  
Antharius, King of Sicamber       D: in 39BC  
Antonius ap Seisyll          
Anyn ap Alyfon B: about 320BC        
Aquilinus of Lyon B: about 430AD     D: about 470AD  
Aram, son of Pharez          
Arcadh, King of Gothia          
Arch ap Meirion B: about 120BC        
Elizabeth Archer B: about 1550 M:25September1575 William Stace D: about 1581 Familytree
Henry Archer     (Joanne Revel?)    
Stephen Archer     (Alice Wright?)   D: about 1576
Grace Arden B: about 1512 M: about 1530 Henry Alexander Webb D:3December1539 Familytree
Henry de Arden B: about 1346   Ellen (Helena) D: 1400 Familytree
Henry de Arden B: about 1140     D: 1166 Familytree
Margaret Arden B: 1538 M: about 1555 Alexander Webb D:9September1608 Familytree
Ralph de Arden B: 1373 M: 1412 Sybil de Belgrave   Familytree
Ralph de Arden B: about 1298 M: about 1328 Isabel de Bromwich D: 1421 Familytree
Ralph de Arden B: 1266   Alice de Beauchamp D: 1297 Familytree
Robert Arden B: 1506 M: 1526 Mary Webb D:December1556 Familytree
Robert de Arden B: 1413   Elizabeth Clodshale D: 1451 Familytree
Siward de Arden     Cecilia   Familytree
Thomas Arden B: about 1469     D: 1546 Familytree
Thomas Arden B: 1220   Riese D: 1546 Familytree
Thorkell of Arden     (1) ?; (2) Leofrun D: about 1100 Familytree
Walter de Arden B: about 1441 M: about 1466 Eleanor Hampden D:5August1502 Familytree
William de Arden B: about 1198   Avice   Familytree
William de Arden B: about 1160   Galiena   Familytree
Arnoald of Schelde     Dua, princess of Zwaben    
Arnulf Bishop of Metz B:13August582   Doda of Herstal D:18July640  
Arnulf I, The Old B: about 890 M: about 926 Alix de Vermandois D:27March964  
Arnulf I, Count of Flanders B: 960 M: 976 Rozala of Lombardy D:30March987  
ARPAD B: about 840     D: about 900 The Hungarians
ARPHAXAD B: 2342BC   (Rasueja?) D: 1904BC  
ASA, King of Judah     Azubah   Ancestors
(miss) Ashley B: about 1584   Giles Hamelin    
Robert Ashley          
Asruth (Azariah)          
Assaracus, King of Dardania B: about 1280BC   Hieromneme D: 1170BC Familytree
Asser ap Cyngen          
Giles Astley     Alice de Wolvey    
Sibyl Astley   M: about 1346 Ralph Basset D: in 1346 Familytree
Edmund Atte Wode (I) B: about 1130     D: about 1180 Familytree
Edmund Atte Wode (II) B: about 1160     D: about 1180 Familytree
Geoffrey Atte Wode B: about 1295 M: about 1319 Anisia D:26August1346 Familytree
John Atte Wode B:4April1400   Isabella de Mules D: after 1459 Familytree
Peter Atte Wode B: about 1245   Alice D: after 1313 Familytree
Peter Atte Wode B: about 1321   Laurencia D:30November1382 Familytree
Peter Atte Wode B: about 1360   Petronilla   Familytree
William Atte Wode B: about 1220     D: after 1278 Familytree
William Atte Wode B: about 1270   Juliana D: 1345 Familytree
Henry Wood (Atwood) B: about 1620 M:25April1644 Abigail Jenney D:30September1670 Familytree
John Atwood B: about 1445 M: about 1483 Denys (Denes) D:30July1525 Familytree
John Hewson Atwood B: about 1490   Margaret Grenville D:19March1562 Familytree
John Atwood B:4February1582 M:25July1612 Joan Coleson D:8August1663 Familytree
Mary Atwood B: 1606 M: about 1624 Robert Lee D:October1681 Familytree
Nicholas Atwood B: 1539 M:30January1569 Olive Harman D:10May1586 Familytree
Adam de Audithley (Aldiyhley)     Mabella de Stonleigh D: about 1210 Familytree
Henry de Audithley B: about 1175   Bertred Mainwaring D: 1236 Familytree
Alice de Audley B: about 1315   (1)Ralph Basset; (2) Hugh de Meinhill D: after1358 Familytree
Hugh de Audley B: 1289 M:28April1317 Margaret de Clare D:10November1347 Familytree
Hugh de Audley B: about 1267   Isolde le Rous D:about Nov1326 Familytree
James de Audley B: 1225 M: 1244 Ela Longspee D:abt.11June1272 Audley
Margaret de Audley B: about1318 M: about1336 Ralph de Stafford D:7September1349 Familytree
Auduin, K. of the Langobards     Rodelanda D: about 565AD  
John Ault B: 1601 M: 1640 Rebecca Tibbetts D: 1694 Familytree
John Ault B:1575        
Remembrance Ault B: about 1645 M: 1668 John Rand D:probably1694 Familytree
Elizabeth Ayer B:23December1659 M:28October1684 Samuel Watts D:26October1695 Familytree
John Ayer B: about 1582 M: about 1620 Hannah (Evered or Webb?) D:31March1657 Familytree
Thomas Ayer B: about 1630 M:1April1656 Elizabeth Hutchins D:9November1686 Ancestors
Thomas Ayer     Elizabeth Rogers    
Anzar Sanchez     Onneca Fortunez   Familytree
Anne Bachiler B: about 1601 M: about 1619 John Sanborn   Familytree
Philip Bachiler B: about 1534   Anne Flanders    
(Rev) Stephen Bachiler B:23June1561 M: about 1589 Anne Bate D:October1656 Familytree
Theodate Bachiler B: about 1610 M: about 1635 Christopher Hussey D:20October1649 Familytree
Adam Bachmann     Elizabetha (Znhnnder?)    
Anna M. Bachmann B:12November1720 M:5March1748 Joachim Peter   Familytree
Maria Bachmann B:20January1601 M: about 1620 Ulrich Lybensperger D:14July1662 Familytree
Baeldaeg B: about 243   Nanna   Familytree
Elizabeth Bagnell B: 1526 M: 1540 Richard Dickinson D: 1524 Familytree
Simon Bagnell B: about 1500     D: 1524 Familytree
Simon Bagnell B: about 1480     D:10July1553  
Richard Bagulay     Alice de Vernon    
Ralph Baguley B: about 1500     D: 1540  
Randall Baguley B: 1518   Eleanor   Familytree
Robert Baguley B: about 1556 M: about 1573 Jane D:November1582 Familytree
Abigail Baker B: 1589 M: about 1610 William Warner D: before 1635  
Arthur Baker B: about 1540        
Bridget Baker B: 1563 M: about 1610 John Cutts   Familytree
Edward Baker B: about 1610 M: about 1637 Joan (Jane) D:16March1687 Familytree
Joseph Baker B: about1640 M:2February1662 Ruth Holton D:29October1675 Familytree
Ruth Baker B:6May1668 M: 1691 Ebenezer Alvord D:6March1706 Familytree
Isabel Bailey     Michael Gater    
Balderic, King of Thuringia       D: about 529 Familytree
Agnes Baldington     Thomas Denton    
BALDWIN I, Ironarm B: about 837 M: abt January 862 Judith D: 879 Familytee
BALDWIN II, Count of Flanders   M: about 895 Aelfthrytha   Familytee
BALDWIN III, Count of Flanders     Matilds (Mathilde Billung)   Familytee
BALDWIN IV, The Bearded B: 980   Ogive of Luxembourg D:30May1036 Familytee
BALDWIN V, Count of Flanders B:19August1012 M: 1028 Adela of France D:1September1067 Familytee
Johan Ballymant B: about 1598 M:9January1615 Richarde Burche    
Thomas Ballymonde B: about 1560 M:27January1582 Johan Holwell    
Guy Banbridge B: 1600   Justice D:aboutApril1645 Familytree
Henry Banbridge     Anne    
Jane Banbridge B: about 1620   Samuel Green D:16November1657 Familytree
John Bancroft B:25January1682   Mary Clark   Familytree
Elsbeth Bantziger   M: 1665 Caspar Brassel D:2March1714  
Baoth         Familytree
Baran ap Ceri         Familytree
Deborah Barlow B:12October1636 M:13September1650 John Sturges D: 1700 Familytree
John Barlow     Ann D:1674  
Dorothy Barnard B: about 1676 M:29August1695 Richard Currier D:2March1765 Familytree
Hannah Barnard   M:13June1662 John Stevens D:13March1674 Familytree
John Barnard B:12January1654 M:27December1675 Frances Hoyt D:15July1718 Familytree
John Barnard     Phebe    
Robert Barnard     Joanna Harvey    
Thomas Barnard B: about 1612   Eleanor (Hellenah)   Familytree
Mary Barnes B:25January1643 M:23June1659 John Hoyt D:13August1696 Familytree
Sarah Barnes B:7April1651 M:about1658 Thomas Rowell D:17Arpil1720 Familytree
William Barnes B: about1613 M: about1637 Rachel Fitts (Lord) D:14March1697 Familytree
Albertine Wilhelmine Bartel B:22September1854 M:22May1875 Karl Friedrich Bethsold D:7August1936 Familytree
Berta Ernestine Caroline Bartel B:15June1859 M:10July1886 Wilhelm August Karl Kersten D:10May1936 Familytree
Christian Bartel B:17September1799 M:27January1808 Karoline Friedricke Herzfeld D:27January1888 Familytree
Friedrich Buedner Bartel B:4December1807 M:5aJune1832 Friedericke Werth D:26February1881 Familytree
Gottfried Bartel B:10May1785 M:5November1818 Christine Moll D:7June1853 Familytree
Jacob Bartel B: 1738   Engel Rubbert D:9March1808  
Karoline Friedricke Bartel B:28May1837 M:14November1858 Wilhelm Friedrich Bartel D:29January1903 Familytree
Michael Bartel B:about1767   Anna Sophia Lemke D:4November1850 Familytree
Wilhelm August Karl Bartel B:10March1822 M: 1847 Charlotte Rubbert D:13November1866 Familytree
Wilhelm Friedrich Bartel B:24September1832 M:14November1858 Karoline Friedricke Bartel D:6May1917 Familytree
Bartherus, King of the Franks B:about170AD     D:272AD Familytree
Isabel Bartlett B: before 1495 M: about 1514 John Merwin D:about 1556 Familytree
William Bartlett     Katherine D:about 1525  
Elizabeth Basselle     Richard Swaine    
Alice Basset B: about 1348 M: after 1378 Robert Moton D: after 1378 Familytree
Elizabeth Bassett B:5March1708 M:26September1736 George Vaughan B:12January1770 Familytree
Eustacia Basset B: about1203  Richard de Camville   Familytree
Fouque de Basset (Aulney) B: about 1005       Familytree
Gilbert Bassett     Edith de Ouilly D: 1162 Familytree
Gilbert Bassett B: 1155   Egelina de Courtenay D: 1205 Familytree
Joan Basset B: about 1390   Ralph Shirley D: about 1418 Familytree
John Basset B: about1330   Joan Brailsford D: about 1370 Familytree
John Basset B: about1318       Familytree
Jonathan Bassett B:6May1721 M:10November1748 Mary Freeman D:7June1772 Familytree
Margret Bassett B: about 1275 M: 1298 Edmund de Stafford D:17March1337 Familytree
Mary Bassett B:20March1745 M:23November1769 Barnabus Hamblin D: about 1810 Familytree
Nathaniel Bassett B: about1628 M: about1661 Dorcas Joyce D:16January1710 Familytree
Norman de Basset B: about 915AD       Familytree
Ralph Basset B: about 1310 M: about 1346 Sibyl Astley D:17July1378 Familytree
Ralph de Basset B: about 1279 M:17March1304 Joan de Grey D:28October1343 Familytree
Ralph Basset B: about 1266   Elizabeth Coleville D:about 1322 Familytree
Ralph Basset (II) of Cheadle B: about 1252     D:about 1327 Familytree
Ralph Basset B: about 1205 M: about 1231 Millicent of Chaucombe D: about 1282 Familytree
Ralph Basset B: about 1190   Marion Darley   Familytree
Ralph Basset (II) of Cheadle B: about 1185       Familytree
Ralph Basset B: about 1160   Isabell   Familytree
Ralph Basset B: about 1245 B: about 1270 Hawise de Grey D: 1299 Familytree
Ralph Basset B: about 1215 M: about 1247 Margaret de Somery D: 1265 Familytree
Ralph Basset B: about 1156   Alice   Familytree
Ralph Basset B: about 1076   A (Alice de Buci?) D: 1120 Familytree
Richard Basset B: about 1102   Matilda de Ridel D: 1144 Familytree
Samuel Bassett B: about 1675   Elizabeth Jones D: about 1760 Familytree
Simon Basset B: about 1288 M: about 1309 Isabel Boteler D: 1328 Familytree
Simon Basset B: about 1235     D: about 1295 Familytree
Simon Basset B: about 1160   Elizabeth Avenal D: before 1231 Familytree
Thomas Basset B: 1130   Alice de Dunstanville D: about 1181 Familytree
Thomas Basset B: about 1349   Margaret Meringe D: about 1390 Familytree
Thomas Basset B: about 1099       Familytree
Thurstine de Basset B: 1040       Familytree
William Bassett B: about 1680 M:3February1709 Abigail Bourne D:3February1744 Familytree
William Bassett B: 1656 M:9October1675 Rachel Williston D:29September1721 Familytree
William Basset B: 1624 M: about 1652 Mary Rainsford D:10June1670 Familytree
William Bassett B: about 1600   Elizabeth Tilden D: 1667 Familytree
William Basset B: about 1575   Cecily Light D: about 1620  
William Basset, Sheriff of Sapcote B: about 1134     D: about 1185 Familytree
Abigail Batchelder B:28December1667 M:4November1689 John Dearborn D:13November1736 Familytree
Nathaniel Batchelder B: 1630 M:10December1656 Deborah Smith D:2January1710 Familytree
Nathaniel Batchelder B: about 1590 M: about 1615 Hester Mercer D:20October1649 Familytree
Anne Bate     (Rev) Stephen Bachiler    
Batea (Bates)     Dardanus (Darda)    
(Clement?) Bates B: about 1600        
Edith Bates B:28May1710 M:27July1731 Gideon Webb   Familytree
Elizabeth Bates     James Webb    
James Bates B: about 1623       Familytree
John Bates B:8January1678   Elizabeth Markham D:3February1740 Familytree
John Bates B:7October1649   Elizabeth Beckwith D:15January1719 Familytree
Susanna Baumann B: about 1664   Heinrich Raas    
Annis Bayford B: abt June 1603 M:6November1625 William Chandler 15March1684 Familytree
Francis Bayford B:13April1567 M:1601 Johanna D:3December1622 Familytree
Richard Bayford B: ? M:10April1564 Joan Searle    
Gauche Be Arce          
Barbara Bear B:11October1608 M:28June1631 Jacob Winkler D: about 1638 Familytree
Heinrich Bear   M: about 1600 Regula Jucker    
Hannah Beardsley     Nathaniel Dickenson    
John Beardsley B: 1547        
William Beardsley B: 1602 M:26June1630 Mary Harvie D:6July1661 Familytree
William Beardsley B: 1579       Familytree
Martha Beare   M:30November1611 John Tinkecombe D:January1626  
Sarah Bearse B:28March1646 M:August1667 John Hamblin D: before 1718 Familytree
Augustin Bearse B: about 1618 M: about 1639 Mary Hyano D: about 1686 Familytree
Beatrice of Savoy     Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Provence    
Beatrice (Elizabeth) of Swabia (Hohenstaufen) B: 1199 M:30November1219 FERDINAND III King of Castile   Familytree
Beatrice of Provence   M: 31 January 1246 Charles I, King of Naples   Familytree
Guy de Beauchamp B: 1278 M: 1309 Alice de Toni D:10August1315 Familytree
Hugh de Beauchamp B: about 1050   Matilda de Taillebois D: 1114 Familytree
Hugh de Beauchamp B: about 950     D: 1008 Familytree
Isabella de Beauchamp B: about 1263 M: before 1281 Patrick de Chaworth D:before 30 May 1306 Familytree
Philippa de Beauchamp B: 1344   Hugh de Stafford D:1369 Familytree
Robert de Beauchamp B: about 1020     D: about 1066 Familytree
Thomas de Beauchamp B:14February1314 M: about 1334 Katherine de Mortimer D:13November1369 Familytree
Walcheline (Walter) de Beauchamp B: 1190   Joane de Mortimer D: 1236 Familytree
Walter de Beauchamp B: about 1072   Emeline d'Abitot D: 1131 Familytree
Walter de Beauchamp B: about 990     D: 1068 Familytree
William de Beauchamp B: about 1238 M: 1250 Maud FitzJohn D:5June1298 Familytree
William de Beauchamp B: about 1215   Isabel Mauduit D: 1269 Familytree
William de Beauchamp B: about 1142   Avice of Salwarpe D: 1197 Familytree
William (Walter) de Beauchamp B: about 1153   Bertha de Braiose D: 1235 Familytree
William de Beauchamp B: about 1130   Joan Walerie (St Valery) D: 1211 Familytree
William de Beauchamp B: about 1105   Maud de Braose D: 1169 Familytree
Joan Beaufort B: about 1398 M:2February1424 JAMES I, King of Scotland D:15July1445 Familytree
John Beaufort B: about 1373   Margaret Holland D:16March1410 Familytree
Eleanor Beaumont B: about 1104 M: about 1124 Hamon de Massey D: about 1157 Familytree
Beaw (Beu)          
Elizabeth Beckwith B: about 1649   John Bates    
Conrad Beerli     Dorothea Niederer    
Margretha Beerli B:6May1728   Hans Casper Kunzler    
David Beeston/de Bonbury B: about 1249   Agnes D: after 1342 Familytree
Dorothy Beeston B: 1522 M:10October1547 Thomas Gregory   Familytree
George Beeston B:12September1501 M: 1525 Alice Davenport D:13September1601 Familytree
Henry Beeston B: about 1327 M: 1359 Maud Thorton   Familytree
Henry Beeston B: about 1290 M: about 1320 Ellen D: after 1342 Familytree
Henry Beeston/de Bonbury B: about 1229 M: about 1248 Margery D: before 1283  
John Beeston B: about 1478 M: about 1495 Katherine Calveley D:26April1543 Familytree
John Beeston B: about 1441 M: about 1457 Elizabeth Bold D: before 1498 Familytree
Tochett Beeston B: about 1458 M: about 1477 Joan Done D:19October1518 Familytree
Thomas Beeston B: about 1414 M: 1440 Elizabeth Handford D: before 1477 Familytree
Thomas Beeston B: about 1365 M: 1387 Margaret D: about 1403 Familytree
William Beeston B: about 1388 M:1413 Clemence Bulkeley (Mainwaring) D: 1416 Familytree
Maria Behm     Christian Moll    
Bela I B: 1016 M: about 1040 Richeza (Adelaide of Poland) D:11September1063 The Hungarians
Bela II B:1108 M: about 1128 Helena of Raska (Jelena) D:13February1141 The Hungarians
Bela III B: about 1148 M: about 1170 Agnes of Antioch D:23April1196 The Hungarians
Bela IV B:29November1206 M: about 1220 Maria Laskarina D:3May1270 The Hungarians
Beli ap Rhun B: about 517     D: about 599  
Beli Mawr B: about 110BC   Don verch Mathonwy (Danu Anu) D:about 72BC  
George Benedict B:about 1542 M:7August1575 Tomazine Gooche D: about 1583 Familytree
George Benedict B: about 1512 M: about 1538 Jane Holes D:before26January1576  
(Elder) James Benedict B:19February1720 M:8May1740 Mary Blackman D:9September1792 Familytree
James Benedict B:15January1685 M:7April1708 Sarah Hyatt D:25November1762 Familytree
Jemima Benedict B:25July1749 M:1June1770 John Newberry D:1June1843 Familytree
John Benedict B: about 1640 M:11November1670 Phoebe Gregory D:11Novmeber1729 Familytree
Thomas Benedict B:c1614 M: 1639 Mary Bridgum D: about March1690 Familytree
William Benedict B: about 1576 M: about 1614 Elizabeth (Stephenson?) D: about 1618 Familytree
James Bennett B: 1616 M:1639 Hannah Wheeler D:about August 1659  
Sarah Bennett B: about 1653 M: about 1673 John Osborn D: 1726 Familytree
Berenguela of Barcelona B: 1112   ALFONSO VII, Emperor of Spain D: 1149 Familytree
Berenguela of Castile   M: about 1200 ALFONSO IX, King of Leon    
Berenguer Ramon I, the Crooked B: 1005 M: 1021 Sancha Sanchez D:26May1035  
Elsbeth Bernhard B: 6 August 1705 M: 5 August 1731 Hans Rudolf Burri D: 8 November 1766 Familytree
Jakob Bernhard (Bernhart) B: 12 September 1676 M: 1 May 1703 Verena Huber   Familytree
Felix Bernhart (Bernhard) B: 15 November 1646 M: 13 September 1675 Anna Weier D: 3 February 1703 Familytree
Isaak Bernhart (Bernhard) B: 23 March 1611 M: 11 February 1634 Maria Huber D: 22 March 1679  
Johann Berry B: about 1584 M: about 1609 Susannah (Philbrick?)    
Rachel Berry B: about 1642   John Marden D:12February1706  
William Berry B: about 1610 M: 1635 Jane Locke D:28June1654  
Catharine Bess B: 1760 M: about 1780 John Schmidt    
Bethoc (Beatrix) B: 978 M: about 1008 Crinan, The Thane D: 1045 Familytree
Agathe Adelheid Anna Bethsold B:8August1891 M:18December1919 Max Paul Christian Kersten D:17November1955 Familytree
Johann Gottlieb Bethsold B:4June1798   Christine Vogel   Familytree
Johann Gottlieb Bethsold B:c1750 M: 22 February 1776 Johanna Christina Blosin   Familytree
Johann Gottlieb Bethsold          
Johann Wilhelm Bethsold B:5January1825 M:19November1847 Dorothea Caroline Moll D:13August1889 Familytree
Karl Friedrich Bethsold B:28November1853 22May1875 Albertine Wilhelmine Bartel D:21July1927 Familytree
Elizabeth Bigelow B: about 1606 M: about 1634 Richard Butler 26February1656 Familytree
Randall Bigelow B: about 1578   Jane D:17May1626 Familytree
Francis Billington B: about 1606 M:16July1634 Christina Penn D:3December1684 Familytree
Isaac Billington B: about 1642   Hannah Glass D:11December1709 Familytree
John Billington B: about 1590 M: about 1605 Ellen (Eleanor) D: September1630  
Mary Billington B: 1685 M:13February1712 Elnathan Wood D:30May1733 Familytree
John Birch B: about 1528 M: before 1554 Alice    
William Birch B: about 1557 M:14November1591 Agnes Meyer   Familytree
Alice Birchall B:23January1581 M: 1607 William Acres   Familytree
Ralph Birchall          
John Bishop B: 1590   Ann Stevens   Familytree
Mary Bishop B: about 1600 M: 1627 George Hubbard D:14September1675 Familytree
Richard Bishop     Dolabelle    
Bjorn Ulfsson B: about 1020     D: 1049 Familytree
Adam Blackman B:20June1596 M: about 1620 Jane Wheeler D: about 1665 Familytree
John Blackman B:October1677 M:29April1701 Jemima Hurlburt D: 1732 Familytree
John Blackman     Dorothy Smith   Familytree
John Blackman     Thomasine    
Joseph Blackman B: about 1661 M: 14July1674 Hannah Hall D:15August1717 Familytree
Mary Blackman B:October 1722 M:8May1740 James Benedict   Familytree
George Blake     Dorothy D:17February1699  
Mary Blake B:14February1652   Dorothy D:23August1745 Familytree
Pierre John Blanchard B: 1555        
Ruth Blanchard B:18August1751 M:28January1772 Benjamin Tenney D:13April1831 Familytree
Samuel Blanchard B:14January1717 M:25May1748 Ruth Tenney   Familytree
Samuel Blanchard B:4July1680 M:31March1709 Sarah Johnson D:17June1754 Familytree
Samuel Blanchard B:6August1629 M:24June1673 Hannah Doggett D:22April1707 Familytree
Thomas Blanchard B: 1590   Elizabeth D:21May1654 Familytree
John Blanford B: about 1611 M: about 1639 Mary D:23October1687  
Mary Blanford B: about 1640 M:5October1662 Thomas Eames D:February1676 Familytree
Bleddyn Broadspear          
Bleiddud ap Asser B: 900BC     D: about 772BC Familytree
Bleiddud ap Rhun       D: about 870BC Familytree
Edith Bligh B: 1620 M: 1641 William Harris D: 5 August 1685  
Richard Blois B: about 1517   Rose Fisher    
Thomas Blois B: about 1440   Margaret Style   Familytree
Thomas Blois     Joane Canham    
William Blois B: about 1483   Margaret Style    
Johanna Christina Blosin B: about 1750 M:22February1776 Johann Gottlieb Bethsold   Familytree
Martin Blosin B: about 1720        
Mary Blott B: about 1615 M:4March1635 Thomas Woodford D:10January1660 Familytrree
Robert Blott B: 1582 M:31August1609 Susan Selbee D:1March1665  
Ann Blount B:13August1805 M:15April1827 Cornelius Payne D:5November1878 Familytree
James Blount B:18September1768 M:24November1799 Mary Goddard D:October1843  
Boaz     Ruth    
Bodilon B: about 600AD   Sigrade (Sigree) of Dijon    
BODOGISIL II, Duke of Aquitaine     Chrodoare    
Cornelis Tuenis Van de Bogaert     Beeltje D: before 1661 Familytree
Tuenis Van de Bogart         Familytree
Jan Laurian Van de Bogart B: 1630 M: 1655 Cornelia Evertse   Familytree
Laurens Thonis Van de Bogert B: about 1590       Familytree
Lysbeth Janse Van de Bogert B:3June1651 M:3January1675 Harman Janze Knickerbocker D:15April1723 Familytree
Elizabeth de Bohun     Richard FitzAlan   Familytree
Henry de Bohun B: about 1180   Maud de Mandeville D:1June1220 Familytree
Humphrey de Bohun B: 1276 M:14November1302 Elizabeth Plantagenet D: 1322 Familytree
Humphrey de Bohun B: about 1249 M: 1275 Maud de Fiennes D:31December1298 Familytree
Humphrey de Bohun B: about 1220 M: 1239 Eleanor de Braose D:27October1265 Familytree
Humphrey de Bohun B: about 1200   Maud de Lusignan D:24September1275 Familytree
Humphrey de Bohun B: about 1150 M: 1175 Margaret of Huntingdon D: 1182 Familytree
William de Bohun B: 1312   Elizabeth de Badlesmere D: 1360 Familytree
Elizabeth Bold B: about 1441 M: about 1457 John Beeston D: before 1505  
Osbern de Bolebec B: about 945   Wevie de Crepon D: 1035  
Boleslaw I Chrobry B: 967AD     D: about 1025  
Margret Bollster B: about 1646 M:15November1668 Ulrich Leinhard   Familytree
Rudolf Bollster B: about 1605        
Elizabeth Booth B:10September1641 M:19October1658 John Miner D:24October1732 Familytree
Richard Booth B:5March1607 M: 1640 Elizabeth Hawley D: 1687  
Joan Boridge B: about 1569 D:30November1590 Henry Cogan    
Ann Born     Richard Bowen    
Borrell II, Count of Barcelona B: 945AD M: 967AD Letgarda of Rouergue D: 993AD  
Janet Borthwick     Adam Hepburn    
William Borthwick          
Margaretha Boshard B:15August1641   Hans Jakob Ott D:23March1695  
Ulrich Bosshard B: about 1592 M:9March1630 Magdalena Stahel D: 1644  
Anna Bosshart B:22August1669 M:17September1688 Abraham Brunner D:25August1714 Familytree
Barthli Bosshart B: about 1614 M:10April1665 Elsbeth Lybensperger   Familytree
Margaretha Bosshart   M:13November1665 Hans Jakob Moergeli    
Margaret Bostock B: about 1380   Hugh Davenport D: after 1417  
Maria Bosyns B: about 1625 M: before 1647 Johannes Dyckman    
Abigail Bourne B:22July1684 M:3Feburary1709 William Bassett D:15Feburary1764 Familytree
Elisha Bourne B: 1641 M:26October1675 Patience Skiff D:21December1706 Familytree
Elisha Bourne B: about 1500 M: about 1525 Margaret    
Richard Bourne B: 1610 M: about 1636 Bathsheba Hallett D: 1670 Familytree
William Bourne B:11June1589 M:18April1608 Ursula Day D:29September1634 Familytree
William Bourne B: about 1551 M:21January1579 Mary Morris D:28February1605 Familytree
William Bourne B: about 1527 M: about 1552 Margaret Ryse D:29April1581 Familytree
Hendrick L. Bout Sassian B: about 1621        
(Suster) Bouts B: about 1647   Cornelis Viele    
Abijah Bowen B:21May1663 M:10December1683 Abiel Wood D:21May1746 Familytree
James Bowen B: about 1550 M: 1578 Eleanor Griffith   Familytree
(Sir) James Bowen B: 1480 M: about 1518 Mary Hearle (Hale) D: 1539 Familytree
Matthias Bowen B: about 1524 M: about 1548 Mary Phylips D: about 1629 Familytree
Owain Bowen     Jonet verch Llewelyn    
Richard Bowen B: about 1580 M: about 1621 Ann Born D:14Feburary1674 Familytree
Thomas Bowen B: 1625 M: 1663 Elizabeth Brewster D: 1658 Familytree
Ann Bower   M:3May1606 Richard Hurlbut    
Margery Bowes B: about 1461 M: about 1477 William de Hilton   Familytree
Robert Bowes     Joan Conyers    
William Bowes B: about 1415 M: about 1449 Maud FitzHugh D: 1466 Familytree
William Bowes B: about 1395 M: about 1449 Joan Greystoke D: 1466 Familytree
Elizabeth Bowett     John Dunham    
Nicholas Bowett     Elizabeth la Zouche    
Mary Boxall B: aobut 1619 M:8December1639 George Vaughan D:28October1645  
Agnes Boyd B: about 1525 M:15November1564 John Colquhoun D:18July1584 Familytree
Alexander Boyd     Janet Colville   Familytree
Margaret Boyd     George Colquhoun   Familytree
Robert Boyd B: 1495   Margaret Colquhoun   Familytree
Robert Boyd     Helen Somerville   Familytree
Robert Boyd     Mariot (Janet?) Maxwell   Familytree
Robert Boyd of Kilmarnock B: 1285     D: about 1333 Familytree
Robert Boyd (III)       D: about 1300 Familytree
Robert Boyd (II) B: about 1225     D: about 1275 Familytree
Robert Boyd (I) B: about 1155     D: about 1240 Familytree
Thomas Boyd B: about 1405 M: about 1424 Isabell D:9July1439 Familytree
Thomas Boyd B: about 1385   Joanna Montgomery D:7July1432 Familytree
Thomas Boyd B: about 1355   Alice Gifford D: after 1409 Familytree
Thomas Boyd of Kilmarnock B: about 1323     D: 1365 Familytree
Sally Brackett B: 1742 M:28 January1762 Bartholomew Stovall III D: about 1795 Familytree
Thomas Brackett B: 1718 M: 1740 Judith Ludwell D:28May1772 Familytree
Eleanor Brandon     John Glemham   Familytree
(Sir) William Brandon     Elizabeth Wingfield    
Anna Brassel B:9December1629 M:1658 Hans Ruesch   Familytree
Caspar Brassel B:15March1642 M: 1665 Elsbeth Bantziger   Familytree
Caspar Brassel B: about 1600 M: 1624 Ursula Mafler D:5April1667 Familytree
Elsbeth Brassel B:10May1779 M:17January1804 Hans Ulrich Kunzler D:20September1855 Familytree
George Brassel     Anna Halter   Familytree
Hans Brassel B: about 1570   Anna Kunzler    
Joerg Brassel B: 1594   Weiberth Brassel D:9September1654  
Paulus Brassel B:17August1711 M: 1735 Catharina Kunzler D:21March1756 Familytree
Weiberth Brassel B: 1596   Joerg Brassel    
Wilhelm Brassel B:12June1683 M:1710 Elsbeth Ruesch D:15January1750 Familytree
Brath, King of Gothia         Familytree
Breichiol ap Caradog B: about 1030       Familytree
Elizabeth Brereton     John Fitton    
Breoghan         Familytree
Christofel Bressie     Styutje Claes    
Daniel Brewer B: 1596 M: before 1623 Joanna Morrill D:28March1646  
Hannah Brewer B:25October1630 M:28May1659 Thomas Chandler D:25October1717 Familytree
Elizabeth Brewster B: 1636 M: 1663 Thomas Bowen D:4November1713  
Jonathan Brewster B:12August1593 M:10April1624 Lucretia Oldham D:7August1659 Familytree
Thomas Brewster B: 1610        
Brian Boru B: about 941   Gormflaith D: 23 April 1014 Familytree
Mary Bridgum B: about 1616 M: 1639 Thomas Benedict D: about 1719  
Blanche de Brienne B: about 1252   William de Fienes D: about 1302 Familytree
Jean de Brienne, Grand Butler of France     Jeanne, Dame de Chateaudun    
Elizabeth Brockwell B: before 1580 M:30October1599 Christopher Osgood D:16June1612  
Isabel Brome B: about 1436 M: about 1470 Robert John Denton D: about 1475 Familytree
(Sir) John Brome B: 1410   Beatrice Shirley D: 1468 Familytree
John Brome B: 1380   Joan Rodye D: about 1436 Familytree
John Brome B: about 1260       Familytree
Robert Brome B: 1355   Matilde de Stanley   Familytree
Robert Brome B: 1332   Margery Brooke   Familytree
Isabell Brome B: about 1453 M: about 1470 John Denton D: 1470 Familytree
John Brome     Beatrix Shirley    
Robert Brome B: about 1280   Parnell Stereton   Familytree
William Brome B: about 1240   Alice?    
William Brome B: about 1310   Hawise Halways D: 1332 Familytree
Jane Bromley B: about 1560   Thomas Dunham    
Ceclia Bromwell     John Lovejoy    
Anselme de Bromwich     Alice    
Isabel de Bromwich B: about 1315 M: about 1340 Ralph de Arden   Familytree
Brond (Brand)         Familytree
Edmunde Brown     Elleyne    
Francis Brown B: about 1628 M: about 1653 Andrea Corlet D: about 1707  
Mary Brown B: about 1655 M: about 1673 Thomas Hurlburt D: about 1714 Familytree
Susannah Brown B: 1581 M: 1603 Francis Warde   Familytree
Mary Browne B: about 1627 M: about 1647 Ephraim Tinkham D: about 1683 Familytree
Peter Browne   M: about 1625 Martha, widow Ford D: about 1633 Familytree
William Browne          
Daniel Browning B: about 1588 M:10December1588 Elizabeth Furness D: 1626 Familytree
Nathaniel Browning B: about 1625 M: about 1650 Sarah Freeborn D: after 1670 Familytree
Rebecca Browning B: about 1710 M:8April1731 Isaac Bull D: about 1790 Familytree
Samuel Browning B: about 1683 M: about 1709 Mary Clark D: after 1741 Familytree
William Browning B: 1588 M:10September1583 Dorothy Vernon D: April1635 Familytree
William Browning B: about 1531        
William T. Browning B: about 1651 M: about 1687 Mary Clark D: 1730 Familytree
Marjorie Bruce     Walter Stewart   Familytree
Robert I, The Bruce B:11July1274 M: 1296 Isabella of Mar D:7June1329 Familytree
Abraham Brunner B:12May1661 M:17September1688 Hans Jakob Winkler   Familytree
Anna Brunner B:1January1684 M:13November1714 Hans Jakob Winkler D:13December1757 Familytree
Anna Barbara Brunner B:24September1700   Heinrich Peter   Familytree
Conrad Brunner B:22March1607 M:10February1635 Barbara Buchi D:9November1686 Familytree
Hans Jacob Brunner B:20October1672 M:19July1701 Margaretha Leinhard D:8November1711 Familytree
Hans Jacob Brunner B:21March1641 M:2August1670 Magdalena Stauber D:21February1692 Familytree
Hans Ulrich Brunner B:9November1704 M:25November1732 Barbell Koblet D:13August1747 Familytree
Heinrich Brunner B: about 1575   Ursel Keller   Familytree
Jacob Brunner B:30October1653 M:27April1678 Anna Stauber   Familytree
Jonas Brunner B:1January1613 M:12June1640 Elsbeth Nuessli D:23January1691 Familytree
Susanna Brunner B:17July1740 M:5August1764 Hans Konrad Burri D:22November1817 Familytree
BRUTUS ap Sylvius B: about 1150BC   Enogen (Ignoge). D: about 1091BC Familytree
Brutus Greenshield         Familytree
David Bryant     Hannah   Familytree
Deborah Bryant B:28July1717 M:15June1737 Lemuel Sturtevant D:29October1805 Familytree
John Bryant          
Brychan of Manau          
Brychwain ap Owain (Prydein) B: about 5AD       Familytree
Brydw ap Rhuddfedel Frych         Familytree
Brywlais ap Gertaint Feddw B: abpit 400BC       Familytree
George Buchanan B: 1546 M: January1569 Margaret M. Graham   Familytree
John Buchanan B: about 1520   Helen Chrisholme    
Margaret Helen Buchanan B: 1576 M:18August1595 Alexander Colquhoun D:23May1617 Familytree
Anna Büchi (Buechi)     George Moergeli    
Hans Burri B:14November1658 M:27August1678 Barbara Buchi D:17March1718 Familytree
Barbara Buchi B:19June1614 M:10February1635 Conrad Brunner D:27December1687 Fmilytree
Barbel Buchi B: about 1688 M:3September1709 Diethelm Burri    
Barbel Buchi B: about 1620 M:8February1641 Hans Burri    
Clemence Bulkeley B: about 1390 M: 1413 William Beeston   Familytree
Edward Bulkeley B: about 1540 M: 1565 Olive Irby D:5January1620 Familytree
Humphrey Bulkeley B: about 1450   Cecily Moulton   Familytree
Hugh Bulkeley B: about 1426   Helen Wilbraham   Familytree
John Bulkeley B: 1396   Audrey Titley D: 1450 Familytree
Peter de Bulkeley          
Richard de Bulkeley B: about 1369 M: 1387 Margery Venables D:11November1391 Familytree
(Robert?) de Bulkeley          
Sarah Bulkeley B: about 1574 M: 1597 Oliver St. John D: 1611 Familytree
Thomas Bulkeley B: about 1515 M: about 1535 Elizabeth Grosvenor D: 1591 Familytree
William Bulkeley B: about 1480 M: about 1510 Beatrice Hill D:4March1570 Familytree
William de Bulkeley B: about 1344   Alice de Vernon D: 1379 Familytree
Edward Bull B:13December1615 M: about 1649 Elizabeth (Castell? Gisborne?) D: about May1682  
Elizabeth Bull B: about 1676 M:24NOvember1698 John Vaughan D: after 1751 Familytree
Isaac Bull B:22July1708 M:8April1731 Rebecca Browning D:7October1789 Familytree
Isaac Bull B:2April1653 M: about 1675 Mary D:5January1716 Familytree
John Bull B:5January1676 M: 1707 Mary Closson   Familytree
Rosetta Bull B:25April1809   Thomas Jefferson Thurston D:29July1880 Familytree
Smith Bull B:8September1772 M:15March1806 Sarah Burr D:16April1841 Familytree
Thomas Bull B:31March1737   Martha A. Smith   Familytree
Phillipi Bullock     Francis Coleson    
Jonathan Burch B: about 1674 M:22August1706 Marcy Rathbun   Familytree
Jonathan (or Jeremiah?) Burch B: about 1639     D:16November1704 Familytree
Thomas Burch B: about 1615 M: about 1635   D:8May1657 Familytree
Zurviah Burch (Burtch) B:4June1713 M:26November1739 John Newberry D: before 1796 Familytree
Richarde Burche B: aboutJuly1596 M:9January1615 Johan Ballymant   Familytree
Elizabeth de Burgh B: 1332 M:15August1352 Lionel Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence D: 1363  
Elizabeth Ann Burkett B:1November1825 M: (1)1843; (2)1850 William Washington Williams,Orville Morgan Allen D:23January1908 Familytree
George Burkett B:18October1788 M: 1810 Sarah Jane Smith D:15March1871 Familytree
George Burkett B:16August1755 M: 1775 Catharine Swovelin D: about 1795 Familytree
Israel Burkett B: about 1723 M: about 1745 Anna Maria Barbara Baltzel D: about 1805  
Andrew Burr B:27September1696 M:30April1719 Sarah Sturges D:9November1763 Familytree
Daniel David Burr B:5July1722 M:11December1751 Eunice Osborn D:3December1773 Familytree
Jehu Burr B: about 1600 M: 1624 (miss) Cable D: about 1654  
John Burr B:2May1673 M: about 1693 Elizabeth Hanford D:aboutNovember1705 Familytree
John Burr B: before 1630 M: about 1672 Sarah Fitch D: October1694 Familytree
Sarah Burr B:2August1782 M:15March1806 Smith Bull D:22October1852 Familytree
William Burr B:27July1759   Hulda Mason D:about September1822 Familytree
Diethelm Burri B:3February1684 M:3September1709 Barbel Buchi D:17April1741 Familytree
Hans Burri B:14November1658 M:27August1678 Barbara Buchi D:17March1718 Familytree
Hans Burri B:26October1617 M:8February1641 Barbel Buchi    
Hans Konrad Burri B:18November1736 M:5August1764 Susanna Brunner D:5JUne1787 Familytree
Hans Rudolf Burri B:29November1711 M:5August1731 Elsbeth Bernhard D:13March1751 Familytree
Rudalph Burri B:15October1775   Anna Moergali D:18June1845 Familytree
Susanna Burri B:25December1800 M:18May1830 Hans Jakob Winkler D: 1874 Familytree
Elizabeth Burt B: about 1638 M:24November1653 Samuel Wright D:14February1691 Familytree
Henry Burt B:1595 M:23December1619 Eulalia Marche D:30April1662 Familytree
Henry Burt B: 1567   Isett D: about July 1619  
Zerviah Burtch B:4June1713 M:26November1739 John Newberry   Familytree
Ann Burton B: about 1671 M:8August1693 Bartholomew Stovall D:beforeOctober1725 Familytree
Francis Burton B: about 1560      
Richard Burton B: about 1580 M: March 1605 Katherine Christian   Familytree
Thomas Burton B: about 1636 M: about 1663 Suzannah Hatcher D: about 1684 Familytree
Frances Bushnell B: 1602 M:6April1635 Thomas Hosmer D:15February1675 Familytree
Francis Bushnell          
Isaac Bushwell B: about 1592   Margaret D:8July1683  
John Bushwell B:7October1659 M:8July1700 Elizabeth Stiles   Familytree
Mary Bushwell B:11April1707 M:10October1731 James Curtis   Familytree
Samuel Bushwell B: about 1628 M:8June1656 Sarah Keyes D:7July1704 Familytree
Warin Bussel (II) B: about 1058        
Warin de Bussel          
Hannah Butler B:18August1772 M: 1802 Peter Thurston D:23May1866 Familytree
John Butler B:10April1707 M:3December1728 Sarah Foster D:aboutFebruary1748 Familytree
John Butler B: about 1550 M: 1579      
Nathaniel Butler B: about 1641 M: about 1666 Sarah Green D:9February1698 Familytree
Richard Butler B: 1612 M: about 1634 Elizabeth Bigelow D:6August1684 Familytree
Steven Butler B: about 1575 M: about 1599 Mary D:10March1633 Familytree
Thomas Butler B:18May1745 M:1June1769 Jane White D:19February1806 Thomas Butler
William Butler B:23May1695   Hannah Hills D:20May1714 Familytree
Byordderch ap Gwriawn B: about 650       Familytree
Bywyn ap Byordderch         Familytree
Caanan     Melka   Familytree
Cadell ap Cynan B: about 580AD     D: about 614AD Familytree
Cadell ap Rhodri         Familytree
Cadell Ddyrnllwg ap Pasgen B: about 380AD       Familytree
Cadfan ap Iago B: about 569AD     D: abpit 625AD Familytree
Cadfarch ap Gwrgant B: about 820AD       Familytree
Cadvan of Cambria         Familytree
Cadwaladr ap Cadwallon       D: 682AD Familytree
Cadwallon ap Cadfan       D: 634AD Familytree
Cadwallon Lawhir ap Einion B: abpit 460AD   Meddyf D: about 534AD Familytree
Ebenezer Cahoon B:8October1706 M: 1728 Mary Reynolds   Familytree
Joseph Cahoon B: 1665 M:30April1700 Elizabeth Scranton D: about 1710 Familytree
Mary Cahoon B:11July1810 M:21May1831 David Elliott D: about 1838 Familytree
William Cahoon B:2June1765 M:26October1809 Mary Smith D:1 October 1828 Familytree
William Cahoone B: 1733 M:22April1762 Elizabeth Vaughan D:26October1813 Familytree
CAINAN B: 3676BC   Mualeleth D: 2766BC  
Callirhoe Ilium B: about 1350BC   Troas, King of Dardania    
David de Calvelegh     Johanna   Familytree
Kenric de Calvelegh          
David de Calveley (II)          
George Calveley B: 1456   Elizabeth de Dutton D: 1536 Familytree
Hugh de Calveley (I)         Familytree
Hugh de Calveley     Maud Hubeck   Familytree
Hugh de Calveley     Margaret Done   Familytree
Katherine Calveley B: about 1482 M: about 1495 John Beeston   Familytree
Camber ap Brutus         Familytree
Archibald Campbell B: about 1400   Elizabeth Somerville D: about 1453 Familytree
Archibald Campbell, of Lochawe          
Colin Campbell B:10September1433   Isabel Stewart D:10May1493 Familytree
Colin Campbell B: about 1300   Mariota Campbell   Familytree
Duncan Campbell B: about 1390 M: before 1432 Marjorie Stewart D: about 1454 Familytree
John Campbell, of Ardscotnish and Glen Orchy          
Margaret Campbell     George Seaton   Familytree
Mariota Campbell B: about 1300   Colin Campbell   Familytree
Idonea de Camville     William II Longspee   Familytree
Richard de Camville     Eustacia Basset D: 1191 Familytree
Canonicus     Posh-Pw D:4June1647  
Capys, King of Dardania B: about 1150BC   Themiste    
Caradoc ap Cunobelinus B: about 8AD        
Caradog ap Rhiwallon B: about 1000AD       Familytree
Caradog of Penrhos B: about 1125       Familytree
Agnes Carnother     Richard Upton    
Sarah Carey B: about 1590 M:1 November 1614 John Jenney D: 18 February 1655  
Priscilla Carpenter     William Wright    
Susannah Carr B: about 1665 M: 1688 Ausutstine Hawkins   Familytree
(Nicholas?) Carre     Martha    
Walter Carre B: about 1632   Juliatha Daborne D: 1699 Familytree
Alice Carter B: 1519 M: 8 May 1540 John Cook    
Katherine Carwithe B: about 1604 M: 13 April 1629 Giles Gibbs D: 24 October 1660  
(Roger?) Carwithe     Elizabeth Westcott    
Elizabeth Carye B: about 1544 M: 1 July 1565 Henry Cogan    
Cas The Exile B: about 200BC       Familytree
Martha Castell     John Wright D: 1610  
Ceawlin, King of Wessex B: about 525AD     D: 593AD Familytree
Cenneidig mac Lorcain B: about 900AD   Be Binn inion Urchadh   Familytree
Cenred         Familytree
Osmond de Centville (Basset) (c960-?)       Familytree
Cerdic I B: about 475AD     D: 534AD Familytree
Cerwyd ap Crydon         Familytree
John Champney     Joanna    
Mary Champney     Theophilus Richardson   Familytree
Hannah Chandler B: about 1675   Nathaniel Robbins   Familytree
Henry Chandler B: about 1560 M: 1590 Anne D: 17 December 1618 Familytree
Sarah Chandler B: 20 December 1661 M: 29 May 1682 Samuel Phelps D: 5 April 1757 Familytree
Thomas Chandler B: abt August 1628 M: 28 May 1659 Hannah Brewer D: 15 January 1703 Familytree
Thomas Chandler III B: 1528 M: 1552 Joanne Farr D: 4 June 1611 Familytree
Thomas Chandler II B: about 1500 M: 1525 Agnes D: 1554 Familytree
Thomas Chandler I B: about 1475     D: 31 January 1551  
William Chandler B: about 1635 M: 24 August 1658 Mary Dane D: 18 August 1698 Familytree
William Chandler B: about 1595 M: 6 November 1625 Annis Bayford D: 26 January 1642 Familytree
Caleb Chapin B: 29 May 1701 M: 4 January 1726 Catherine Dickinson D: 8 September 1755 Familytree
Japhet Chapin B: about 1642 M: 22 July 1664 Abilenah Cooley D: 20 February 1712 Familytree
John Chapin B: about 1566 M: 14 September 1590 Phillipe Easton D: 3 June 1660 Familytree
Roger Chapin B: about 1534   Urdde D: about 1590  
Samuel Chapin B: 4 June 1665 M: 24 December 1690 Hannah Sheldon D: 19 October 1729 Familytree
Samuel Chapin B: abt October 1598 M: 9 February 1624 Cecily Penny D: 11 November 1675 Familytree
Submit Chapin B: 29 March 1747 M: 2 December 1773 Joseph Alvord D: 18 August 1750 Familytree
Charibert I of Neustria B: about 517AD   Ingoberga D: December 567AD Familytree
Charlemagne B: 2 April 742   Hildegarde D: 28 January 814 Familytree
Charles, Count of Valois B: 12 March 1270 M: 1290 Margaret of Naples D: 16 December 1325 Familytree
Charles I, King of Naples B: 21 March 1226 M: 31 January 1246 Beatrice of Provence D: 7 January 1285 Familytree
Charles II, King of Naples B: about 1248 M: 1270 Marie of Hungary D: 5 May 1309 Familytree
Charles MARTEL, the Hammer B: 23 August 686   Rotrude of Trier D: 22 October 741 Familytree
Charles The Bald B: 13 June 823 M: 842 Ermentrude D: October 877 Familytree
Ann Charlton B: about 1480 M: about 1500 Randall Grosvenor D: by 1399 Familytree
Ann de Charlton B: before 1380   William de Knightley D: by 1399 Familytree
Alan de Charlton (II) B: about 1319   Margery Fitz Aer D: 3 May 1349 Familytree
Alan de Charlton B: about 1286 M: about 1317 Elena la Zouche D: 3 December 1360 Familytree
Richard Charlton B: about 1450   Anne Mainwaring D: 1522 Familytree
Robert Charlton B: before 1430   Mary Corbet D: 1471 Familytree
Thomas de Charlton (Knightley) B: 30 March 1394   Elizabeth Francis D: 4 January 1460 Familytree
Thomas de Charlton         Familytree
Ernald de Chaources B: about 1000        
Hugh de Chaworth B: about 1025       Familytree
Maud de Chaworth B: 1282   Henry, Duke of Lancaster D: 1317 Familytree
Patrick de Chaworth B: April 1250 M: before 1281 Isabella de Beauchamp D: July 1283 Familytree
Patrick de Chaworth B: About 1218 M: about 1244 Hawise de Londres D: 23 September 1258 Familytree
Payne de Chaworth B: about 1183 M: before 1221 Hawise de Londres D: 1 January 1237 Familytree
Emma Cheeseman   M: about 1520 William Stoddard    
Barbe du Chesne     Arnould Noirett    
Alice (Childwall?)   M: 13 April 1616 Thomas Rathbone    
Chlothar I, King of the Franks B: about 561AD   Aregund (Arnegonde) D: about 584AD Familytree
Elizabeth Chilson B: 24 October 1722 D: 30 April 1745 Ephraim Allen   Familytree
John Chilson     Elizabeth Jencks    
Abigail Chinery B: 9 May 1728 M: 9 September 1747 Edward Richardson D: 25 August 1814 Familytree
Ebenezer Chinery B: 10 November 1697 M: 18 July 1724 Ruth Fuller   Familytree
John Chinery B: 7 December 1657 M: 4 June 1685 Elizabeth Stratton   Familytree
John Chinery B: 24 December 1620 M: 12 November 1655 Sarah D: 5 December 1675 Familytree
Lambert Chinery B: 1593 M: 14 May 1625 Thomasin Hews D: 30 January 1674  
John Chipman B: 1621 M: 1646 Hope Howland D: 7 April 1708 Familytree
Lydia Chipman B: 25 December 1654   Hope Howland D: 2 March 1730 Familytree
Thomas Chipman     Brinspittel (Derby?)    
Chlodio, King of Salian Franks B: about 392AD   Argotta (Siegse) D: about 445AD  
Chlodius I         Familytree
Chlodomir I     Sedanus   Familytree
Chlodomir II, King of Sicamber       D: 122BC Familytree
Chlothar I, King of the Franks B: about 497AD   Aregund (Arnegonde) D: 29 NOvember 561AD Familytree
Choscisko B: about 770AD     D: about 861AD  
Christian I, King of Denmark B: February 1426   Dorothea of Brandenburg D: 21 May 1481 Familytree
Chrodobertus I, of Neustria        Familytree
Chrodobertus II, of Neustria    (Doda?)   Familytree
Helen Chrisholme B: about 1524   John Buchanan    
Maria Charlotte Christanz B: about 1789   Christian Friedrich Moll    
Katherine Christian   M: March 1605 Richard Burton D: 1589  
Styutje Claes     Christofel Bressie    
Gilbert de Clare B: 2 September 1243 M: 2 May 1290 Joan of Acre D: 7 December 1295 Familytree
Gilbert de Clare B: about 1180 M: 28 November 1217 Isabel le Marshall D: 25 October 1230 Familytree
Margaret de Clare B: about 1292 M: 28 April 1317 Hugh de Audley D: 13 April 1342 Familytree
Roger de Clare     Maud de St Hilary    
Richard de Clare B: 4 August 1222 M: 25 January 1238 Maude de Lacie D: 15 July 1262 Familytree
Richard de Clare B: about 1162 M: 28 November 1217 Amice FitzRobert D: 30 December 1218 Familytree
John Clark     Elizabeth    
Mary Clark B: about 1590 M: 3 June 1614 Edward Gilman D: 22 June 1681 Familytree
Mary (Mercy) Clark B: about 1687 M: about 1709 Samuel Browning    
John Clarke B: 11 Feburary 1542 M: 12 October 1561 Catherine Cooke D: 4 April 1598 Familytree
John Clarke B: about 1503   Margaret D: 1559  
Joseph Clarke B: 9 December 1618 M: 16 November 1664 Margaret (Turner?) D: 1 June 1694 Familytree
Sarah Clarke B:29 January 1663 M: 11October 1683 Thomas Reynolds D: 1695 Familytree
Thomas Clarke B: 1 November 1570 M: 13 May 1600 Rose Kerrich D:29 July 1627 Familytree
Joane Claryonette B: 1530 M: 7 November 1570 George Grant D: 1609 Familytree
Eustace Fitzjohn Clavering B: about 1080 M: about 1108 Matilda Agnes Fitznigel D: 3 July 1157 Familytree
Richard Fitzeustace Clavering B: about 1128 M: about 1150 Alvreda de Lisoures D: 1163 Familytree
Elizabeth Cleer B: about 1613 M: about 1630 William Osgood   Familytree
John Cleer B: about 1580        
Arnoul le Clerc B: 1527 M: about 1558 Jenna Lippensen    
Jeanne le Clerc B: about 1559 M: 18 October 1579 Jean Mercer   Familytree
Joan Cliffe B: about 1545   Henry Easton    
Josiah Closson B: 1655   Mary Williams D: 13 February 1699  
Mary Closson B: 5 January 1687 M: 1707 John Bull   Familytree
Hannah Cloyes B: about 1665 M: about 1686 Daniel Elliott   Familytree
John Cloyes B: 2 December 1604 M: 1637 Abigail Mournings D: 26 July 1676 Familytree
Peter Cloyes B: 27 May 1640 M: about 1662 Hannah Littlefield D: 18 July 1708 Familytree
Peter Cloyes B: 1567     D: 1604 Familytree
Peter Cloyes B: about 1539   Ellen Holland D: 1576 Familytree
Catharine Codman B: 1617 M: 1639 John Stevens Sr. D: 31 July 1682 Familytree
Christopher Codman B: 1580        
Coel ap Cyllin B: about 100 AD        
Coel Godhebog B: about 232   Strada the Fair D: about 305 Familytree
Coelwald     (Fafertach?)   Familytree
Christian Coffer B: about 1604 M: 14 November 1622 Thomas Davis D: 7 April 1688  
Henry Cogan B: about 1565 M: 20 November 1590 Joan Boridge D: 1 December 1612 Familytree
Henry Cogan   M: 1 July 1565 Elizabeth Carye   Familytree
Mary Cogan B: 22 November 1595 M: 24 January 1614 James Glass   Familytree
Anthony Colby B: 1595   Susanna (Sargent?) D: 11 February 1661  
Dorothy Colby     William Hoyt   Familytree
Henry Colby B: about 1406       Familytree
Hugh Colby B: 1342       Familytree
John Colby B: about 1534 M: about 1550 Alice Brewse   Familytree
John Colby B: 1502   Isabel Ive   Familytree
John Colby B: about 1470   Avelyn Pelham   Familytree
John Colby B: about 1438       Familytree
John Colby B: about 1374       Familytree
Robert de Colby B: about 1312        
Samuel Colby B: about 1638 M: before 1668 Elizabeth Sargent D: abt June 1716 Familytree
Thomas Colby B: about 1566   Beatrix Felton   Familytree
Elizabeth Cole B: about 1622   John Fuller D: 13 April 1700 Familytree
Walter Cole B: about 1585   Susan D: about 1652 Familytree
Francis Coleson     Phillipi Bullock    
Joan Coleson B: about 1585 M: 25 July 1612 John Atwood D: 1 June 1654 Familytree
Alexander Colquhoun B: 1573 M: 18August1595 Margaret Helen Buchanan D:23May1617 Familytree
George Colquhoun B: about 1495   Margaret Boyd D: 1520 Familytree
Humphrey Colquhoun B: 1495   Helen Catherine Graham D: January 1536 Familytree
Humphrey Colquhoun B: 1440 M: 1462 Jean (Helen) Erskine D: 1493 Familytree
Humphrey Colquhoun B: about 1280 M: about 1308 Lady Luss D: 1330 Familytree
Ingelramus Colquhoun B: about 1250 M: about 1270   D: 1308 Familytree
John Colquhoun B: 1596 M: 1632 Katherine Graham D: 1655 Familytree
John Colquhoun B: 1515 D:15November1564 Agnes Boyd D: January 1575 Familytree
John Colquhoun B: 1475   Elizabeth Margaret Stuart D:15August1536 Familytree
John Colquhoun B: about 1470   Catherine Stewart   Familytree
John Colquhoun B: 1420 M: 1438 Lady Boyd D:1May1478 Familytree
John Colquhoun B: 1370   Jean Erskine D:24September1439 Familytree
Malcolm Colquhoun B: 1395 M: about 1418   D: 1439 Familytree
Margaret Colquhoun B: about 1510 M: 1535 Robert Boyd   Familytree
Patrick Colquhoun B: about 1450   Margaret Hamilton   Familytree
Robert Colquhoun B: about 1310 M: about 1368 Lady Luss D: about 1390 Familytree
Robert Colquhoun B: about 1212 M: about 1238   D: 1280 Familytree
Umfridus de Kilpatrick Colquhoun B: 1190 M: about 1210   D: 1260 Familytree
William Colquhoun (Cahoon) B: about 1633 M:26June1662 Deliverence Peck D:22June1675 Familytree
Joan Colville     Alexander Boyd   Familytree
Robert Colville     Eupheme Wallace    
Conaire Caem mac Modh Lamha B: about 125AD   Saraid D: 165AD Familytree
Conaire I Mor mac Etersceoil     Eropeia ingen Cormac D: 32BC Familytree
CONAN I Duke of Bretagne B: 927 M: 973 Ermengarde-Gerberga of Anjou D: 27 June 992 Familytree
Connaire I         Familytree
Connaire I         Familytree
Elizabeth Conningsby     Richard Berkeley   Familytree
Humphrey Conningsby     (miss) Ferebie   Familytree
Constance of Portugal B:6December1285 M: 1302 Ferdinand IV, King of Castile D:7September1312 Familytree
Constantine I, King of Scotland B: about 836     D: 877  
(Sir) Anthony Cooke B: 1504   Anne Fitzwilliam D: 11 June 1576 Familytree
Catharine Cooke   M: 12 October 1561 John Clarke   Familytree
Francis Cooke B: 25 April 1582 M: abt July 1603 Hester Mahieu D: abt April 1663 Familytree
Hester Cooke B: about 1618 M: 21 November 1644 Richard Wright   Familytree
John Cooke B: 1515 M: 8 May 1540 Alice Carter D: 1565  
(Sir) John Cooke B: 1473   Alice Saunders D: 1516 Familytree
Mary Cooke B: about 1625 M:26 December 1645 John Tomson D: 21 March 1715 Familytree
Philip Cooke B: 1454   Elizabeth Belnap D: 1497 Familytree
Robert Cooke B: 1392   Katherine    
Thomas Cooke B: 1423   Elizabeth Malpas D: 1478 Familytree
(William?) Cooke     Frances Grey   Familytree
Abilenah Cooley B: 1642 M: 22July 1664 Japhet Chapin D: 17 November 1710 Familytree
Samuel Cooley     Ann Pruden    
(John?) Coolidge          
Tabath Coolidge B: 1702   Jabez Stratton   Familytree
Thomas Coolidge B: 24 April 1670   Sarah Eddy D: 15 May 1737 Familytree
Margaret Cooper B: about 1379 M: about 1399 Richard Dickinson   Familytree
Thomas Cooper          
Grace Coppowe     Thomas Rathbone   Familytree
John Coppowe          
Alice Corbet B: about 1225   Robert de Stafford   Familytree
Mary Corbet     Robert Charlton   Familytree
Corbet le Normannus B: about 1020     D: about 1080 Familytree
Richard Corbet B: about 1200   Petronella de Booley D: 1255 Familytree
Richard Corbet B: about 1173   Johanna Toret D: 1235 Familytree
Richard Corbet B: about 1154     D: after 1217 Familytree
Robert Corbet B: about 1383   Margaret Mallory D: January 1439 Familytree
Robert Corbet B: about 1233   Matilda de Arundel D: abt November 1300 Familytree
Robert Corbet B: about 1158 M: 1180 Emma Pantulf D: about 1222 Familytree
Roger F. Corbet (Robert?) B: 25 December 1304   Elizabeth le Strange D: 3 December 1375 Familytree
Roger Corbet B: about 1330   Margaret Erdington D: abt January 1396 Familytree
Roger Corbet B: about 1150     D: about 1122 Familytree
Simon Corbet B: about 1100       Familytree
Thomas Corbet B: 25 December 1281   Amice Hussey D: 1310 Familytree
Thomas Corbet B: after 1261       Familytree
Thomas Corbet B: about 1182 M: 1218 Isabell Valletort D: 6 September 1274 Familytree
Thomas Corbet B: about 1135       Familytree
William Corbet B: about 1080   Isabel Valletort D: 1136 Familytree
CORBRED I          
CORBRED II          
CORBRED III          
Adrea Corlet B: 1620 M: about 1653 Francis Brown D: about 1655 Familytree
Henry Corlet B: 1580 M; 1603      
Ann Corleyor B: 1778   Benjamin Payne   Familytree
Ann Corliss B: 8 November 1657 M: 1 November 1677 John Robie D: 1 June 1691 Familytree
George Corliss B: about 1617 M: 26 October 1645 Joanna Davis D: 19 October 1686 Familytree
Huldah Corliss B: 18 November 1661 M: 5 November 1679 Samuel Kingsbury   Familytree
Thomas Corliss          
Cormac Caech          
Grietje Cornelisse B: about 1642 M: 1660 Jan (Willemsen) de Dutcher D: 1681 Familytree
George Cornwall B: about 1536   Joan   Familytree
Sarah Cornwall B: October 1647 M: 16 October 1675 Daniel Hubbard   Familytree
William Cornwall B: 4 October 1562 M: 36 September 1592 Margery Haywarde   Familytree
William Cornwall B: 25 MAY 1609 M: 1639 Mary D: 21 February 1609 Familytree
Mary Cornish B: 4 August 1654 M: 1676 Samuel Sturtevant D: 4 August 1714  
Grace Corwithin B: 1617   Zacheus Curtis   Familytree
David Corwithin     Grace D: 1665  
Hugh Cotton     Isabel Heaton    
Margery Cotton B: about 1335 M: 1363 Hugh de Venables III D: after 1398 Familytree
(Rowland Cotton?) B: about 1550 M: 16 August 1582 Mary Hurlbert D: 1604  
Hannah Couch B: about 1699 M: 4 November 1724 Samuel Osborn D: 30 August 1774 Familytree
Simon Couch     Abigail Sturges   Familytree
Simon Couch     Mary Andrews    
John Coxen          
Mary Coxen B: 20 April 1586 M: abt October 1606 Thomas Robie D: abt April 1641 Familytree
Margaret Craddock     John Fish    
Jasper Crane B: about 1575        
Margery Crane B: about 1595 M: about 1625 Richard Parke D: 1656 Familytree
Wevia de Crepon B: about 936   Thorold de Pont-Audemer D: 26 May 1037 Familytree
Creusa, of Troy     Aeneas, King of Latium D: 1181AD Familytree
Crinan, The Thane B: about 976 M: 1008 Bethoc (Beatrix) D: 1045) Familytree
Crydon ap Dyfnarth          
Angela Cummings   M: about 1535 John Fosten    
Cunedda ap Edeym          
Cunedda ap Henwyn       D: about 772BC Familytree
Cunobelinus ap Tasciovanus       D: before 43AD Familytree
Feliz Cuntz (Kunz?) B: 14 December 1592 M: 16 September 1619 Cly Verena Fenner    
Aaron Currier B: 2 January 1717 M: 15 December 1736 Electa Wells D: before 1797 Familytree
James Currier B: about 1590        
Mary Currier B: 6 April 1757 M: 1773 Enos Ferrin D: about 1787 Familytree
(Cpt) Richard Currier B: 12 April 1673 M: 29 August 1695 Dorothy Barnard D: 8 February 1748 Familytree
Richard Currier B: 3 May 1616 M: about 1640 Ann D: 22 February 1687 Familytree
Thomas Currier B: 8 March 1646 M: 9 December 1668 Mary Osgood D: 27 September 1712 Familytree
Israel Curtis B: 3 April 1644 M: about 1665 Abiah Hubbell D: 28 October 1704 Familytree
James Curtis B: 12 December 1712 M: 1 October 1731 Mary Bushwell   Familytree
James Curtis B: 15 December 1681 M: about 1711 Elnora Jafford   Familytree
John Curtis B: 26 February 1611 M: about 1640 Elizabeth Welles D: 17 September 1707 Familytree
Lyman Curtis B: 21 January 1812 M: 16 July 1834 Charlotte Alvord D: 3 August 1898 Familytree
Moses Curtis B: 21 February 1747 M: 20 October 1770 Mary Mecham D: 1815 Familytree
Nahum Curtis B: 7 July 1784 M: 29 October 1809 Millicent Waite D: 11 March 1846 Familytree
Rebecca Curtis B: 28 July 1705   Elisha Stoddard D: 1777 Familytree
Stephen Curtis B: 24 August 1673 M: 2 November 1699 Sarah Miner D: 1 June 1723 Familytree
Zacheus Curtis B: 4 December 1653 M: 4 December 1673 Mary Blake D: 17 July 1712 Familytree
Zacheus Curtis B: 1615   Grace Corwithin D: 7 December 1682 Familytree
Cuthwine (Cutha) B: about 565        
John Cutler     Mary D: Feburary 1638  
Hannah Cutler     Onesiphorus Marsh D: 17 March 1686 Familytree
Margaret Cutt B: 1650 M: 8 December 1668 William Vaughan D: 22 January 1690 Familytree
Richard Cutt B: 1615   Elenor Lender D: 1676 Familytree
John Cutts B: 1562 M: about 1610 Bridget Baker D: 1625 Familytree
John Cutts B: about 1520   Joanne Kelke D: 21 May 1575 Familytree
Richard Cutts B: c1500     D: about 1570  
Cyllin ap Caradoc D: about 40AD   Dareara    
Cynan ab Iago D: about 1014   Ragnailt ingen Amlaib D: 1039 Familytree
Cynan ap Brochwel Ysgithrog D: about 545       Familytree
Cynan Dindaethwy ap Rhodri       D: 816AD Familytree
Cyndeyrn ap Gwrtheyrn         Familytree
Cyngen ap Dyfnwal          
Cyngen ap Mawn          
Cynric B: about 500AD     D: 560AD Familytree
Jane Dabinott B: about 1573 M: 10 July 1589 Henry Penny D: 29 October 1637  
Juliatha Daborne B: about 1653   Walter Carre   Familytree
Thomas Daborne     Jane D: about 1684  
Dagobert, Duke of the East Franks B: about 230AD     D: 317AD  
Dagobert I, The Great B: about 602AD M: about 632AD   D: 19 January 639AD  
Dagobert (II), Duke of East Franks B: about 300AD     D: 379AD  
Daire Dorn Mor mac Cairpre          
Abraham Dellaware Dale B: 3 June 1693 M: 1714 Winnefred Southern D: 4 October 1740 Familytree
Isaac M. Dale B: 17 June 1751 M: 18 January 1801 Margaret Frazier D: July 1820 Familytree
Nicholas Dale B: 1604   Sarah Keyes D: 18 February 1647  
Reuben Dale B: 21 September 1720 M: 1745 Hannah Phillips D: January 1768 Familytree
Reuben Dale B: about 1650   Elizabeth Simmonds D: 1692 Familytree
Rosanna Dale B: 11 August 1806 M: 1 Feburary 1821 Robert A. Handy D: 10 July 1849 Familytree
Thomas Dellaware Dale B: about 1624   Judith D: about 1664 Familytree
Joan de Dammertien   M: 1237 Ferdinand III King of Castile D: about 1279 Familytree
Robert Danbie B: about 1458        
Elizabeth Danby B: about 1478   John Dickinson   Familytree
Dardanus (Darda)     Batea (Bates)    
Alison Dauncy B: 1429   Thomas Denton D: 1453 Familytree
Alice Davenport B: about 1500 M: 1525 George Beeston D: 9 April 1591 Familytree
Hugh Davenport B: about 1429   Joan Wooten D: 1482 Familytree
Hugh Davenport B: about 1348   Joan Wooten D: 23 August 1415 Familytree
Thomas Davenport B: 1497 M: 25 May 1515 Elizabeth Fitton D: 1546 Familytree
Thomas Davenport B: about 1470   Katherine Radcliffe D: after 1525 Familytree
Thomas Davenport B: 1451   Margery Mainwaring D: about 1517 Familytree
Thomas Davenport B: about 1403   Margery Mainwaring D: after 1443 Familytree
David I, The Saint B: 1080 M: 1113 Matilda of Northumberland D: 24 May 1153 Familytree
Alice Davis     Benjamin Tucker    
Joanna Davis B: about 1620 M: 26 October 1645 George Corliss   Familytree
Thomas Davis B: March 1602 M: 14 November 1622 Christian Coffer D: 27 July 1683 Familytree
Deag, King of Gothia          
William Dearbarne B: about 1565 M: 2 May 1594 Agnes Hay D: 1631 Familytree
William Dearbarne B: about 1540        
Godfrey Dearborn B: about 1603   Anne D: 4 February 1686 Familytree
Henry Dearborn B: about 1633 M: 10 January 1666 Elizabeth Marrian D: 18 January 1725 Familytree
John Dearborn B:10October1666 M:4November1689 Abigail Batchelder D:22November1750 Familytree
Lydia Dearborn B: 4 April 1702 M: 29 January 1730 Jeremiah Sanborn D: 30 October 1827 Familytree
Dedad Deagha mac Suin B: about 100AD     D: about 153AD  
Deheuwaint ap Endicant          
Demal mac Rothechtaid          
DENIS of Portugal B: 9 October 1261 M: 1282 Elizabeth of Aragon D: 7 January 1325 Familytree
Alice Denton B: about 1473   Nicholas Purefoy   Familytree
John Denton B: about 1453 M: about 1470 Isabell Brome D: 1497 Familytree
John Denton B: 1375   Johanne de la Launde    
Thomas Denton B: 1401 M: about 1425 Agnes Baldington   Familytree
Thomas Denton B: about 1427   Alison Dauncy D: 1453 Familytree
John Dibble B: 1559     D: September 1646  
Hepzibah Dibble B: 25 December 1642   Samuel Gibbs D: 22 February 1698 Familytree
Robert Dibble B: 1587   Frances (Goody?) D: 1666 Familytree
Thomas Dibble B: 1613 M: 1635 Miriam Grant D: 17 October 1700 Familytree
Catherine Dickinson B: 1706 M: 4 January 1727 Caleb Chapin D: 16 July 1791 Familytree
(Gabriel?) Dickinson       D: February 1570  
Henry Dickinson B: 1590   Sarah Cooper D: 1636 Hugh Dickinson
James Dickinson B: 6 July 1640 M: about 1663 Rebecca D: about July 1698 Hugh Dickinson
Hugh Dickinson B: about 1422 M: 1451 Agnes Swellington D: 1509 Hugh Dickinson
John Dickinson B: about 1564   Elizabeth D: April 1637 Familytree
John Dickinson B: about 1474   Elizabeth Danby D: 1554 Familytree
Nathaniel Dickinson B: 1 May 1663 M: about 1684 Hepzibah Gibbs D: October 1751 Familytree
Nathaniel Dickinson B: abt March 1627 M: 25 December 1662 Hannah Beardsley D: 11 October 1710 Familytree
Nathaniel Dickinson B: about 1601 M: 16 January 1630 Anna (widow Gull) D: 16 June 1676 Familytree
Richard Dickinson B: 1520 M: 1540 Elizabeth Bagnell D: 17 August 1560 Familytree
Richard Dickenson B: 1377 B: 1399 Margaret Cooper D: 1441 Familytree
Robert Dickinson B: 1563 M: 1590 Ellen Stacy D: about 1636 Familytree
Sarah Dickinson B: 25 August 1664 M: 18 April 1684 John Andrews   Familytree
Thomas Dickinson B: about 1620   Jennet D: about March 1662 Familytree
Thomas Dickinson B: 1547   (Judith Carey?) D: 1590 Familytree
Thomas Dickinson B: 1400 M: 1430 Margaret Lambert D: 1475 Familytree
Waters Dickinson B: 1530   Alice D: 9 April 1591  
William Dickinson B: 1501   Rachel Kinge D: 1590 Familytree
William Dickinson B: about 1452   Isabel Langton D: about 1546 Familytree
Adam Dietrich         Familytree
Jacob Dietrich          
Katharina Dietrich     Hans Ulrich Halter   Familytree
Ulj Dietrich         Familytree
Ulrich Dietrich         Familytree
Digueillus, King of Britain B: about 300BC   Anna (Antonia) D: about 225BC  
Dingad ap Anyn B: about 280BC        
Diocles, King of Sicamber       D: 299BC  
Anna Dircks     Volkert M. Seylemaecker    
Abigail (Dix?)     (Elijah?) Griswold    
Margaret Dix B: about 1610 M: 1636 John Train (Traine)   Familytree
Mary Dixon B: 1749 M: 16 October 1776 John Slawson    
Ann Dodge B: about 1660 M: 11 November 1686 John Rathbun (Rathbone) D: about 1725 Familytree
(Isaac?) Dodge B: about 2574        
(John?) Dodge B: about 1590 M: about 1611      
(Oliver?) Dodge B: about 1531        
Tristram Dodge B: about 1620 M: before 1644 Anne Mansfield D: about 1683 Familytree
Amy Doggett B: about 1597 M: 22 May 1619 John Eddy D: 20 August 1683 Familytree
Hannah Doggett B: 26 September 1646 M: 23 June 1673 Samuel Blanchard D: 25 June 1724 Familytree
John Doggett B: 1602   Hepzibah Brotherton D: 1673  
John Doggett B: about 1560   (Dorothy?)    
Thomas Doggett B: about 1602 M: 1643 Elizabeth (Humphrey?)(Foster?) D: 18 August 1692 Familytree
Domangart I, of Dalriada B: about 450AD   Fedelmia Foltchain D: about 506AD  
Domangart mac Domnaill B: about 628AD     D: about 673AD  
Domnall Brecc B: about 600AD     D: 642AD  
Donald II, King of Scotland B: about 862AD     D: about 900AD  
Joan Done B: about 1459 D: about 1477 Tochett Beeston D: about 1542 Familytree
John Done     Elizabeth Wever    
Douce de Gevaudaun B: about 1090 M: 3 Feburary 1112 Ramon Berenguer III D: about 1127 Familytree
Andrew Douglas B: before 1225     D: about 1277 Familytree
Archibald Douglas B: 16 October 1449 M: 4 March 1468 Elizabeth Boyd D: 29 November 1513 Familytree
Archibald Douglas B: before 1298   Beatrice de Lindsay D: 29 July 1333 Family Tree
Archibald Douglas B: before 1198   Margaret Crawford D: about 1238 Family Tree
Elizabeth Douglas B: 5 October 1742 M: 1 November 1763 James Webb   Family Tree
Elizabeth Douglas B: about 1489   John, 3rd Lord Hay   Family Tree
George Douglas B: 1469 M: 4 March 1468 Elizabeth Drummond D: 9 September 1513 Family Tree
George Douglas B: about 1427   Isabella Sibbald D: 12 March 1463  
George Douglas B: 1380 M: 1397 Mary Stewart D: about 1402 Familytree
James Douglas III B: about 1426 M: about 1459 Joan Stewart D: about 1493 Familytree
James Douglas II B: about 1407   Elizabeth Gifford   Familytree
James Douglas B: about 1370? M: about 1387 Elizabeth Stewart D: bef. 22 May 1441 Familytree
James Douglas B: about 1350? M: 21 November 1372 Agnes Dunbar D: about 1420 Familytree
James Douglas, of Lothian B: about 1280?   Joan D: bef. 20 April 1323 Familytree
Janet Douglas B: 7 March1415 M: befpre 1445 Thomas Erskine D: 21 February 1490 Familytree
Janet Douglas B: about 1461 M: about 1478 Patrick Hepburn D: 21 February 1489 Familytree
John Douglas B: 4 November 1701 M: 27 January 1728 Elizabeth Gusterfield D: 1742 Familytree
(Sir) John Douglas B: about 1300?   Agnes de Graham (wid. Monfode) D: before 1350 Familytree
Robert Douglass B: 1639 M: 28 September 1665 Mary Hempstead D: 15 January 1716 Family Tree
Robert Douglass B: 1588        
William Douglas B: 11 November 1666 M: about 1700 Hannah   Family Tree
William Douglass B: 9 August 1610 M: about 1636 Ann Mattle D: 26 July 1682 Family Tree
William Douglas, 2nd Earl Angus B: 24 February 1398 M: 3 December 1414 Margaret Hay of Yester D: October 1437 Family Tree
William Douglas, 1st Earl Douglas B: about 1325   Margaret Stewart D: 1 May 1384 Familytree
William the Hardy, Lord of Douglas B: 1255   Eleanor de Lovaine D: 24 January 1298 Familytree
William de Douglas, of Hermiston B: about 1250       Familytree
William Longleg, Lord of Douglas B: about 1220   Constance Battail of Fawdon D: about 1274 Familytree
William I, Lord of Douglas     Margaret of Moray D: about 1214  
Annabel Drummond B: about 1469   William Graham D: after 1492 Familytree
Annabella Drummond     Robert III, King of Scotland   Familytree
John Drummond B: about 1438 M: about 1472 Elizabeth Lindsay   Familytree
John Drummond B: about 1356   Elizabeth Sinclair D: 1428 Familytree
John Drummond B: 1318   Mary Montifex D: 1360 Familytree
John Drummond B: 1265 M: 1273 Elena Stewart D: 1301 Familytree
John Drummond, 4th of Lennox B: about 1125   Elena Stewart D: 1180 Familytree
Malcolm Drummond B: about 1420   Mariota Murray D: 1470 Familytree
Malcolm Drummond B: 1304   Amanda Graham D: 17 October 1346 Familytree
Malcolm Drummond B: about 1270 M: 1299 Margaret Graham D: 1325 Familytree
Malcolm Drummond B: about 1239   Margaret Lindsay D: 1272 Familytree
Malcolm Beg Drummond B: about 1210   Ada of Maldwin D: 1259 Familytree
Malcolm Beg Drummond     Ada of Maldwin   Familytree
Malcolm Beg Drummond B: about 1210   Ada of Maldwin D: 1259 Familytree
Malcolm de Drummond, 2nd of Lennox B: 1085     D: 1131 Familytree
Maurice Drummond, 3rd of Lennox B: about 1100     D: 1155 Familytree
Maurice Drummond, 1st of Lennox B: about 1030     D: 1092 Familytree
Walter Drummond B: about 1380   Margaret Ruthven D: 1455 Familytree
Dorothy Dudley B: about 1662 M: 26 October 1681 Moses Leavitt D: before 1730 Familytree
(Captain) Roger Dudley B:about1535to1550 M: 8 June 1575 Susanna Thorne D: about 1586  
Samuel Dudley B: 30 November 1608 M: 1651 Elizabeth Smith D: 10 February 683 Familytree
Thomas Dudley B: abt October 1576 M: 25 April 1603 Dorothy Yorke D: 31 July 1653 Familytree
David Dunbar, of Cocburn (c1001-1040)        
Margaret Dunbar         Familytree
Duncan I, The Gracious B: about 1001 M: about 1030 Aelflaed. (Sybil) D: 14 August 1040 Familytree
Gregoire Dunham B: 1382   Elizabeth Marjuge   Familytree
John Dunham, Jr. B: about 1620 M: 1641 Mary D: 6 April 1692 Familytree
(Dea) John Dunham, Sr. B: 1588 M: 17 October 1619 Susanna Kenney D: 2 March 1669 Familytree
John Dunham III B: 1498 M: 15 August 1522 Benedict Folgamsee D: 1545 Familytree
John Dunham II B: 1474 M: 1494 Jean Thorland D: 1502 Familytree
John Dunham B: 1450 M: 1471 Elizabeth Bowett D: 9 November 1524 Familytree
Mary Dunham   James Hamblin PC T3, Chart A1
Ralph Dunham B: 1526 M: 1556 Elizabeth Wentworth   Familytree
Robert Dunham B: 1430   Margaret Stafford   Familytree
Robert Dunham B: 1348       Familytree
Robert Dunham B: 1318       Familytree
Rychert Dunham B: 1294       Familytree
Thomas Dunham B: 1560   Jane Bromley   Familytree
Jonathan Duston B: 15 January 1692 M: 18 May 1714 Elizabeth Watts D: 1757 Familytree
Mehitable Duston B: 8 August 1715 M: 24 February 1737 Jonathan Marsh D: 29 September 1740 Familytree
Thomas Duston B: about 1650 M: 3 December 1677 Hannah Emerson D: about 1703 Familytree
Thomas Duston B: about 1606   Elizabeth Wheeler D: about 1662 Familytree
(Thomas?) Dustin          
Christena Dutcher B: 8 August 1703   Joshua Weyt   Familytree
Jan (Willemsen) de Dutcher B: 1642 M: 1660 Grietje Cornelisse D: 1 September 1689 Familytree
Roelof Dutcher B: 1670 M: 17 November 1700 Jannetje Bressie D: 19 January 1737 Familytree
Roelof Dutcher B: 1601 M: 18 December 1654 Leentje Martens D: 1674 Familytree
Hugh de Dutton B: 1176   Muriel le Despencer   Familytree
Hugh de Dutton B: 1152 M: 1170 Isabell de Massey   Familytree
Hugh de Dutton B: about 1128   Alice Prescott D: about 1154 Familytree
Hugh de Dutton B: about 1096 M: about 1127 Alice Pichard D: about 1130 Familytree
Margaret de Dutton B: about 1237   William de Venables   Familytree
Thomas de Dutton B: 1214 M: 1250 Philippa de Standon (Sandon) D: 1272 Familytree
William Duyonson B: about 1360        
Johannes Dyckman B: 1662 M: before 1688 Jannetje Viele D: abt June 1731 Familytree
Johannes Dyckman B: 1618 M: before 1647 Maria Bosyns D: 1672 Familytree
Joris Dyckman B: c1590   Aeltio Root    
Marijke Dyckman B: 1688 M: 1707 Lourens Knickerbocker D: 20 September 1766 Familytree
Dyfnarth ap Prydain          
DYFNWAL HEN ap Gorbonian          
Dyngad ap Tudor Trevor B: about 930   Sissely verch Seferys    
Elizabeth Eacre   M: 2 December 1562 Thomas Myles    
Eadgyth (Edith)(Matilda) B: about 1079   HENRY I, King of England D: 1 May 1118 Familytree
Eafa     (a princess of Kent)    
Eahlmund B: about 700AD   daughter of Aetherbert II D: 786AD Familytree
Ealred of Bernicia B: about 1000     D: 1038  
Margaret Eames B: July 1666 M: 21 February 1688 Joseph Adams D: May 1734 Familytree
Thomas Eames B: 1618 M: 1662 Mary Blanford D: 25 January 1680 Familytree
William Eames B: about 1600        
Eanbothu     Eithane Ollamhdha    
Henry Easton B: about 1540   Joan Cliffe    
Phillipe Easton   M: 14 September 1590 John Chapin D: after 1617 Familytree
George Eastow B: about 1567        
Mary Eastow B: abt June 1628 M: about 1646 Thomas Marston D: 13 December 1708 Familytree
William Eastow B: about 1594 M: 15 July 1623 Mary Smythe D: 23 November 1655  
EBER B: 2278BC     D: 1814BC  
Ed B: about 770AD        
John Eddy B: abt March 1597 D: 22 May 1619 Amy Doggett D: 12 October 1684 Familytree
Sarah Eddy B: 1625 M: about 1641 John Marrian D: 3 February 1710 Familytree
Thomas Eddye B: about 1525     D: about 1579  
(Rev) William Eddye B: about 1560 M: 20 November 1587 Mary Fosten D: 23 November 1616 Familytree
Edeym (Eternus)          
EDGAR I, The Peaceable B:abt 7 August 943   Ælfthryth D: 8 July 975 CHART A1
Edith Swan-neck (Ealdgyth) B: about 1040   (1)GRUFFYDD ap Llywelyn; (2) Harold II Godwinson D: after 1070 Familytree
Sarah Edmonds B: 3 March 1757 M: 20 July 1783 John Allen D: 11 September 1833 Familytree
Samuel Edmonds B: 1734   Mary Hendricks    
Edmund Crouchback B: 16 January 1245 M: 3 February 1276 Blanche de Artois D: 5 June 1296 Familytree
EDMUND I B: 922   Elgiva D: 26 May 946 Familytree
EDMUND Ironside B: about 990 M: 1015 Edith (Ealdgyth) D: 1057 CHART A1
EDMUND of Langley B:5June1341 M: 1372 Isabel of Castile D:1August1402 Familytree
Edna     Enoch    
EDWARD Athling B: about 1000AD   Agatha D: August 1057 Famiytree
EDWARD I, King of England B:18June1239 M:October1254 Eleanor of Castile D:7July1307  
EDWARD II, King of England B:25April1284 M:25January1308 Isabella of France D:21September1327 Familytree
EDWARD III, King of England B:13November1312 M:24January1328 Philippa of Hainaut D:21June1377 Familytree
EDWARD IV, King of England D:28April1442   Elizabeth Lucy D:9April1483 Familytree
EDWARD, The Elder B: about 870AD     D: 17 July 924 Chart A1
Edith Edwards     Isaac Patch   Familytree
Rice Edwards B: 1615 M: 1643 Eleanor D: 15 June 1683  
Thomas Edwards B: about 1652     D: 13 March 1733 Familytree
Egbert B: about 770 Redburg D: 839 Familytree
Einion Yrth ap Cunedda B: about 420AD     D: about 500AD  
Eleanor of Aquitaine B: about 1122   (1) LOUIS VII, King of France; (2) HENRY II, King of England D: 1204 Familytree
Eleanor of Provence (Alianore) B: about 1223 M:14January1236 HENRY III, King of England D: 25 June 1291 Familytree
Eleanor of Castile B: 1244 M:October1254 EDWARD I, King of England D:28November1290 Familytree
Elemund, King of the Gepids B: 486     D: 548  
Hugh Eliot B: 1555 M: 11 April 1577 Katherine Sare    
ELIZABETH Plantagenet B: about 1465 M: about 1480 Thomas de Lumley D:11February1503 Familytree
Daniel Elliott B: 17 August 1687 M: 3 February 1708 Sarah Provender D: 1737 Familytree
Daniel Elliott B: about 1665 B: about 1685 Hannah Cloyce D: about 1728 Familytree
Daniel Elliott B: about 1640     D: about 1690  
David Elliott B: 8 November 1799 M: 21 May 1831 Mary Cahoon D: 2 Decmeber 1855 Familytree
David Elliott B: 3 March 1744 M: 1770 Deborah Elliott D: 3 August 1793 Familytree
David Elliott B: 3 March 1716 M: 20 December 1739 Mehitable Aldrich D: 11 May 1798 Familytree
Deborah Elliott B: 1751 M: 1770 David Elliott D: 1838 Familytree
Ellen Elliott B: 16 September 1583 M: 22 July 1604 Richard Harvie D: 24 May 1584 Ellen Familytree
Harriett Louisa Elliott B: 8 August 1860 M: 14 November 1878 James Newberry Morris D: 28 January 1902 Familytree
John Elliott B: 31 May 1714 M: 2 October 1736 Deborah Aldrich D: about 1798 Familytree
Peter Elliott B: 1768 M: 3 November 1796 Phoebe Holley D: about 1855 Familytree
Peter Mack Elliott B: 5 April 1833 M: 1 February 1857 Charlotte Alvord D: 31 October 1885 Familytree
Elod B: about 850AD       The Hungarians
Elsa I          
Elsa II          
Abraham Elson B: about 1586 M: about 1610 Rebecca D: 1648 Familytree
Sarah Elson B: 17 March 1644   William Hills D: about 1676 Familytree
John Elston B: about 1650   Joan Clapp D: 1701  
Jonathan Spencer Elston B: 11 May 1755   (miss) Wilson D: 5 January 1837 Familytree
Moses Elston B: about 1780 M: about 1800 Thankful Howard D: about 1855 Familytree
Spencer Elston B: 1694 M: 1728 Mary Alston D: 11 March 1755 Familytree
Thankful Almina Elston B: 10 February 1832 M: 18 March 1847 David William Howard D: 11 May 1906 Familytree
William Elston B: about 1660 M: 12 May 1682 Elizabeth Cole D: 1727 Familytree
William Everet Elston B: 21 March 1908 M: about 1830 Permelea D: 3 June 1877 Familytree
Hugh Elyot          
Emeric de Sidgate B: about 1217        
Richard de Emeric B: about 1256       Familytree
Alexander Emerson B: about 1550   Jenette Hornsey D: about 1604 Familytree
George Emerson B: about 1510   Alice Wyatt D: about 1573 Familytree
George Emerson     Agness    
Hannah Emerson B: 23 December 1650 M: 3 December 1677 Thomas Duston D: after 1709 Familytree
John Emerson B: about 1490   Anne D: about 1540 Familytree
Lydia Emerson B: 11 August 1667 M: 16 November 1688 John Marsh D: 11 February 1720 Familytree
Michael Emerson B: 6 April 1627 M: 1 April 1657 Hannah Webster D: about 1716 Familytree
Robert Emerson B: about 1630 M: 4 January 1658 Ann Grant D: 25 June 1694 Familytree
Robert Emerson B: about 1430   Elizabeth Forster   Familytree
Robert Emerson B: 1383   Margery Robinson   Familytree
Robert Emerson B: about 1300   Kristan D: 1350 Familytree
Thomas Emerson B: about 1590 M: 10 August 1612 Margaret Froe D: December 1657 Familytree
Thomas Emerson B: about 1350   Agness Ross   Familytree
Adam Emmessone B: about 1290       Familytree
Eneid ap Cerwyd B: 170BC     D: 112BC  
ENOCH B: 3379BC   Edna D: 2948BC  
ENOS B: 3766BC   Noam D: 2861BC  
Eochaid Achaias B: about 747   Fergusa D: about 819 Familytree
Eochaid Ailtleathan mac Ailella B: about 425BC     D: about 395BC  
Eochaid Antoit mac Fiachrach B: 203AD     D: 272AD  
Eochaid Buidhe B: about 568AD     D: about 639AD  
Eochaid Cairbre Riata mac Conaire B: about 148AD     D: 186AD  
Eochaid mac Aeda B: about 747AD   Fergusa D: 819AD  
Eochaid mac Echach B: about 680     D: 733AD  
Eochu of Argyll B: about 660AD   (dau. of Entfidich) D: 698AD  
Eochaidh mac Duach     Tama Tephi   Familytree
Eochaidh, son of Angus B: about 380AD     D: 439AD Familytree
Eochaidh, son of Corbred         Familytree
Eochu ua Domnaill B: about 658AD   Spondana D: 698AD Familytree
Eogan Ottaongus mac Ailell B: 160BC   Muncha ingen Dil o Crecraighe   Familytree
Epraim     Rhea/td>   Familytree
Erca, son of Eochaidh B: 400AD     D: 474AD  
Erichthonius B: 1412BC   Astyoche Ilium D: 1368BC Familytree
Erlebert of Therouanne B: after 600       Familytree
Ermesinde de Carcassonne B: about 975AD   Ramon Borrell    
Christian Erskine     Patrick Graham   Familytree
Jean Erskine B: about 1375   John Colquhoun   Familytree
Jean (Helen) Erskine B: about 1445 B: 1462 Humphrey Colquhoun   Familytree
Margaret (Mariota) Erskine B: 1430   William de Keith   Familytree
Robert Erskine B: possibly abt 1400   Elizabeth Lindsay D: 1453 Familytree
Thomas Erskine B: before 1418 M: before 1445 Janet Douglas D: about 1492 Familytree
Thomas Erskine B: possibly abt 1380        
Eterscel Mor mac Eoghan B: about 141BC   Mess Buachalla ingen Echach D: 110BC  
Ethafind B: about 725     D: 778 Familytree
ETHELRED II, The Unready B: about 968AD   Elfreda (Aelfgifu) D: 23 April 1016 Familytree
Ethelwulf B: about 800 M: about 830 Osburgh D: 3 January 858 Familytree
Eudes I, Count of Bretagne     Orguen (Agnes) of Cornwall    
Eudes II     Anne (Emme) de Leon    
Eugene IV          
Eugene VI          
Eugene VII          
Eve B: about 4001BC   Adam    
Mary Everat   M: 21 April 1632 Christopher Osgood D: April 1633  
Hannah (Evered or Webb?) B: about 1598 M: about 1620 John Ayer D: 8 October 1688  
Cornelia Evertse B: 1629 M: 1655 Jan L. Van de Bogart    
John Eyre B: about 1500 M: about 1520 Margaret Bitton   Familytree
Robert Eyre B: about 1519 M: 1539 Jane Tourney D: 1577 Familytree
Thomas Eyre (Ayer) B: about 1550 M: 1539 Elizabeth Rogers D: 1628 Familytree
Thomas Eyre B: about 1399        
William Eyre B: about 1474 M: about 1494 Joanne Cokrell   Familytree
Eystein Glumra B: about 830AD       Familytree
Edward Fabian          
Jane Fabian B: about 1435   John Fettiplace   Familytree
Farabert, King of the Franks B: about 122AD     D: 186AD  
John Farley B: 29 July 1506   Agnes Morthdon D: 23 August 1581  
Margaret Farley B: 1593 D: 11 OCtober 1612 George Stovall   Ancestors
Richard Farley B: 29 May 1531   Jane (Arrow?) D: September 1561 Ancestors
Richard Farley B: 29 March 1559 M" 8 November 1590 Elizabeth Aldridge D: 21 April 1621 Ancestors
Mary Farnum B: 24 March 1666 M: 29 November 1680 William Lovejoy D: 25 December 1739 Familytree
Mary Farnum B: 1628 M: 20 October 1650 Daniel Poore D: 3 February 1714 Familytree
Ralf Farnum         Familytree
Ralph Farnum B: 1633 M: 26 October 1658 Elizabeth Holt   Familytree
Ralph Farnum B: 1603 M: about 1626 Alice D: 8 January 1693 Familytree
Jonathan Farren B: about 1695 M: 10 December 1719 Sarah Wells D: 5 May 1770 Familytree
Betsy Faville B: 1780 M: about 1802 James Henry Webb D: 27 June 1808 Familytree
John Favill B: 1749 M: about 1779 Nancy Lewis D: 14 June 1817 Familytree
Thomas Favill B: about 1730   Mary    
Fearadhach mac Ailella B: about 74BC   Urlachan    
John Fearn B: about 1670   Susanna    
Febric Glas          
Fedelmid Aislingich of Dal mac Aengusa B: about 340AD     D: 405AD  
Fedelmid Ruamach mac Senchormac B: about 304AD        
Beatrix Felton B: about 1570   Thomas Colby    
Thomas Felton     Mary Gernon    
FERDINAND I The Great B: 1017   Sancha of Leon D:24June1065 Familytree
FERDINAND II, King of Leon B: 1137   Urraca of Portugal D: 22 January 1188 Familytree
FERDINAND III King of Castile B: 1199 M: 30 November 1219 (1)Beatrice of Swabia; (2) Joan de Dammertien D: 30 May 1252 Familytree
FERDINAND IV King of Castile B :6 December 1285 M: 1302 Constance of Portugal D: 7 September 1312 Familytree
Fergus, King of the Picts B: 729AD   Feredach D: 781AD  
Fergusa (c750-?)   Eochaid mac Aeda   Familytree
Fergus mac Feradaig B: about 360BC     D: 325BC Familytree
Fergus Mor mac Erca B: about 430AD     D: 501AD Familytree
Fernan Gonzalez     Sancha of Navarre    
Ebenezer Ferrin B: 4 September 1777 M: 26 November 1801 Lydia Phelps D: 9 March 1852 Familytree
Enos Ferrin B: 3 March 1749 M: 1773 Mary Currier D: 3 March 1811 Familytree
Lydia Powell Ferrin B: 8 March 1852 M: 13 September 1869 George William Washington Williams D: 15 January 1901 Familytree
Samuel Ferrin B: 12 November 1804 M: 21 January 1833 Sally Clothilda Powell D: 24 January 1890 Familytree
Zebulon Ferren B: 18 September 1727 M: 9 July 1747 Alice Tucker D: 3 December 1805 Familytree
Anne Fettiplace B: 16 July 1496 M: about 1483 Edward Purefoy D: 16 August 1567 Familytree
John Fettiplace B: about 1423   Jane Fabian   Familytree
Richard Fettiplace B: about 1460 M: about 1483 Elizabeth Bessiles D: 1511 Familytree
Thomas Fettiplace B: about 1401 M: before 1423 Beatrix Pinto D: about 1444  
Fiachadh Fearmon (Faicha)          
Fiachadh (Fiacha Labhrainne)          
Fiachra Cathmail mac Echach B: 175AD     D: 252AD  
Fiachu Fer Mara mac Aengusa B: about 400   Eithne of Scotland   Familytree
Enguerrand II de Fiennes     Isabelle de Conde    
William de Fienes     Blanche de Brienne D: 11 July 1302 Familytree
Thomas Filbrigg B: about 1545 M: about 1573 Elizabeth D: about 1621 Familytree
Finn Fiacc mac Achir B: 249AD     D: 303AD  
Conrad Fischer B: 4 March 1655 M: 31 January 1680 Anna Flach   Familytree
H. Fischer B: 16 December 1683 M: 12 May 1713 M. Beerli D: 13 December 1734 Familytree
Hans Fischer B: 10 March 1616 M: 29 January 1639 (miss) Ochssner   Familytree
L. Fischer B: about 1590 M: 5 September 1612 E. Amman    
Susanna Fischer B: 5 July 1718 M: 1 February 1751 Hans Rudolf Waeckerlig D: 3 August 1788 Familytree
Augustine Fish          
Dorcas Fish B: about 1716 M: 24 April 1740 Sylvanus Hamblin    
John Fish     Margaret Craddock    
John Fisher          
Rose Fisher B: about 1517   Richard Blois    
George Fitch B: about 1545 M: about 1574 Joan Thurgood D: about June 1605 Familytree
Roger Fitch     Margery D: about January 1559 Familytree
Sarah Fitch B: about 1650 M: about 1672 John Burr D: before 1704 Familytree
Thomas Fitch B: 24 October 1612 M: 1 November 1632 Anna Stacey D: about 1704 Familytree
Thomas Fitch B: 1590 M: 8 August 1611 Anna Reeve D: about 1633 Familytree
Thomas Fitch B: about 1465   Agnes Alger D: 21 April 1514 Familytree
Elizabeth Fitton B: about 1507 M: 25 May 1515 Thomas Davenport D: about 1577 Familytree
John Fitton B: about 1480   Elizabeth Brereton    
Margaret Fitton     Robert Downes    
Rachel Fitts (Lord) B: about 1617 M: about 1637 William Barnes D: 9 Feburary 1686 Familytree
Margery Fitz Aer B: 4 April 1314   Alan de Charlton (II) D: by 1347 Familytree
Edmund FitzAlan B: 1 May 1285 M: 1305 Alice de Warenne D: 17 November 1326 Familytree
Elizabeth FitzAlan     Robert Goushill   Familytree
John FitzAlan B: 12 September 1246 M: 1260 Isabella de Mortimer D: 18 March 1272 Familytree
John FitzAlan B: about 1223   Maud de Verdon D: 1267 Familytree
John FitzAlan B: about 1200   Isabel d'Aubigny D: about 1240 Familytree
Richard FitzAlan (II)     Elizabeth de Bohun   Familytree
Richard FitzAlan (I)     Eleanor Plantaganet   Familytree
Richard FitzAlan B: 3 February 1267 M: before 1285 Alice of Saluzzo D: 9 March 1302 Familytree
Simon FitzAlan B: 1113   Eschyna de Londonis D: 1164 Familytree
William FitzAlan B: about 1150   (miss) de Lacy D: 1210 Familytree
Alan FitzFlaad     Avelina de Hesdin   Familytree
Matilda Agnes FitzNigel B: about 1084 M: about 1108 Eustace Fitzjohn Clavering D: 1166 Familytree
Ela Fitzpatrick     William I Longspee    
Anne FitzWilliam     Anthony Cooke   Familytree
(Sir) Willima FitzWilliam     Ann Hawes   Familytree
Flaad of Dol B: 1048     D: about 1090 Familytree
Flaad Seneschal of Dol B: 1005   (1) Constance de Dol; (2) Ava de Norton D: 1064  
Anna Flach B: 26 May 1657 M: 31 January 1680 Conrad Fischer D: 6 June 1724 Familytree
Anna Flach B: 9 December 1649 M: 22 March 1670 Hans Hartman Huber D: 5 February 1691 Familytree
H. U. Flach B: about 1625 M: 6 July 1647 M. Rutschman   Familytree
Heinrich Flach B: 29 June 1617 M: 2 December 1645 Barbara Liner D: 4 April 1685 Familytree
Baldwin (Baudouin) of Flanders B: 1152   Lady de Huntington D: 1205 Familytree
David Fleming B: about 1343   Isabel de Strathecan   Familytree
James Fleming of Flanders B: about 1175     D: 1238 Familytree
Eupheme Fleming B: about 1465   Eupheme Drummond D: 1 November 1524 Familytree
Patrick Fleming B: about 1286   Joan Fraser D: abt 15 March 1370 Familytree
Malcolm Fleming     Janet Stewart   Familytree
Malcolm Fleming     Eupheme Livingston   Familytree
Malcolm Fleming B: about 1383   Elizabeth Stewart D: 24 November 1440 Familytree
Malcolm Fleming B: about 1312   Christian Fraser D: 1 September 1382 Familytree
Malcolm Fleming of Cumbernauld B: about 1231     D: 1267 Familytree
Margaret Fleming     Robert Graham   Familytree
Robert Fleming B: 1416   Janet Douglas D: 1491 Familytree
Robert Fleming B: about 1252   Joan Douglas D: 1314 Familytree
Robert Fleming of Biggar B: about 1215     D: 1281 Familytree
Robert Fleming of Biggar B: about 480   Artemia D: after 513 Familytree
Elizabeth Fletcher B: about 1580 M: about 1603 Henry Lee    
Adam Folgamsee     Kathryn Leake    
Benedict Folgamsee B: c1500 M: 15 August 1522 John Dunham III   Familytree
Folke (Filbyter) B: about 1020   Jorgrimmesdotter D: about 1100  
Folke, The Thick B: about 1078   Ingegerd of Danmark D: in 1140  
Ingevald Folkesson B: about 1038     D: after 1078 Familytree
Knut Folkesson (Folkungaatten) B: about 1124     D: in 1167 Familytree
Fornjot, The Giant B: 100BC        
Fortuna Garces, King of Pamplona B: about 860   Oria D: after 925 Familytree
Martha Fosdick     Richard Holden    
John Fosten B: 1537 M: 19 January 1562 Elizabeth Ellen Munn D: 25 September 1573 Familytree
John Fosten B: about 1511 M: about 1535 Angela Cummings D: about 1591 Familytree
John Fosten B: about 1485        
Mary Fosten B: 19 September 1568 M: 20 November 1587 William Eddye D: 18 July 1611 Familytree
Edward Foster B: 10 January 1681 M: 17 June 1708 Sarah Hubbard D: 12 October 1753 Familytree
Edward Foster B: about 1645 M: 20 June 1670 Elizabeth Harris D: 14 June 1712 Familytree
Elizabeth Humphrey (Foster?) B: 1602 M: 1643 Thomas Doggett D: 1652  
John Foster B: about 1616        
Sarah Foster B: 1 October 1710 M: 3 December 1728 John Butler   Familytree
Anne Francis   M: 22 October 1584 James Kingsbury D: April 1624  
James Francis          
Francus, King of the Franks          
Alice Frauncis B: about 1540   Thomas Tickner    
(James?) Frazier          
Margaret Frazier B: about 1780 M: 18 January 1801 Isaac Dale D: about 1807  
Freawine (Freovin)          
Edmund Freeman B: 5 October 1655 M: about 1681 Sarah Skiffe D: 18 May 1720 Familytree
Edmund Freeman B: 26 November 1620 M: 18 July 1651 Margaret Young D: abt January 1704 Familytree
Edmund Freeman B: 25 July 1596 M: 16 June 1617 Bennett Hodsell D: 21 June 1682 Ancestors
Edmund Freeman B: about 1572 M: 1 January 1591 Alice Coles D: 6 zJune 1623 Ancestors
Henry Freeman B: about 1515   Mary Wintershall    
John Freeman B: 12 June 1693 M: 20 July 1720 Deliverance Lawrence D: 22 June 1762 Familytree
John Freeman B: about 1541 M: 20 July 1720 (miss) Isham D: 22 June 1762 Familytree
Mary Freeman B: 1730 M: 10 November 1748 Jonathan Bassett   Familytree
Frithogar (Frithugar)          
Frithuwald (Bor) B: about 190AD   Beltsa    
Margaret Froe B: about 1591 M: 10 August 1612 Thomas Emerson   Familytree
Thomas Froe          
Edward Frost          
Joseph Frost B: 23 December 1680 M: 23 May 1717 Hannah Easterbrook D: 1760 Familytree
Millicent Frost B: 27 January 1733 M: about 1754 Elias Stratton D: 4 October 1795 Familytree
Samuel Frost     Hannah   Familytree
Frosti Karasson B: about 60BC        
Frotmundus Veltules Bretagne B: 960     D: 1008 Familytree
Elizabeth Frye   M: 4 October 1660 Robert Stiles   Familytree
John Frye B: abt April 1601   Ann D: 9 November 1693  
Fulk I, Count of Anjou B: about 870   Roslaie de Loches D: about 938 Familytree
Fulk II, Count of Anjou     Gerberge du Maine D: 11 November 958 Familytree
Fulk IV, of Anjou B: 1043   Gerberge du Maine D: 1109 Familytree
Fulk V, Count of Anjou B: 1089   Ermengard Maine D: 1143 Familytree
Joseph Fuller       D: possibly abt 1618  
John Fuller B: 14 December 1611 M: 1644 Elizabeth Cole D: 7 February 1698 Familytree
Joshua Fuller B: 16 April 1654 M: about 1695 Hannah Griggs D: 27 June 1752 Familytree
Ruth Fuller B: 14 November 1702 M: 18 July 1724 Ebenezer Chinery   Familytree
William Fyche B: about 1400     D: 24 April 1466  
Robert Fylbrigg B: about 1505     D: 29 June 1571  
John Fytche B: about 1437   Juliana D: 9 April 1468 Familytree
Gabhran of Argyll B: about 502AD   Ingenach D: about 560AD  
Gaodhal (Gaodhal Glas) B: about 1460BC        
Triphena Gail B: about 1771 M: 14 March 1793 Henry Hentze D: 8 October 1861  
Catharina Gallisee     Hans Jakob Ruesch    
Lydia Gamer B: 1598   Humphrey Turner D: 1673  
Garcia Inyigues King of Pamplona B: about 805AD     D: 882AD Familytree
Garcia Sanchez I B: about 919   Andregoto Galindez D:22February970  
Garcia Sanchez II B: about 981   Jimena Fernandez D: about 1000  
Garibald I     Waldrada    
Garibald II     Geila D: about 625AD  
Judith Gater abt March 1588   John Perkins Sr.   Familytree
Michael Gater     Isabel Bailey    
John of Gaunt B: 24 June 1340 M: about 1394 Katherine Roet D: 3 February 1399 Familytree
Genebald I, Duke of East Franks B: about 262AD     D: 358AD  
Genebald II, Duke of the Franks B: about 354AD     D: 419AD  
Genseric, King of the Vandals B: about 389AD     D: 25 January 477AD  
Geoffrey I, of Anjou B: about 925AD     D: 21 July 987AD Familytree
Geoffrey II, Count of Gatinais   M: about 1035 Ermengarde of Anjou D: about 1046 Familytree
Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou   M: 22 May 1128 Matilda (Maud)   Familytree
Geraint ap Greidiol B: about 200BC        
Gerold of Mayenne          
Margaret Gerard B: about 1518   John Lyman    
William Gerard          
Geroud I B: about 730   Irma D: after 779  
Gersinde II, Countess of Forcalquier     ALFONSO II, Count of Provence    
Gewar, King of Norway B: about 217        
Gewis (Giwis)          
Geza I, King of Hungary B: about 1044 M: about 1062 Sophia D: 25 April 1077 Familytree
Geza II B: about 1130 M: 1146 Euphrosyne of Kiev D: 31 May 1162 Familytree
Ghede the Heremon B: about 1720BC   Tea (Tea Tephi) D: 1683BC Familytree
Giallchadh       D: about 552BC Familytree
Giles Gibbs B: about 1595 M: 23 April 1629 Katherine Carwithe D: abt 20 May 1641  
Hepzibah Gibbs B: 12 January 1665 M: about 1684 Nathaniel Dickinson D: 26 June 1713 Familytree
Samuel Gibbs B: about 1633 M: 15 April 1664 Hepzibeth Dibble D: 8 February 1719 Familytree
Barbara Gibel B: 10 August 1634 M: 10 April 1657 Hans Jacob Sommer D: 29 January 1691 Familytree
Hans Gibel B: 17 November 1594   Anna Amman   Familytree
Hans Gibel B: about 1566   Barbel Erni   Familytree
Elias Giffard B: about 1145   Maud Fitzharding de Berkeley D: 29 September 1190 Familytree
Elias Giffard B: about 1095 M: about 1126 Berta FitzRichard D: 1159 Familytree
Elias Giffard (I) B: about 1070       Familytree
John Giffard B: about 1300   Lucy de Morteyn D: 25 January 1369 Familytree
John Giffard le Boef B: about 1267 M: about 1300 Alexandra de Gardinis D: 13 March 1328 Familytree
John Giffard le Boef, of Buckinghamshire B: about 1235     D: about 1300 Familytree
Osberne Giffard, of Brimpsfield       D: about 1086 Familytree
Osbert Giffard B: 1188   Isabel de Bokland D: about 1237 Familytree
Roger Giffard B: about 1367 M: about 1407 Isabel Stretle D: 14 April 1409 Familytree
Thomas Giffard B: 1408   Eleanor Vaux D: 1469 Familytree
(Sir) Thomas Giffard B: abt November 1339 M: about 1361 Elizabeth de Missenden D: 25 September 1394 Familytree
Edmund Gifford B: about 1350   Agnes    
Elizabeth Gifford, of Sheriffhall B: about 1392   James Douglas II D: 8 September 1456 Familytree
James Gifford B: about 1372   Beatrice D: 1421 Familytree
John Gifford B: 1431   Agnes Winslow D: 1506 Familytree
Margaret Gifford     Hugh Sargent   Familytree
Nicholas Gifford B: 1506   Agnes Master D: 1546 Familytree
Roger Gifford B: 1463   Mary Nanseglos D: 1543 Familytree
Edward Gilman B: about 1587 M: 3 June 1614 Mary Clark D: 1655 Familytree
Edward Gilman B: 5 February 1525 M: 22 June 1550 Rose Rysse D: abt 5 February 1573 Familytree
Edward Gilman B: about 1500        
Moses Gilman B: 3 July 1659   Anne Heard D: 28 October 1747 Familytree
Moses Gilman     Elizabeth Hersey    
Robert Edward Gilman B: 22 June 1555 M: 1561 Mary Hawes D: abt 6 March 1631 Familytree
Sarah Gilman B: abt January 1622 M: 16 December 1646 John Leavitt D: 26 May 1700 Familytree
Shuah Gilman B: about 1702 M: about 1720 Abner Thurston D: after 1742 Familytree
Gisulf II, Duke of Friulia B: about 570   Romilde D: 610  
Julian Glarconnet B: about 1538 M: 7 November 1570 George Grant D: 1609 Familytree
Marmaduke Glarconnet B: about 1500       Familytree
Marmaduke Glarconnet B: about 1480        
Hannah Glass B: 24 December 1651   Isaac Billington D: 15 June 1698 Familytree
James Glass B: about 1620 M: 31 October 1645 Mary Pontus D: 3 September 1652 Familytree
James Glass B: about 1589 M: 24 January 1614 Mary Cogan D: 22 February 1639  
Anne Glemham B: about 1470 M: about 1498 Henry Palgrave   Familytree
John Glemham     Eleanor Brandon    
Barbel Gnehm B: 2 July 1609 M: 1 December 1629 George Keller   Familytree
Heini Gnemm B: about 1577        
Hannah Goad     Tobias Phillips    
Mary Goddard B: about 1770   James Blout    
Elizabeth Godfrey B: 29 October 1620   John Carey D: 1 November 1680  
Godigisel, King of the Vandals     John Carey    
Lady Godiva B: about 990   Leofric III, Earl of Mercia D: 10 September 1067  
Godwin, Earl of Wessex B: about 1001   Gytha Thorkelsdottir D: 15 April 1053  
Godwulf (Gudolfr)          
Job Golbourne B: about 1746 M: 1765 Mary Perry    
Rebecca Golbourne B: about 1762 M: about 1790 George Vernon D: 22 June 1823  
Tomazine Gooche B: about 1545 M: 7 August 1575 George Benedict D: aft 1 September 1614  
Mr. Goodspeed?     Mary Bassett    
Francis Goodwin B: about 1544 M: before 1568 Katherine D: 25 June 1602 Familytree
John Goodwin (the elder) B: about 1510   Alice D: before 1563 Familytree
Margaret Goodwin B: about 1574 M: 16 July 1598 Robert Page   Familytree
William Goodwyn     Margery D: May 1531  
Gorbonian ap Camber          
Gorm The Old B: about 850   Thyri Klacksdottir D: 936  
Gor Thorrasson, the Sea King B: about 65AD        
Anselme de Gournay B: about 1155   Eve FitzRobert D: 1240 Familytree
Anselme de Gournay B: about 1192   Sibell D: 1285 Familytree
Elizabeth de Gournay B: 1265   (Sir) John ap Adams D: 1311 Familytree
Eudes de Gournay B: about 860     D: after 912  
Gerard de Gournay B: 1060   Editha de Warenne D: 1098 Familytree
Hugh de Gournay (Hugh V) B: about 1135   Julia Dammartin D: 25 October 1214 Familytree
Hugh de Gournay (Hugh IV) B: 1091   Melisende de Marla de Coucy D: 1180 Familytree
Hugh de Gournay (Hugh III) B: 1040   Basite Flaitel D: 1093 Familytree
Hugh de Gournay (Hugh II) B: about 1026     D: 1074 Familytree
Hugh de Gournay (Hugh I) B: about 986       Familytree
Hugh de Gournay (The Fortifier) B: about 906       Familytree
John de Gournay B: about 1210   Olivia Lowell D: 1290 Familytree
Renaud de Gournay B: about 936   Alberarda   Familytree
Robert de Gournay B: about 1172   Hawise de Longchamp D: 1268 Familytree
Elizabeth Goushill B: about 1402 M: about 1433 (Sir) Robert Wingfield   Familytree
Robert Goushill     Elizabeth FitzAlan    
Alan de Graham B: about 1080   Lucia of Mercia D: 1130 Familytree
Alexander Graham, of Kincardine       D: about 1420 Familytree
Alexander Graham B: about 1472   Margaret Buchanan    
Amanda Graham B: about 1299   (Sir) Malcolm Drummond D: 1358 Familytree
David Graham B: about 1295 M: October 1354 Helen de Strathearn D: after 4 April 1373 Familytree
David Graham B: 1274   Isabella of Perthshire D: June 1327 Familytree
David Graham, of Dundaff B: 1210   Annabella of Strathearn D: 27 April 1270 Familytree
David de Graham, of Dundaff B: about 1185   Agnes Noble D: 1247 Familytree
David de Graham B: about 1165   Anabel de Faunes D: 1200 Familytree
Helen Catherine Graham B: 1510   Humphrey Colquhoun   Familytree
John Graham B: 7 April 1523 M: 8 October 1548 Marion Seaton D: January 1564 Familytree
Malise Graham B: about 1407   Janet Rochford D: about 1485 Familytree
Margaret Graham B: about 1279   George Buchanan   Familytree
Margaret Graham B: 1549   George Buchanan   Familytree
Patrick Graham B: 19 Mary 1450   Isobel Erskine D: 3 March 1482 Familytree
Patrick Graham     Christian Erskine D: about 1466 Familytree
Patrick Graham B: about 1340   (1) Matilda. (2) Egidia Stewart D: 1404 Familytree
Patrick Graham B: 10 November 1382 M: before 24 August 1406 Euphemia Stewart D: 10 August 1413 Familytree
Patrick Graham     Annabella of Strathearn D: 28 April 1296 Familytree
William Graham B: about 1447 M: 25 November 1479 Annabel Drummond D: 9 September 1513 Familytree
William Graham B: about 1422   Helen Douglas (Elene) D: 1472 Familytree
William Graham     Gille Stewart D: 1424 Familytree
William de Graham B: 1145   Matilda (d'Aubigny?) D: 1200 Familytree
William de Graham     Lillian de Graham    
William Graham     Margaret Moubray   Familytree
William Graham, of Normandy B: about 1050     D: 1095  
Ann Grant B: 21 December 1637 M: 4 January 1658 Robert Emerson D: 28 July 1718 Familytree
George Grant B: 1530 M: 7 November 1570 Julian Glarconnet (Claryonette) D: 1609 Familytree
John Grant B: 6 May 1573 M: 7 July 1600 Alice Turberville    
John Grant B: 1505   Jane Belford   Familytree
John Grant     Jane Watson    
Miriam (Mary) Frances Grant B: 1614 M: 1635 Thomas Dibble D: 14 May 1681 Familytree
Thomas Grant B: about 1601 M: 21 September 1624 Jane Haburne D: 20 July 1698 Familytree
William Grant     Jane Burton    
Grasulf I of Friulia B: possibly abt 550AD        
Gratian, The Elder possibly about 320        
Benjamin Graves B: 3 March 1645 M: 21 October 1668 Mary Hoar D: 18 March 1715 Familytree
John Graves B: 1605   (Joan or Ann Bird?) D: about 1715 Familytree
John Graves B: 17 September 1581        
Ruth Graves B: 25 April 1674 M: 25 January 1700 John Webb D: 12 November 1755 Familytree
Alice Green     John Hatcher    
Anne Green B: about 1600   John Moulton D: 12 April 1668  
Bartholomew Green   M: about 1613 Elizabeth D: 1635  
(Edward?) Green B: possibly abt 1570        
Joanna Green (Grene) B: about 1535 M: about 1558 Thomas Moulton D: 1589 Familytree
Samuel Green B: about 1615 M: about 1639 Jane Banbridge D: 1 January 1702  
Sarah Green B: 7 October 1642 M: about 1666 Nathaniel Butler D: 24 November 1703 Familytree
Joan Greenwood B: possibly abt 1580   Oliver Wellington    
Adam Gregory B: about 1450 M: abpit 1469 Ada Ormeston   Familytree
Henry Gregory     Mary (Goody)   Familytree
Hugo Gregory B: 1502 M: about 1520 Maria   Familytree
John Gregory B: 16 December 1615 M: about 1636 Sarah St John D: about September 1689 Familytree
John Gregory B: 1548 M: 1579 Alice Alton D: 29 July 1637 Familytree
John Gregory B: about 1390   Maud Moton    
Nicholas Gregory         Familytree
Phoebe Gregory B: about 1654 M: 11 November 1670 John Benedict D: 11 November 1729 Familytree
Thomas Gregory B: 1520 M: 10 October 1547 Dorothy Beeston   Familytree
William Gregory B: about 1470 M: about 1499 Dorothy Parre   Familytree
Greidiol ap Dingad B: about 140BC   Mary    
Verena Greitler B: 25 October 1740 M: 5 June 1773 Hans Jakob Winkler D: 4 April 1796 Familytree
Richard Grene (Grene)     Mary    
Hans Jakob Gretler B: about 1612 M: 23 March 1647 Anna Widmer    
Jakob Gretler B: 17 September 1697 M: 13 November 1730 Anna Widmer D: 17 April 1763 Familytree
Jakob Gretler B: 29 February 1652 M: 17 October 1686 Verena Kappeler   Familytree
Eleanor Griffith B: about 1558   James Bowen   Familytree
Elizabeth Griffith B: about 1514   John Philips   Familytree
John Griffith B: 1518   Mary Margaret verch Mereydd Wynn   Familytree
William Griffith B: 1476   Jane Stradling   Familytree
Grimoalde of Aquitaine B: about 555 M: 582 Itte D: 599 Familytree
(Elijah?) Griswold B: possibly abt 1760   Abigail    
Hannah Griswold B: 6 June 1790 M: about 1808 James Henry Webb D: 16 October 1845 Familytree
Dorothea Grosslin B: about 1618 M: 14 May 1639 Leonhard Ott D: 29 April 1650  
Elizabeth Grosvenor B: about 1515 M: about 1535 Thomas Bulkeley   Familytree
Gilbert le Grosvenor B: about 1139     D: about 1199  
Ralph Grosvenor B: about 1318   Joane D: about 1356 Familytree
Randall Grosvenor B: about 1480 M: 1500 Anne Charlton D: 1560 Familytree
Randall Grosvenor B: 1452   Margaret Mainwaring D: 1 March 1522 Familytree
Raufe Grosvenor B: about 1191   Elizabeth Hampton D: about 1232 Familytree
Robert le Grosvenor B: about 1342   Joan Pulford D: 22 April 1396 Familytree
Robert Grosvenor B: about 1285   Emma Mobberly D: about 1342 Familytree
Robert Grosvenor B: about 1262   Margery D: about 1292 Familytree
Robert Grosvenor B: about 1240     D: about 1293 Familytree
Robert le Grosvenor B: about 1212   Margaret Hampton D: about 1241 Familytree
Robert Grosvenor B: about 1160   Alice   Familytree
Thomas Grosvenor B: 1415   Isabelle Pershale D: 1455 Familytree
Thomas Grosvenor B: about 1377   Joan Venables D: about 1429 Familytree
Gruffydd ap Llywelyn B: about 1011   Edith Swan-neck D: 5 August 1063 Familytree
Guinidilda B: about 850   Wilfred the Hairy    
Alice Gunton   M: about 1538 Thomas Palgrave   Familytree
Robert Gunton of Truxton B: about 1490     D: 1521 Familytree
Gwaethgar ap Bywyn B: about 755        
Gwnfyw Frych ap Cadell B: about 615        
Gwrgant ap Gwaeddgar B: about 790        
Gwriad ap Elidyr B: about 800AD   Ethyllt ferch Cynan    
Gwriawn ap Gywnnan          
Gwrtheyrn ap Rydeyrn          
Gwrwst ap Rhiwallon       D: about 735BC  
Gwylawr ap Gwynfyw          
Gytha Thorkelsdottir B: about 997   Godwin, Earl of Wessex D: about 1069 Familytree
Gywnnan ap Gwnfyw Frych          
Jane Haburne B: 10 October 1602 M: 21 September 1624 Thomas Grant   Familytree
John Haburne          
Ralph Haburne     Maud Jacles   Familytree
Philippa of Hainault B: 24 June 1311 M: 24 January 1328 Edward III, King of England D: 15 August 1369 Familytree
Halfdan the Old          
Halfdan the Violent B: about 590 M: about 611 Moalda Kinriksdatter D: about 650  
Elizabeth Hall B: about 1788 M: 26 June 1797 Jesse Handy   Familytree
Francis Hall B: about 1608   Elizabeth D: 5 March 1689 Familytree
Gilbert Hall B: about 1585        
John Hall B: 1672   Jane Rawlings D: 1756  
Hannah Hall B: 1641 M: 14 July 1674 John Blackman   Familytree
Joshua Hall B: about 1708 M: about 1732 Diana Spicer D: 28 April 1782 Familytree
Thomas Hall B: about 1745 M: 5 September 1778 Ann Wheeler D: about 1825 Familytree
Bathsheba Hallett B: about 1610   Richard Bourne D: 1670 Familytree
Andrew Hallett B: about 1590 M: about 1609 Mary D: about 1649 Familytree
Androwe Hallett     Betryx Knote   Familytree
Ann Halsey   M: 5 May 1613 Thomas Wheeler D: abt September 1659  
Anna Halter B: possibly abt 1750   George Brassel   Familytree
Hans Jakob Halter B: possibly abt 1710   Ursula Ruesch    
Hans Jacob Halter         Familytree
Hans Ulrich Halter     Katharina Dietrich   Familytree
Hans Ulrich Halter         Familytree
Jeremias Halter         Familytree
Katharina Halter   M: 1734 Ulrich Kunzler D: 24 October 1759 Familytree
Uli Halter          
Hawise Halways B: 1312   William Brome   Familytree
William Halways B: 1280 M: possibly abt 1310 Amicia le Gaunte    
Ham, son of Noah          
Abigail Hamblin B: 24 April 1685 M: 13 April 1711 Elkenah Hamblin D: 29 May 1733 Familytree
Barnabus Hamblin B: about 1739 M: 23 November 1769 Mary Bassett D: 10 May 1799 Familytree
Elkenah Hamblin B: 16 March 1685 M: 13 April 1711 Abigail Hamblin D: 1764 Familytree
Ella Ann Hamblin B: 11 June 1867 M: 14 March 1884 Warren Moroni Tenney D: 31 March 1847 Familytree
Isaiah Hamblin B: 20 June 1790 M: 30 November 1812 Daphne Haynes D: 7 October 1857 Familytree
Jacob Vernon Hamblin B: 2 April 1819 M: 11 September 1857 Sarah Priscilla Leavitt D: 31 August 1886 Familytree
James Hamblin B: about 1636 M: 20 November 1662 Mary Dunham D: 3 May 1705 Familytree
James Hamblin B: 1606 M: 1628 Anne Scott D: about 1690 Familytree
John Hamblin B: 26 June 1644 M: August 1667 Sarah Bearse D: 1718 Familytree
Sylvanus Hamblin B: 20 July 1712 M: 24 April 1740 Dorcas Fish D: before 1754 Familytree
Giles Hamelin B: 1590 M: about 1673 (miss) Ashley   Familytree
John Hamelyn B: possibly abt 1550   Amor Knowles    
Elizabeth Hampton B: about 1570 M: 12 January 1591 Valentine Rowell D: abt February 1647 Familytree
John Hampton B: about 1540   Elizabeth D: 21 August 1591 Familytree
Elizabeth Handford     Thomas Beeston    
Deborah Lee Handy B: 9 October 1954 M: 2 February 1973 Rodney Allen Morris   Familytree
Glenn Russell Handy B: 18 January 1912 M: 4 November 1942 Mildred Ella Tenney D: 31 May 1999 Familytree
James Marion Handy B: 16 March 1840 M: 22 February 1866 Sarah M. Stovall D: 21 January 1911 Familytree
Jesse Handy B: 12 May 1770 M: 26 June 1797 Elizabeth Hall D: abt October 1863 Familytree
Robert A. Handy B: 31 January 1804 M: 1 February 1821 Rosanna Dale D: 3 February 1881 Familytree
William Joseph Handy B: 8 April 1869 M: 9 June 1901 Birdie Alice Pearl Hentze D: 8 May 1933 Familytree
William Handy B: about 1750     D: about 1815 Familytree
Elizabeth Hanford B: 9 January 1666 M: about 1693 John Burr D: before 1708 Familytree
Jeffry Hanford   M: 31 March 1611 Eglin Hatherly    
Thomas Hanford   M: 22 October 1661 Mary Miles D: abt December 1693 Familytree
Wybra Hanson B: possibly abt 1600   William Pontus    
Harald I Blaatand Gormsson B: about 910   Gyrid Olafsdottir D: 1 November 986 Familytree
Harald Valdarsson B: about 568       Familytree
Haran, son of Teran B: about 2100BC        
Alice Harcourt     William Bessiles   Familytree
Richard Harcourt     Edith St Claire    
John Hardy B: about 1646 M: 2 April 1667 Mary Jackman D: 4 February 1714 Familytree
Mary Hardy B: 2 April 1671 M: 22 May 1695 Daniel Tenney D: about 1710 Familytree
Thomas Hardy B: 1605 M: about 1630 Lydia D: 4 January 1678  
Olive Harman B: 1548 M: 20 January 1570 Nicholas Atwood D: 1603 Familytree
James Harman          
Harold II Godwinson B: about 1022 M: abt January 1066 Edith Swan-neck D: 14 October 1066 Familytree
Hannah Harriman   M: 22 December 1703 Thomas Haynes D: 12 February 1761 Familytree
Leonard Harriman     Margaret    
Matthew Harriman B: 1652       Familytree
Ann Harris B: sbout 1602   Richard Vore D: 7 December 1683  
Elizabeth Harris B: about 1650 M: 20 June 1670 Edward Foster D: 7 October 1736 Familytree
John Harris B: possibly abt 1500   Anne    
Thomas Harris B: 1580   Elizabeth Hills D: about 1632 Familytree
William Harris B: 1619 D: 1641 Edith Bligh D: 17 May 1714 Familytree
William Harris B: 1536   Agnes Mason   Familytree
Benjamin Harrison B: 20 September 1645 M: 1669 Agnes Mason D: 30 January 1712 Familytree
Benjamin Harrison B: about 1600   Mary Stringer D: 1648 Familytree
Hannah Harrison B: 15 December 1678   Philip Ludwell D: 4 April 1731 Familytree
Joanna Harvey     Robert Barnard    
Mary Harvie B: 5 June 1605 M: 26 June 1630 William Beardsley D: after July 1661 Familytree
Richard Harvie B: 20 December 1582 M: 22 July 1604 Ellen Elliott D: 31 December 1616 Familytree
Vincent Harvie B: about 1553        
John Hatcher     Alice Green    
Susannah Hatcher B: about 1646 M: about 1665 Thomas Burton D: before 1736 Familytree
Thomas Hatcher     Katharine Rede   Familytree
William Hatcher B: about 1614 M: about 1633 Mary Ward D: 1680 Familytree
William Hatcher     Joane   Familytree
Eglin Hatherly B: about 1589 M: 1611 Jeffry Hanford   Familytree
Mr. Hatherly B: possibly abt 1560   Elliner Tanner    
Margery de Hatton B: 1153   Gilbert de Venables   Familytree
Waltheof de Hatton B:1072        
Wolfric de Hatton B: about 1050        
Mary Hawes B: 1561   Robert Edward Gilman D: abt March 1618  
Augustine Hawkings B: 5 November 1663 M: 1688 Susannah Carr D: 1700  
Joan Hawkins B: 1594 M: 18 May 1618 Thomas Alford D: 27 May 1636 Familytree
John Hawkins     Joan    
Juliatha Hawkins (Hawkings) B: 29 October 1689 M: 10 Novemberr 1709 John Spicer D: 1739 Familytree
Elizabeth Hawley B: 1607 M:1640 Richard Booth D: September1689  
Agnes Hay B: about 1573 M: 2 May 1594 William Dearbarne (Dearborn) D: abt August 1613  
Alice de la Hay B: about 1382   William Hay D: about 1451 Familytree
David Hay B: about 1400   Elizabeth Douglas D: 2 September 1478 Familytree
David de la Hay B: about 1382   Margaret de Keith D: 17 October 1346 Familytree
Elizabeth Hay B: about 1510 M: 10 April 1527 George Seaton III   Familytree
Gilbert de la Hay B: about 1260   Margaret de Fraser   Familytree
John Hay, 3rd Lord Hay B: about 1484   Elizabeth Douglas D: abt July 1543 Familytree
John Hay, 2nd Lord Hay B: about 1470   Elizabeth Crichton D: 9 September 1513 Familytree
John Hay, 1st Lord Hay B: about 1426   Elizabeth Cunningham D: 23 October 1508 Familytree
John de la Hay B: about 1220   Margaret de Lyne   Familytree
Nicholas de la Hay B: about 1285   Margaret 10-11 August 1332 Familytree
Ralph de la Hay B: about 1055     D: about 1098 Familytree
Robert de la Hay B: about 1165   Ethana D: 1204 Familytree
Robert de la Hay B: about 1085   Muriel de Lincoln D: about 1140 Familytree
Thomas Hay B: about 1345   Joanna Giffard D: abt July 1406 Familytree
Thomas Hay B: about 1342   Elizabeth Stewart D: 14 July 1406 Familytree
Thomas de la Hay B: 1300     D: 1335 Familytree
William Hay B: about 1375   Alice de la Hay D: 1421 Familytree
William de Hay B: about 1328   Jane Douglas D: 29 August 1392 Familytree
William de la Hay B: about 1192   Eva D: 1240 Familytree
William de la Hay B: about 1150   Eva of Pitmulin D: about 1201 Familytree
William de la Hay B: about 1100   Juliana de Soulis D: about 1170 Familytree
Daphne Haynes B: 29 August 1797 M: 30 November 1812 Isaiah Hamblin D: early 1847 Familytree
Jonathan Haynes B: 25 April 1712 M: 26 September 1734 Elizabeth Kingsbury D: 28 April 1786 Familytree
Jonathan Haynes B: about 1646 M: 1 January 1674 Sarah Moulton D: 22 Feburary 1698 Familytree
Margaret Haynes B: 3 March 1687 M: 25 November 1706 Thomas Kingsbury D: 10 Febraury 1753 Familytree
Thomas Haynes B: 23 July 1735 M: 3 November 1762 Miriam Marsh D: 26 November 1786 Familytree
Thomas Haynes B: 14 May 1680 M: 22 December 1703 Hannah Harriman D: 6 December 1771 Familytree
William Haynes B: 30 September 1769 M: about 1797 Polly Stoddard D: 1804 Familytree
Hannah Hayward B: 18 August 1680 M: about 1706 Peter Aldrich D: 1746 Familytree
Huldah Hayward B: 7 October 1636 M: 14 January 1652 Ferdinando Thayer D: 1 September 1690 Familytree
Samuel Hayward B: 4 January 1642 M: 28 November 1666 Mehitable Thompson D: 29 July 1713 Familytree
William Hayward B: 6 February 1617 M: 10 October 1633 Margery Knight D: 10 May 1659 Familytree
Margery Haywarde B: about 1561 M: 26 September 1592 William Cornwall   Familytree
Heber Glunfionn          
Heber Scut          
Lucia de Helsbury     (Sir) Pierce Thorton    
(Sir) William Helsbury          
Mary Hendricks B: 1738 M: about 1756 Samuel Edmonds    
Heiti Gorsson, The Sea King          
Helenus I, King of Sicamber       D: 338BC  
Heli I, King of Britons B: about 250BC        
HENRY I, King of England B: abt summer 1068 M: November 1100 Eadgyth (Edith)(Matilda) D: 1 December 1135 Familytree
HENRY I, King of France B: 1008 M: 19 May 1051 Anna of Kiev D: 4 August 1060 Familytree
HENRY I, King of Navarre B: 1244 M: 1269 Blanche of Artois D: 22 July 1274 Familytree
HENRY II, King of England B: 5 March 1133 M: 28 May 1153 Eleanor of Acquitaine, Ida of Norfolk D: 6 July 1189 Familytree
HENRY III, King of England B:1October1207 M:14January1236 Eleanor of Provence (Alianore) D:16November1272 Familytree
Henry of Huntingdon B: about 1114 M: 1139 Adelaide de Warenne D: 12 June 1152 Familytree
Birdie Alice Pearl Hentze B: 22 June 1884 M: 9 June 1901 William Joseph Handy D: 3 April 1842 Familytree
Charles William Eugene Hentze B: 26 January 1851 M: 27 April 1875 Amanda Howard D: 1 November 1935 Familytree
Henry Hentze B: 24 November 1759 M: 14 March 1793 Triphena Gale D: 20 November 1841  
Isaac Hentze B: 19 March 1809 M: 19 April 1832 Maria Theresa Wall D: 29 June 1864 Familytree
Henwyn ap Bleiddud B: about 830BC   Rhagaw verch Llyr B: about 772BC  
Adam Hepburn B: after 1432   Helen Home D: 1479 Familytree
Adam Hepburn     Janet Borthwick    
Jane Hepburn B: 1485   George Seaton D: about 1558 Familytree
Patrick Hepburn B: about 1452   Janet Douglas D: 18 October 1508 Familytree
Patrick Hepburn B: possibly abt 1420   Ellen Wallace D: 1483 Familytree
Herbastus de Crepon         Famillytree
Herbert I of Vermandois B: about 848   Bertha de Morvois D: 907  
Herbert IV de Vermandois B: about 1032   Adela de Ware Vexin D: about 1080  
Heribert Count of Laon B: 694   Gisele (Bertrada) D: about 747  
Heribert I     Ermengarde of Bar    
Heribert II     Liegarde of France    
Karoline Friedricke Herzfeld B: 28 January 1801 M: about 1823 Christian Bartel D: 15 April 1889 Familytree
Michael Herzfeld     Caroline Prushaw    
Sibel Hethersett   M: about 1418 John Pagrave D: abt June 1445  
Thomasin Hews B: about 1595 M: 14 May 1625 Lambert Chinery D: 2 January 1669  
Galfridus le Heyr (I) B: about 1210       Familytree
Galfridus le Heyr (II) B: about 1280       Familytree
Humphrey le Heyer B: about 1170   Galicia   Familytree
John le Heyr B: about 1325 M: 1363 Eleanor Crooke   Familytree
Nicholas le Heyer (I)     Galicia    
Simon le Heyr B: about 1364       Familytree
Hezekiah, King of Judah Baout 715BC   Hephzibah D: 687BC  
Elizabeth (Hills?) B: 1577   Thomas Harris D: 16 February 1670  
Hannah Hills B: about 1672 M: 23 May 1695 William Butler DL 17 April 1743 Familytree
Thomas Hills B: 1570 M: 16 October 1596 Jane Scarborrow   Familytree
William Hills B: 1646 M: 1666 Sarah Elson D: 1693 Familytree
William Hills B: 27 December ? M: about 1632 Phyllis Lyman D: 15 August 1683 Familytree
(William?) Hills B: about 1515 M: about 1563 Lucy Ryves D: 1594  
(Sir) Alexander de Hilton B: about 1297   Elizabeth D: 1361 Familytree
Alexander de Hilton B: before 1209   Agnes de Verli D: after 1241 Familytree
(Sir) Alexander de Hilton     Agnes   Familytree
(Capt) Mark Roger Hilton B: about 1560 M: about 1585   D: about 1605 Familytree
Rebecca Hilton B: about 1602 M: about 1620 (Governor) Thomas Roberts D:27September1673 Familytree
(Sir) Robert de Hilton B: 1 January 1400   Maud Clifford D: 11 August 1447 Familytree
(Sir) Robert Hilton B: about 1332   Eleanor Felton   Familytree
Robert de Hilton     Joan de Britton   Familytree
(Sir) Romanus de Hilton         Familytree
William Hilton B: 1516 M: about 1543 Margaret Metcalfe D: 1562 Familytree
William Hilton B: 1488 M: about 1512 Sybel Lumley D:9September1536 Familytree
William de Hilton B: 1457 M: about 1477 Margery Bowes   Familytree
(Sir) William de Hilton B: about 1427 M: about 1457 Mary Stapleton D: 20 October 1457 Familytree
(Sir) William de Hilton B: about 1367   Joan de Bidik D: 25 May 1435 Familytree
William de Hilton     Beneta Tyson D: before 1209 Familytree
(Sir) William de Hilton          
Joanna Hincksman     Charles Hoare D: 21 December 1661  
Mary Hoar B: about 1648 M: 21 October 1668 Benjamin Graves D: 5 June 1697 Familytree
John Hoar B: about 1616 M: 1645 Alice D: 2 April 1704 Familytree
Charles Hoare B: about 1586   Joanna Hincksman D: 1638 Familytree
Charles Hoare B: about 1554   Margerie D: 1636 Familytree
Thomas Hoare B: about 1534 M: about 1558 Margaret D: 31 July 1590  
(Sir) Bard Hobart     Dorothy Bell    
Richard de Hocton B: about 1150     D: after 1200 Familytree
Adam de Hoghton (Houghton) (II) B: before 1254   Agnes D: 1260 Familytree
Adam de Hoghton (Houghton) B: about 1236   Aurelia Howick D: 1290 Familytree
Adam de Hoghton (Houghton) (I) B: before 1192   Agnes D: after 1283 Familytree
Adam de Hoghton (Hocton) B: about 1175   (miss) Bussel D: after 1203 Familytree
Richard de Hoghton (Houghton) B: before 1278 M: about 1313 Sybil del Lee D: after 1345 Familytree
Eleanor Holand B: about 1372 M:7October1388 Roger de Mortimer D:23October1405 Familytree
Anna Holbrooke B: about 1629 M: about 1650 John Reynolds D: 3 July 1699 Familytree
Thomas Holbrooke     Jane Powys   Familytree
William Holbrooke     Edith    
Richard Holden     Martha Fosdick    
Sarah Holden   M: 20 December 1677 Gersham Swan   Familytree
Jane Holes B: about 1517 M: about 1540 George Benedict D: bef 18 June 1578  
Margaret Holland B: 1385   John Beaufort D: 31 December 1439 Familytree
Robert Holland B: about 1283 M: before 1309 Maud la Zouche D: 1328 Familytree
Robert Holland     Elizabeth de Samlesbury   Familytree
Thomas Holland B: 1350   Alice FitzAlan D: 25 April 1397 Familytree
Thomas Holland B: about 1314   Joan of Kent D: 28 December 1360 Familytree
Jospeh Holley B: abt May 1755 M: about 1777 Jedidah D: 17 March 1832  
Phoebe Holley B: about 1775 M: 3 November 1796 Peter Elliott D: abt May 1801 Familytree
Elizabeth Holt   M: 26 October 1658 Ralph Farnum D: 14 October 1710 Familytree
Nicholas Holt B: about 1602 M: about 1622 Elizabeth Short D: 30 January 1685  
Edward Holton B: 1570 M: 8 November 1598 Constance Adkinson   Familytree
John Holton B: about 1540 M: 24 October 1563 Annie Harvie   Familytree
John Houlton B: about 1510 M: about 1535      
Ruth Holton B: about 1648 M: 2 February 1662 Joseph Baker D: 12 July 1725 Familytree
William Holton B: 28 April 1610 M: about 1630 Mary Winche D: 12 August 1691 Familytree
Johan Holwell B: abt March 1560 M: 27 January 1582 Thomas Ballymonde    
Alexander Home B: about 1368   Janet de la Haye D: 17 August 1424 Familytree
Galfridus de Home B: about 1260     D: 1300 Familytree
Helen Home     Adam Hepburn   Familytree
John Home B: about 1320   Ana Dunbar D: 1385 Familytree
Roger de Home B: about 1295   Christian D: 1331 Familytree
Thomas Home B: about 1355   Nicola Pepdie D: 1427 Familytree
William de Home     Ada Dunbar   Familytree
William Dominus de Home B: about 1225       Familytree
Ambrose Honor          
Alice Honour   May 1637 John Prince D: 1668 Familytree
Elizabeth Hopkinson B: 5 August 1683 M: 25 February 1701 Daniel Jewett   Familytree
John Hopkinson B: 7 January 1646 M:8 June 1670 Elizabeth Pearson D: 29 May 1704 Familytree
Michael Hopkinson B: about 1610   Ann D: abt February 1649  
Magdalena Hoppler     Hans Ott    
Elsbeth Horber B: about 1632/td> M: 28 October 1656 Ulrich Nussli    
Magdalena Hoppler B: about 820     D: about 948  
Jenett Hornsey Born in 1565   Alexander Emerson D: about June 1612 Familytree
John Hornsey          
Clemence Hosmer B: about 1640 M: 20 September 1662 Jonathan Hunt D: 20 September 1695 Familytree
Stephen Hosmer B: 25 December 1570 M: 25 January 1601 Dorothy Selden D: 24 May 1633  
Thomas Hosmer B: 2 February 1603 M: 6 April 1635 Frances Bushnell D: 12 April 1687 Familytree
Katherine de Houghton B: 1310 M: 1338 Hugh de Venables II   Familytree
Margery Houghton B: 27 September 1618 M: 11 December 1632 Thomas Acres D: 5 March 1650 Familytree
Ralph Houghton B: 1587 M: 17 April 1600 Alice Rose D: 30 January 1618 Familytree
John Houlton B: about 1510 M: about 1535      
Elizabeth How     John Jewett   Familytree
(Edward?) How          
Joseph How       D: about 1651  
Amanda Ann Howard B: 6 March 1847 B: 24 December 1868 Charles William Eugene Hentze B: 10 December 1912 Familytree
David William Howard B: 4 June 1824 B: 18 March 1847 Thankful Almina Elston B: 29 November 1883 Familytree
Elizabeth Howard B: 6 June 1760 M: 12 December 1791 Jesse Stovall D: 10 May 1835 Familytree
John B. Howard B:20March1784 B:about 1812 Deborah B:7August1856 Familytree
Thankful Howard B: about 1780 M: about 1800 Moses Elston D: after 1870 Familytree
William Howard B: about 1732   Jane    
Anne Howe B: about 1626 M: 1650 John Adams D: after 1714  
Mary Howe B: possibly abt 1690 M: 23 April 1713 John Allen    
Dorothy Hoyt B: 20 July 1691 M: 5 February 1713 John Wells D: 28 April 1769 Familytree
Frances Hoyt B: about 1635 M: 27 December 1676 John Barnard D: 2 January 1721 Familytree
John Hoyt B: 12 March 1614 M: about 1633 Francis F. (Tuxbury?) D: 28 February 1688  
John Hoyt B: about 1638 M: 23 June 1659 Mary Barnes D: abt August 1691 Familytree
(Simon?) Hoyt B: possibly abt 1600 M: 4 November 1617 Jane Stoodlie    
William Hoyt     Dorothy Colby   Familytree
Hroar Halfdansson     Ogne, princess of Northumberland    
Hruodbertus of Wormsgau B: before 770   (Tiedrada?) D: after 807  
Daniel Hubbard B: 16 December 1645 M: 16 Octoberr 1675 Sarah Corwall D: 9 November 1704 Familytree
Edward Hubbard B: 1 January 1573   Margaret Dewey   Familytree
George Hubbard B: 1600 M: 1639 Elizabeth Watts D: 18 March 1684 Familytree
George Hubbard B: about 1590 M: 1627 Mary Bishop D: 23 May 1683 Familytree
Sarah Hubbard B: 10 March 1681 M: 17 June 1708 Edward Foster D: 1 March 1756 Sarah Hubbard
Abiah Hubbell     Israel Curtis    
Hans Hartman Huber B: 12 June 1641 M: 22 March 1670 Anna Flach D: 29 September 1689 Familytree
Verena Huber B: 12 September 1676 M: 1 May 1703 Jakob Bernhard D: 27 November 1757 Familytree
Wilhelm Huber B: 1606 M: 21 January 1631 Verena Roesch    
Anna Hubmann     Hans Jakob Meili    
Hugh Capet B: about 939   Adelaide of Aquitaine D: 24 October 996 Familytree
Hugh de Vermandois B: 1053   Adele de Vermandis D: 18 October 1101  
Hughes Magnus     Hedwige of Saxony D: 956AD  
Mary Hughes B: about 1710 M: about 1730 Bartholomew Stovall II D: 15 September 1785  
Mr. Hughes     Sarah    
Elizabeth Humphrey B: 1602 M: 1643 Thomas Doggett D: 1652 Familytree
Jonas Humphrey     Frances Cooley    
Hannah Hunt B: 7 June 1667 M: 19 December 1691 Ebenezer Wright D: 1729  
John Hunt B: 1611 M: about 1635 Mary Webster D: 5 April 1661  
Jonathan Hunt B: 16 September 1639 20 September 1662 Clemence Hosmer D: 29 September 1691 Jonathan Hunt
Jemima Hurlburt B: 1 August 1680 M: 29 April 1701 John Blackman D: 4 February 1757 Familytree
Richard Hurlbut B: November 1574 M: 3 May 1606 Ann Bower D: 19 September 1637  
Thomas Hurlburt III B: about 1651 M: about 1673 Mary Brown D: 1697 Familytree
Thomas Hurlbut II B: about 1630 M: about 1650 Lydia Ketcham D: 16 September 1689 Familytree
Thomas Hurlbut B: 26 March 1610   Sarah D: abt October 1671 Familytree
Elsbeth Husser B: about 1605   Rudolf Meili D: 27 January 1665  
Christopher Hussey B: about 1598 M: about 1635 Theodate Bachiler D: about March 1686 Familytree
John Hussey     Mary Wood    
Elizabeth Hutchins B: about 1636 M: 1 April 1656 Thomas Ayer D: 1710 Familytree
John Hutchins B: about 1608   Frances Alcock D: 6 February 1685  
Huw the Mighty B: about 150BC   Eitue    
Catherine Huxley   M: 8 October 1749 James Morris D: abt November 1775  
Hwala (Wala)          
Mary Hyano B: about 1625 M: abt summer 1639 Augustin Bearse   Familytree
John Hyano B: about 1595   No-pee (Mary) D: about 1680 Familytree
Sarah Hyatt B: 6 December 1689 M: 7 April 1709 James Benedict D: 9 February 1767 Familytree
Thomas Hyatt B: 28 March 1650 M: 10 November 1677 Mary St John D: abt March 1698 Familytree
Thomas Hyatt     Elizabeth Russell D: 9 September 1656  
Alice Hyde     Henry Lyman    
Hywel Dda B: about 880   Elen ferch Llywarch D: 950  
Iago ap Beli B: about 540AD     D: about 616AD  
Ida, Countess of Norfolk B: about 1150   Henry II, King of England    
Idoine de Camville     WILLIAM II Longspee    
Idwal Iwrch ap Cadwaladr          
Igor, Grand Prince of Kiev     Olga D: 945AD  
Ilus, King of Troy B: 1251BC   Eurydice D: 1279BC Familytree
Joan Inge     (Sir) Thomas ap Adams D: bef 9 July 1249 Familytree
John Inge B: about 1265 M: 1289 Alice Basset D: 1349 Familytree
Ingelgerius     Adelaide de Amboise de Gastinois    
Richard Ingersoll B: about 1562 M: 21 June 1584 Ann Langley D: about 1644 Familytree
Sarah Ingersoll B: about 1627 M: 21 June 1584 William Haynes D: 1719 Familytree
Ingild B: 672AD     D: 718AD  
George Inkersall B: about 1562 M: 21 June 1584 Alice Hankin D: about 1644 Familytree
Robert Inkertsall B: about 1520 M: abt 30 October 1561 Cecily Grante    
Inyigo Arista, King of Pamplona B: about 790     D: about 852  
Iorwerth ap Caradog B: about 1150   Alis ferch Bleddyn    
Ioworth Drwyndwn     Maret of Powys-Vadoc   Familytree
Anthony Irby B: about 1470   Alice Bountayn D: 12 June 1552 Familytree
John Irby B: before 1520   Rose Overton D: 10 April 1553 Familytree
Olive Irby B: about 1547 M: 1565 Edward Bulkeley D: abt March 1615 Familytree
Robert Irby          
Irial Faidh       D: possibly abt 1190BC  
ISAAC B: 1953BC   Rebekah D: 1772BC Familytree
Isabella of France B: 1295 M: 25 January 1308 EDWARD II, King of England D: 22 August 1358 Familytree
Isabella of Castile B: 1355 M: abt March 1372 EDMUND of Langley D: 23 November 1393  
Anna Isler B: possibly abt 1650   Heinrich Schoch    
Barbara Isler B: possibly abt 1610 M: 6 August 1633 Hans Jacob Winkler D: 19 March 1659  
Elsbeth Isler B: about 1618 M: 11 May 1641 Jorg Winkler    
Heinrich Isler B: possibly abt 1650   Anna Ruegg    
Margreth Isler   M: 26 February 1704 Hans Urech Schoch   Familytree
Iulus Ascanius         D: about 1137BC  
Ivar Halfdansson B: possibly abt 780   Eysteinsdatter    
Ivar Mor Ottangus mac Deadha B: possibly abt 780   Sinusa    
Ivo, Viscount of Cotentine B: about 1026   Emme de Bretagne   Familytree
Iyhannough B: possibly abt 1565   (daughter of Cononicus) D: before March 1623  
James Jackman B: 20 December 1611   Joanna D: 30 December 1694  
Mary Jackman B: about 1648 M: 2 April 1714 Mary Jackman   Familytree
Maud Jacles     Ralph Haburne    
JACOB B: 1892BC   Leah, Rachel D: 1745BC Familytree
Elizabeth James B: abut 1600 M: before 1623 Joseph Pell D: before 1637  
JAMES I, King of Aragon B: 1208 M: 8 September 1235 Yolande of Hungary D: 7 July 1276 Familytree
JAMES I, King of Scotland B: 10 December 1394 M: 2 February 1424 Joan Beaufort D: 21 February 1437 Familytree
James III, King of Scotland     Margaret of Denmark   Familytree
James IV, King of Scotland B: 17 March 1473   Isabel Stewart of Buchan D: 9 September 1513 Familytree
Japheth, son of Noah B: 2545BC        
JARED B: 3540BC   (Baraka?) D: 2510BC  
Jeanne de Valois B: about 1290   William III, The Good D: 7 March 1342 Familytree
Jehoram, King of Judah     Athaliah    
Jehoshaphat, King of Judah          
Elizabeth Jencks B: possibly abt 1700   John Chilson    
Henry Jenne B: abt July 1560 M: abpit 1583 Mary Smythe D: 9 February 1620 Familytree
John Jenne     Elizabeth Spring    
Abigail Jenney B: 1619   Henry Wood D: after 1690 Familytree
John Jenney B: May 1585   Sarah Carey D: 25 May 1644 Familytree
Ann Jewett B: 19 July 1723 M: 17 November 1745 William Tenney D: 1 July 1794 Familytree
(Deacon) Daniel Jewett B: 12 November 1681 25 February 1701 Elizabeth Hopkinson D: about July 1727 Familytree
John Jewett B: about 1637 M: 1681 Elizabeth How D: abt October 1708 Familytree
Jimena Fernandez B: possibly abt 970   Garcia Sanchez II    
JOAN of Acre B: 1272   Gilber de Clare D: 23 April 1307 Familytree
Joash, King of Judah     Jehoaddan    
John of Gaunt     Katherine Roet   Familytree
Hannah Johnson B: 31 March 1724 M: 29 May 1744 Moses Thurston D: possibly abt 1770 Familytree
John Johnson B: about 1609   Susannah   Familytree
John Johnson     Eleanor Ballard    
Sarah Johnson B: 18 April 1681 M: 31 March 1709 Samuel Blanchard D: 10 August 1769 Familytree
William Johnson B: 10 April 1654 M: 23 May 1678 Sarah Lovejoy D: 22 February 1706 Familytree
Zebediah Johnson B: 30 November 1702 M: abt June 1723 Hannah Robbins D: 20 November 1769 Familytree
Jokull Frostasson B: about 40BC        
Dorcas Jones B: 29 May 1659 M: 12 June 1679 Samuel Stone D: 24 September 1746 Familytree
John Jones B: 1623   (Elizabeth? or Dorcas?)    
JOSEPH B: 1764BC   Asenath    
Josiah, King of Judah b: ABOUT 649bc   Hammutal D: July-August 609BC  
Jotham, King of Judah          
Regula Jucker     Heinrich Bear    
JUDAH b: 1870BC   Tamar D: after 1670BC  
Verena Kaeller B: about 1596 M: 25 May 1617 (Mr.) Rutschman    
Hans Rudli Kapeler B: 28 May 1612 M: 22 June 1637 Barbel Wern   Familytree
Jacob Kapeler     Maria Tickelman    
Jagli Kapeler B: 11 April 1641 M: 19 November 1668 Margeth Keller   Familytree
Verena Kapeler B: 9 April 1669 M: 17 October 1686 Jakob Gretler   Familytree
Kari Fornjotsson B: about 80BC        
Adrian Kastli     Catharina (Kastli?)    
Anna Barbara Kästli     Tobias Kastli    
Anna Regina Kastli B: 9 January 1787 M: 26 September 1809 Hans Jacob Kunzler D: 9 November 1829 Familytree
Catharina Kastli     Adrian Kastli   Familytree
Johannes Kastli     Elsbeth Ruesch   Familytree
Johannes Kastli     Regina Kastli    
Katharina Kastli B: 9 December 1741   Jacob Kunzler D: 15 February 1816 Familytree
Regina Kastli     Johannes Kastli    
Tobias Kastli     Anna Barbara Kaestli    
Ursula Kastli B: 18 May 1717 B: about 1743 Anton Kunzler D: 18 February 1771 Familytree
Katharina Kehl B: possibly abt 1600 M: 1625 Anton Kunzler D: 17 April 1675  
Joanne Kelke     John Cutts D: 1590  
Ann Barbara Keller B: 18 March 1666 M: 4 May 1697 Ulrich Moergeli D: 31 December 1726 Familytree
Catharina Keller B: 1616 M: 12 March 1648 Paul Kunzler    
Felix Keller B: about 1619 M: 27 September 1642 Elisabeth Ruttschman    
George Keller B: about 1604 M: 1 December 1629 Barbel Gnehm    
Margeth Keller B: 30 June 1639 M: 19 November 1668 Jagli Kapeler   Familytree
Henry Kemball B: about 1600 M: 27 November 1628 Susanna Stone D: 1648 Familytree
(Richard?) Kemball     Elizabeth D: about 1619  
Kenneth II, King of Scotland B: about 932AD     D: 995AD  
Kenneth macAlpin (Kenneth I) B: about 810AD     D: 6 February 858  
Susanna Kenney   M: 17 October 1619 John Dunham D: abt October 1622  
Robert Kerrich B: about 1505 M: about 1535   D: 13 April 1578  
Rose Kerrich B: 13 April 1572 M: 13 May 1600 Thomas Clarke D: 19 September 1627 Rose Kerrich
William Kerrich B: about 1540 M: 1565 Margery D: 30 March 1593 Rose Kerrich
William Kerrich B: about 1480   (Margaret?) D: 1551 Rose Kerrich
William Kerrich B: 1450     D: 1504 Rose Kerrich
William Kerrich B: about 1420     D: after 1470  
Dorothea Berta Ernestine Kersten B: 9 May 1922 M: 30 October 1942 LeGrand Elliott Morris   Familytree
Joachim Kersten B: 1759 M: 1784 Christine Wittkopp D: after 1792 Familytree
Joachim Kersten B: about 1730        
Johann Kersten B: 9 July 1786 M: 24 November 1818 Wilhelmine Witt D: 22 September 1852 Familytree
Max Paul Christian Kersten B: 22 July 1893 M: 18 December 1919 Agathe Adelheid Anna Bethsold D: 15 December 1972 Familytree
Wilhelm August Karl Kersten B: 7 July 1858 M: 10 July 1886 Berta Ernestine Karoline Bartel D: 3 November 1942 Familytree
Wilhelm Kersten B: 8 August 1823 M: 12 October 1850 Wilhelmine Stenzel D: 4 August 1908 Familytree
Lydia Ketcham B: about 1630 B: about 1650 Thomas Hurlbut II D: before 1675 Familytree
Robert Keyes     Sarah D: 16 July 1647  
Sarah Keyes B: 26 May 1633 M: 8 June 1656 Samuel Buswell   Familytree
Sarah Keyes B: about 1604   Nicholas Dale    
Elizabeth Kimball (Kemball) B: abt November 1629   Thomas Straight D: 1 January 1719 Familytree
Susanna King B: about 1631   William Liscomb D: 1717  
Elizabeth Kingsbury D: 23 May 1714 M: 26 September 1734 Jonathan Haynes D: 17 September 1741 Familytree
Henry Kingsbury B: about 1610   Susannah D: 1 October 1687 Familytree
John Kingsburye B: about 1520     D: abt April 1577 Familytree
John Kingsburye B: abt 1500   Alyn D: December 1539 Familytree
James Kingsbury B: about 1562 M: 22 October 1584 Anne Francis D: abt April 1622 Familytree
James Kingsbury B: about 1546   Agnes D: abt April 1590 Familytree
Samuel Kingsbury B: about 1649 M: 5 November 1679 Huldah Corliss D: 26 September 1698 Familytree
Thomas Kingsbury B: 29 October 1681 M: 25 November 1706 Margaret Haynes D: 20 April 1751 Familytree
Thomas Kingsbury     Sarah    
Edward Kirby (Corleyor?)     Esther    
Klackharald (Harald Klak) B: about 800AD     D: 846AD  
Elizabeth Knapp B: 1593 M: 4 June 1615 Thomas Philbrick D: 9 February 1664 Familytree
Henry Knape B: 1470 M: about 1536 Jyllian    
John Knapp B: about 1536   Martha Blois D: 2 May 1604 Familytree
Robert Knappe B: about 1500 M: about 1522 Margaret Poley D: 24 September 1617 Familytree
William Knapp B: 1 January 1580 M: 27 September 1584 Elizabeth Read D: 21 April 1627 Familytree
Harman Jansz Knickerbocker B: 18 March 1648 M: 3 January 1675 Lysbeth Jansz Van de Bogart D: 2 April 1721 Familytree
Johannes Van Knickerbocker B: about 1625   Juliana Van Marnix    
Lourens Knickerbocker B: 3 May 1681 M: 1707 Marijke Dyckman D: 20 December 1763 Familytree
Maritjen Knickerbocker B: 1727 M: 24 May 1748 Ruloff White   Familytree
Margery Knight B: 1618 M: 10 October 1633 William Hayward D: 18 July 1676 Familytree
(Mary Knight?)     (James?) Haynes    
Thomas Knight B: about 1582   Margery Thayer    
Richard de Knightley          
William Knightley B: about 1582   Ann de Charlton   Familytree
Amor Knowles     John Hamelyn   Familytree
Robert Knowles B: possibly abt 1550        
Barbell Kobelt B: 27 February 1707 M: 25 November 1732 Hans Ulrich Brunner D: 17 April 1771 Familytree
Elsbeth Kobelt     Jakob Kunzler    
Hans Kobelt         Hans Kobelt
Hans Kobelt     Anna Kellenberger    
Jakob Kobelt B: 21 October 1678 M: 22 February 1710 Ursula Hofmann   Familytree
Rudolf Kobelt B: 5 March 1609 M: 1 May 1633 Anna Jucker    
Ulrich Kobelt B: 24 October 1641 M: 20 May 1661 Verena Wetlin D: 14 April 1712 Familytree
Hans Kuhn B: possbily abt 1590        
Lorenz Kuhn B: about 1610 M: 24 January 1636 Anna Messmer   Familytree
Ursula Kuhn B: abt October 1656 M: 7 January 1677 Ulrich Kunzler D: 23 May 1723 Familytree
Susanna Kundig B: 3 March 1761 M: 1 February 1785 Hans Konrad Ott D: 30 June 1795 Familytree
Anna Kunzler B: about 1572   Hans Brassel    
Anton Kunzler B: 21 December 1715 M: about 1743 Ursula Kastli D: 23 JUly 1777 Familytree
Anton Kunzler B: 6 May 1649 M: 1675 Magdalena Kunzler D: 12 March 1728 Familytree
Anton Kunzler B: 10 October 1641 M: 14 September 1669 Elsbeth Ruesch D: 20 August 1691 Familytree
Anton Kunzler B: 1631 B: 1661 Susanna Kunzler   Familytree
Anton Kunzler B: about 1599 M: 1625 Katharina Kehl D: 6 May 1672 Familytree
Barbara Kunzler B: 8 September 1705 M: October 1724 Hans George Kunzler D: 23 May 1783 Familytree
Bartholome Kunzler B: 6 May 1619 M: 1638 Barbara Tobler D: 17 November 1669 Familytree
Bartholome Kunzler B: about 1595 M: about 1614 Eva Strubi   Familytree
Catharina Kunzler B: 8 May 1713 M: 1735 Paul Brassel D: 28 October 1778 Familytree
Dorothea Kunzler B: 3 February 1752   Jakob Kunzler D: 22 March 1818 Familytree
Elsbeth Kunzler B: 21 December 1681 M: 1706 Ulrich Kunzler D: 9 July 1762 Familytree
Hans Kunzler B: about 1616 M: 1638 Guta Sonderegger D: 16 December 1664 Familytree
Hans Kunzler B: about 1540       Familytree
Hans Casper Kunzler B: 10 October 1725   Margretha Beerli D: 8 Spetember 1780 Familytree
Hans Casper Kunzler B: 1 April 1683 M: 1705 Catherina Ruesch D: 6 January 1744 Familytree
Hans George Kunzler B: 21 April 1696 M: October 1724 Barbara Kunzler D: 23 January 1767 Familytree
Hans Jacob Kunzler B: 1 November 1819 M: 6 February 1844 Maria Elizabeth Barbara Kunzler D: 12 December 1898 Familytree
Hans Jacob Kunzler B: 25 May 1783 M: 26 September 1809 Anna Regina Kastli D: 10 April 1847 Familytree
Hans Jakob Kunzler B: 2 February 1640 M: 5 April 1668 Elsbeth Sturzenegger D: 22 August 1713 Familytree
Hans Ulrich Kunzler B: 16 December 1775 M: 17 January 1804 Elsbeth Brassel D: 20 March 1850 Familytree
Jacob Kunzler B: 13 March 1851 M: 18 March 1880 Louisa Ott D: 11 February 1933 Familytree
Jacob Kunzler B: abt December 1737   Katharina Kastli D: 30 August 1796 Familytree
Jakob Kunzler B: 11 July 1743   Dorothea Kunzler D: 27 November 1788 Familytree
Jakob Kunzler B: 19 January 1681 M: 1703 Barbara Ruesch D: 1 January 1773 Familytree
Jakob Kunzler B: about 1586       Familytree
Johannes Kunzler B: about 1615 M: 1640 Elsbeth Torgler D: 11 August 1654 Familytree
Johannes Kunzler B: 22 January 1665 M: 1688 Elsbeth Ruesch D: 24 February 1707 Familytree
Jos Kunzler B: about 1420   Anna Zengler D: 1495  
Joss Kunzler B: about 1612   Barbara Rohner D: 22 March 1680 Familytree
Magdalena Kunzler B: 16 May 1652 M: 1675 Anton Kunzler D: 24 January 1729 Familytree
Maria Elizabeth Barbara Kunzler B: 24 December 1822 M: 6 February 1844 Hans Jacob Kunzler D: 3 October 1889 Familytree
Mr. Kunzler B: about 1562 M: about 1590      
Paul Kunzler B: about 1614 M: 12 March 1648 Catharina Keller D: 15 December 1671 Familytree
Paul Kunzler B: about 1480       Familytreee
Pauli Kunzler B: about 1594 M: about 1614 Barbara Zellwegger   Familytree
Susanna Kunzler B: 1630 M: 1661 Anton Kunzler D: 3 December 1692 Familytree
Tina Matilda Kunzler B: 8 February 1894 M: 9 December 1914 Eli Ray Morris D: 24 October 1988 Family Tree
Ulrich Kunzler B: abt July 1705 M: 1734 Katharina Halter D: 6 March 1776 Familytree
Ulrich Kunzler B: 21 July 1678 M: 1706 Elsbeth Kunzler D: 25 December 1755 Familytree
Ulrich Kunzler B: 16 August 1652 M: 7 January 1677 Ursula Kuhn D: 30 May 1729 Familytree
John de Lacie B: about 1192   Margaret de Quincy D: 22 July 1240 Familytree
Maude de Lacie B: 4 August 1222   Richard de Clare D: abt March 1288 Familytree
Roger de Lacie B: about 1171 M: about 1191 Maud de Clare D: 1 October 1211 Familytree
John Fitzrichard de Lacy B: about 1144 M: about 1169 Alice de Mandeville D: 11 October 1190 Familytree
Elsbeth Ladman B: about 1575 M: about 1610 Rudi Nuessli    
LAMECH B: 3127BC   (Adah?) D: 2350BC  
Laomedon, King of Troy (ruled from 1277)   Strymo D: 1233BC Familytree
John Leake          
Kathryn Leake     Adam Folgamsee    
Hannah Leavitt B: 20 March 1663 M: 25 August 1693 Joseph Estabrook D: 5 October 1728 Familytree
Jeremiah Leavitt B:10July1760 M: about 1780 Sarah Shannon D: 1806 Familytree
Jeremiah Leavitt 30May1796 6March1817 Sarah Sturtevant D:4August1846 Familytree
John Leavitt B: 1608 M: 16 December 1646 Sarah Gilman D: 20 November 1691 Familytree
Joseph Leavitt B: 23 March 1699 M: 1726 Mary Wadleigh D: 25 August 1792 Familytree
Moses Leavitt B: 12 August 1650 M: 26 October 1681 Dorothy Dudley D: 17 June 1730 Familytree
Nathaniel Leavitt B: 27 December 1727   Lydia Sanborn D: 18 February 1824 Familytree
Percival Leavitt B: 1580 M: 1607 Margaret Linkley D: 16 December 1646 Familytree
Percival Leavitt B: 1552 M: 1580 Elizabeth Rotherford D: 1625 Familytree
Percival Leavitt B: 1580 M: 1607 Margaret Linkley D: 16 December 1646 Familytree
Sarah Priscilla Leavitt B:8May1841 M:11September1857 Jacob Vernon Hamblin M:23July1927 Familytree
Hannah Ledsham B: about 1760 M: 9 July 1786 James Morris D: 4 December 1823 Familytree
Richard Ledsham B: about 1715 M: about 1740 Elizabeth D: November 1799 Familytree
(Richard) Ledsham       D: May 1787  
Ann Lee B: about 1625 M: 1643 Samuel Sturtevant   Familytree
Henry Lee B: about 1578 M: 1603 Elizabeth Fletcher D: 24 July 1647  
Mary Lee     George Huxley    
Robert Lee B: about 1600 M: about 1624 Mary Atwood D: 8 August 1663 Familytree
John Leete     Helen Burgoyne    
Phebe Leete B: about 1585 M: about 1611 George Parkhurst D: before 1644 Familytree
Robert Leete B: about 1525 M: 6 April 1573 Alice Grundy D: about 1598 Familytree
Margery Legh B: about 1407   Thomas Davenport   Familytree
Robert Legh          
Hans Leinhard B: about 1604 M: about 1629 Margretha Grob D: about 1678  
Margaretha Leinhard B: 11 December 1670 M: 19 July 1701 Margret Bollster D: 24 November 1734 Familytree
Ulrich Leinhard B: 3 February 1639 M: 15 November 1668 Margret Bollster D: 10 April 1692 Familytree
Leir of Britain (King Lear)(Llyr)       D: 810BC  
Anna Sophie Lemke B: 1778   Michael Bartel D: 15 May 1866  
Eleanor Lender     Richard Cutt    
Leofric II, Earl of Mercia B: possibly abt 850     D: before 924  
Leofric III, Earl of Mercia B: about 990AD   Lady Godiva D: 1057AD Familytree
Leofwine, Ealdorman of Mercia B: about 950AD   Alwara D: about 1023AD  
Leszek, Duke of Poland B: about 875        
Letgarda of Rouergue     Borrell II, Count of Barcelona D: about 986  
Leudwinus B: about 655AD M: about 674AD Willigarde D: 29 September 722AD Familytree
James Levett B: possibly abt 1390   Ann   Familytree
John Levett B: 1474   Agnes D: about 1526 Ancestors
Richard Levett B: 1506 M: about 1525 Constance D: February 1567 Familytree
Thomas Levett B: probably abt 1350        
William Levett B: 1448   Constanlis Wickersley D: 1501 Familytree
William Levett B: 1420   Elizabeth Syward D: 24 July 1511 Familytree
William Levett B: about 1528 M: 1553 Joan Ynglande D: 6 July 1569 Familytree
William Levett B: 1409   Martha Ade   Familytree
William Levett B: 1370   Ann D: 1409 Ancestors
Levi         Familytree
Jenna Lippensen B: 1531 M: about 1558 Arnoul le Clerc    
Maria Lewis B: possibly abt 1540   William Penny    
Nancy Lewis B: about 1758 M: about 1779 John Faville D: 24 March 1834  
Elizabeth Libby B: June 1714 M: 20 November 1734 John Smith   Familytree
Alexander Lindsay B: about 1423   Margaret Dunbar D: 1543 Familytree
Alexander Lindsay   M: about 1358 Catherine Stirling D: 1381 Familytree
David Lindsay     Marjory Ogilvie    
David Lindsay B: about 1360   Elizabeth Stewart D: 1407 Familytree
David de Lindsay     Mary Abernethy    
Elizabeth Lindsay B: about 1407   Robert Erskine   Familytree
Elizabeth Lindsay B: about 1445 M: about 1472 John Drummons D: after September 1519 Familytree
Elizabeth Lindsell   M: 1568 (Lord) John Wright    
Margaret Linkley B: about 1583 M: 1607 Percival Leavitt    
Lionel Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence B: 1338 M: 1352 Elizabeth de Burgh D: about 1368  
Elizabeth Liscomb B: about 1655 M: about 1678 Thomas Parlor D: about 1705  
William Liscomb B: 21 November 1630   Susanna King D: 1721  
Hannah Littlefield B: about 1633 M: about 1662 Peter Cloyes D: about 1680 Familytree
Edmund Littlefield B: about 1592 M: 16 October 1614 Agnes Austen D: abt December 1661 Familytree
Francis Littlefield B: 1565 M: about 1591 Mary (Hill?) D: abt October 1618  
Lleuver Mawr     Gladys verch Eurgen D: 181AD  
Llewellyn ap Iorworth B: about 1164   Tangwystl verch Llywarch D: 11 April 1240 Familytree
Llyarch, Prince of Wales     Dyddgu verch Iorwerth    
LLYR Llediaith ap Baran B: about 20AD   Penarddun    
Llywarch ap Calchwynydd          
Llywarch ap Seisyll     Angharad verch Maredudd    
Loarn Mor of Dalriada B: about 440AD        
Locrinus ap Brutus     Gwendolen    
Thomas de Londres B: about 1198   Eve de Torrington   Familytree
Ela Longspee B: about 1228 M: 1244 James de Audley D: about 1299 Familytree
William II Longspee B: about 1212   Idoine de Camville D: 8 February 1250 Familytree
William I Longspee B: about 1176   Eva Fitzgerald D: 7 March 1226 Familytree
Lorcan       D: 942  
Rachel Fitts (Lord) B: about 1607 M: about 1627 William Barnes D: 9 February 1686  
Lotharius I, The Elder B: about 466   Ingund D: 29 November 561 Familytree
Lotharius II, The Great B: about 584 M: about 612 Beretrudis D: 28 September 628 Familytree
Louis I, The Pious B: 16 April 778 M: about 794 Ermengarde D: 20 June 840 Familytree
Louis IX, King of France B: 25 April 1214 M: 27 May 1234 Margaret of Provence D: 25 August 1270 Familytree
Louis VI, King of France B: 1 December 1081 M: 1115 Adelaide de Maurienne D: 1 August 1137 Familytree
Louis VII, King of France B: 1120   Eleanor of Aquitaine D: 18 November 1180 Familytree
Louis VIII, King of France B: 5 September 1187 M: 23 May 1200 Blanche of Castile D: 8 November 1226 Familytree
Deborah Lovejoy B: 17 February 1719 M: 16 December 1740 John Phelps D: 1775 Familytree
Johannes Lovejoy B: 1460 M: 6 July 1487 Margaret Brinkhurst    
John Lovejoy B: 18 June 1622 M: 1 January 1651 Mary Osgood D: 7 November 1690 Familytree
John Lovejoy B: 16 March 1571   Cecilia Bromwell D: 9 May 1604 Familytree
Rowland Lovejoy B: 7 April 1597 M: 7 May 1620 Elizabeth Neal   Familytree
Samuel Lovejoy B: 10 April 1693 M: 23 April 1717 Hannah Stevens D: 3 December 1749 Familytree
Sarah Lovejoy B: 10 April 1654 M: 23 May 1678 William Johnson D: 22 February 1706 Familytree
Thomas Lovejoy B: 1490   Johanna Brock D: 29 March 1573 Familytree
William Lovejoy B: 21 April 1657 29 November 1680 Mary Farnum D: 15 April 1748 Familytree
William Lovejoy B: 1530   Joanna Temple D: 1577 Familytree
Elizabeth Lovell B: about 1629 M: about 1648 (Sgt) Jacob Perkins D: 12 February 1685 Familytree
Thomas Lovell B: about 1600   (Ann?)    
Elizabeth Lucy D: about 1445   EDWARD IV, King of England D: about 1490 Familytree
George Lumley B: about 1444   William Hilton   Familytree
John Lumley         Familytree
Ralph Lumley          
Sybel Lumley B: about 1485 M: about 1512 William Hilton   Familytree
Thomas de Lumley B: about 1465 M: about 1480 Elizabeth Plantagenet D: about 1487 Familytree
Elsbeth Lybensperger B:6November1625 M:10April1665 Barthli Bosshart   Familytree
Ulrich Lybensperger B:3February1601 M: about 1620 Maria Bachmann   Familytree
Henry Lyman B: 1552 M: 1575 Elizabeth Rande D: 4 May 1605 Familytree
Henry Lyman     Alice Hyde    
John Lyman B: 1516   Margaret Gerard   Familytree
Phyllis Lyman B: 11 September 1611 M: about 1632 William Hills D: 1648 Familytree
Richard Lyman B: 30 October 1580 M: 1602 Sarah Osborne D: 6 September 1642 Familytree
Madog of the Britons. (Madden) B: possibly abt 1075     D: about 1026BC  
Maelgwn Gwynedd       D: about 547  
Ursula Mafler B: about 1603 M: 1624 Caspar Brassel D: 15 November 1674  
Magor B: about 750AD        
MAHALALEEL B: 3606BC     D: 2710BC  
Hester Mahieu B: 1579 M: abt July 1603 Francis Cooke D: 18 June 1666 Familytree
Jean le Mahieu     Jennie    
Mahol (Ezra) B: about 1700BC        
Clemence Mainwaring (Bulkeley) B: about 1390 M: 1413 William Beeston   Familytree
Margery Mainwaring B: about 1450   Thomas Davenport D: about 1517 Familytree
Randal Mainwaring B: about 1342   Margery Venables D: 1456 Familytree
Richard Mainwaring   Margaret Savage Descendants
Roger Mainwaring B: about 1179     D: 1250 Familytree
Roger Mainwaring B: 1263 M: 1284 Christian de Birtles D: 1295 Familytree
William Mainwaring I B: about 1200     D: 1248 Familytree
William Mainwaring II B: about 1225     D: after 1289 Familytree
William Mainwaring III   M: 1325 Mary Davenport D: about 1338 Familytree
William Mainwaring IV   M: 1350 Elizabeth Leycester D: 1364 Familytree
Malcolm I, King of Scotland B: about 897AD     D: 954  
Malcolm II, King of Scotland B: about 954AD     D: 25 November 1034  
Malcolm III, Caenmore B: about 1031 M: 1068 Margarethe D: 13 November 1093 Familychart
Manasseh, King of Judah B: possibly abt 700   Meshullemeth D: abt 642  
Manogan ap Eneid D: about 135BC     D: 72BC  
Anne Mansfield B: about 1617   Tristram Dodge D: about 1686  
Heinrich Mantel B: about 1636   Elsbeth Mueller    
Margreth Mantel B: 28 March 1662 M: 30 November 1686 Joachim Peter D: 18 May 1722 Familytree
Maoin (Maen)          
Eulalia Marche B: about 1600 M: 23 December 1619 Henry Burt D: 19 August 1690 Familytree
(John?) Marche B: possibly abt 1500        
Richard Marche B: about 1573   Johanna Martyn   Familytree
William Marche B: about 1540     D: about 1612 Familytree
Marcomir, Duke of the Franks D: about 360AD   Frotmund D: 418AD  
Marcomir I, King of Cimmerians       D: about 411BC  
Marcomir I, King of the Franks       D: 50AD  
Marcomir IV, King of the Franks B: about 90AD M: 129AD Athildus of Brittany D: 149AD  
Marcomir, King of Sicamber       D: 169BC  
Elizabeth Marden B: 1673 M: December 1701 Nathaniel Rand D: about 1759 Familytree
John Marden B: about 1642 M: 1660 Rachel Berry D: 11 August 1698  
Margaret of Huntingdon B: about 1145 M: 1175 Humphrey de Bohun D: 1201 Familytree
Margarethe B: about 1043 M: 1068 Malcolm III, Caenmore D: 16 November 1093 Familytree
Maria de Molina   M: 1282 Sancho IV, K. of Castile    
Marie of Hungary   M: 1270 Charles II, King of Naples   Familytree
Maria of Portugal   M: 1328 ALFONSO XI, King of Castile and Leon   Familytree
Maria de Padilla B: about 1335   Pedro, the Cruel D:July1361  
Daniel Markham B: 1648 M: 3 November 1669 Elizabeth Whitmore D: 6 February 1713 Familytree
Daniel Markham B: 1588     D: 1690 Familytree
Elizabeth Markham B: 13 January 1673   John Bates   Familytree
John Markham B: 1500   Katherine Babington D: 1564  
Robert Markham B: about 1564   Anne Warburton   Familytree
Robert Markham B: 1536   Mary Leake D: 1606 Familytree
Juliana Van Marnix B: about 1629   Johannes Van Knickerbocker   Familytree
Rutger Van Marnix          
Elizabeth Marrian B: about 1644 M: 10 January 1666 Henry Dearborn D: 6 July 1716 Familytree
Isaac or John Marrian          
John Marrian B: about 1619 M: about 1641 Sarah Eddy D: 27 January 1706 Familytree
George Marsh     Elizabeth    
John Marsh B: 19 August 1663 M: 16 November 1688 Lydia Emerson D: 24 November 1734 Familytree
Jonathan Marsh B: 15 June 1700 M: 24 February 1737 Mehitable Dustin   Familytree
Miriam Marsh B: 30 June 1740 M: 3 November 1762 Thomas Haynes D: 7 July 1823 Familytree
Onesiphorus Marsh B: 1630 M: 6 February 1655 Hannah Cutler D: 15 May 1713 Familytree
Martha Marshall B: 12 February 1796 M: 1 April 1811 John Scott D: 27 February 1826  
Henry Marston B: about 1540 M: about 1575 (Margaret Soulter?) D: about 1602 Familytree
Mary Marston B: 9 September 1661 M: 1 January 1680 William Sanborn D: 11 October 1686 Familytree
Robert Marston B: about 1465 M: about 1490 Margaret D: 1514 Ancestors
Thomas Marston B: May 1617 M: about 1646 Mary Eastow D: 28 September 1690 Familytree
Thomas Marston B: about 1495 M: about 1525 Alice (Allen?) D: about 1549 Ancestors
Thomas Marston B: about 1435     D: before 1507 Familytree
Thomas Marston B: 1403 M: 1429      
Tryphena Marston B: 28 December 1663 M: 1686 Joseph Philbrick D: 1729 Familytree
William Marston B: about 1590 (1) abt 1615 (2) abt 1660 (1) Sarah Locke, (2) Sabina Page D: 30 June 1672 Familytree
Johanna Marty (Martyn)     Richard Marche D: about 1616  
Hamon de Massey B: about 1120 M: about 1140 Agathea de Theray D: 1216 Familytree
Hamon de Massey B: about 1100 M: about 1124 Eleanor Beaumont D: 1140 Familytree
Hamon de Massey     Margaret Sacie    
Isabell de Massey   B: about 1170 Hugh de Dutton   Familytree
Matuedo I Duc de Poher B: about 880AD   Hawise de Bretagne D: 952AD  
Matilda (Maud) B: about 1103 M: 22 May 1128 Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou D: 10 September 1167 Familytree
Maud (Mahalta) of Apulia B: about 1059   Ramon Berenguer II D: 1112 Familytree
Henry Meadows     Margaret Preston    
Sarah Meadows B: 1615p M: 1636 Thomas Sanford D: 14 May 1681 Familytree
Judith Meales B: about 1668   William Weyt    
Anna Meili B: about 1643 M: 10 February 1657 Hans Balhsar Nuessli D: 16 May 1694 Familytree
Hans Jakob Meili     Anna Hubmann    
Rudolf Meili B: 22 March 1601   Elsbeth Husser D: 8 May 1673 Familytree
Ulrich Meili B: 24 September 1598 M: 26 January 1630 Regula Isler   Familytree
Verena Meili B: 17 June 1628   Jacob Winkler D: 18 November 1697 Familytree
Hugh de Meinhill B: about 1303   Alice de Audley D: 2 May 1363 Familytree
Isabella Meinhill B: about 1339   Thomas Shirley D: 1393 Familytree
Grace Melburn B: about 1616   Robert Andrews D: 25 December 1700  
Mempricius ap Madog          
Menumorut, of Romania       D: about 906  
Hester Mercer B: 1 August 1602 M: about 1615 Nathaniel Batchelder D: 1630 Familytree
Jean Mercer B: about 1554 M: 18 October 1579 Jeanne le Clerc    
Merfyn Frych ap Gwriad B: about 800   Nest ferch Cadell D: 844  
John Merwin B: about 1490 M: about 1514 Isabel Bartlett D: abt November 1552 Familytree
Mary Merwin B: about 1575 M:26February1601 Robert Tinker D: after 1648 Familytree
Thomas Merwin B: about 1525 M: about 1553 Mary Margaret Smith D: 4 April 1586 Familytree
Hugh de Meschines B: 1147 M: 1169 Bertrada de Montfort D: 30 June 1181 Familytree
(Sir) Ralph le Mesnilwarin B: 1155   Amicia de Meschines D: 1179 Familytree
Roger le Mesnilwarin (II) B: 1130   Ellen   Familytree
Roger le Mesnilwarin (I) B: about 1070     D: after 1119 Familytree
William Mesnilwarin B: 1095     D: about 1140 Familytree
Anna Messmer B: 1615 M: 24 January 1636 Lorenz Kuhn    
Margaret Metcalfe B: 1520 M: about 1543 William Hilton D: 1565 Familytree
METHUSELAH B: 3314BC   (Edna?) D: 2345BC  
Meurig ap Pyll B: about 1095        
Agnes Meyer B: about 1560 M: 14 November 1591 William Birch    
Hugh de Meynell B: about 1274   Joan de la Ward D: about 1333 Familytree
Hugh de Meynell B: about 1225   Philippa le Savage D: before 1285 Familytree
William de Meynell B: about 1255     D: 1314 Familytree
William de Meynell B: about 1185     D: about 1240 Familytree
Ann Mighill B: 1618   Thomas Tenney D: abt September 1657 Familytree
O.K. Mighill B: 1592   Ellen    
Mihaly B: about 960AD   Adelajda D: about 978AD  
Mary Miles B: possibly abt 1635 M: 22 October 1661 Thomas Hanford D: 12 September 1730 Familytree
Richard Miles B: about 1598   Kathryn Elithorpe D: 7 January 1667 Familytree
Margaret Milner B: about 1596   Thomas Rowell D: about 1649  
John Miner B: 20 August 1635 M: 19 October 1658 Elizabeth Booth D: 17 September 1719 Familytree
Sarah Miner B: 19 June 1678 M: 2 November 1699 Stephen Curtis D: aftyer 1700 Familytree
Thomas Miner B: 23 April 1608 M: 23 April 1634 Grace Palmer D: 23 October 1690  
Mary Mobberley     Nicholas Leycester    
Moda B: about 170BC        
Andreas Moergeli          
Anna Moergeli B: 21 February 1786   Rudalph Burri D: 8 March 1851  
Felix Moergeli B: about 1600 M: 30 January 1631 Anna Nuessli   Familytree
George Moergeli     Anna Buechi   Familytree
Hans Jakob Moergeli B: 4 October 1638 M: 13 November 1665 Margaretha Bosshart   Familytree
Hans Ulrich Moergeli B: 6 March 1701 M: 24 January 1731 Lizabeth Jucker D: 28 April 1771 Familytree
Heinrich Moergeli B: abt June 1738 M: 21 November 1733 Anna Peter D: 30 July 1815 Familytree
Hieronymuse Moergeli B: about 1575   Fronegg Peter D: 12 February 1627 Familytree
Kathrina Moergeli B: 3 September 1673 M: 14 April 1712 Hans Ulrich Ott D: 31 January 1738 Familytree
Ulrich Moergeli B: 5 October 1645 M: 4 May 1697 Barbara Keller D: 31 May 1712 Familytree
Christian Moll     Maria Behm    
Christian Friedrich Moll B: 19 November 1800 M: 1820 Maria Charlotte Christanz D: 15 February 1864 Familytree
Christine Moll B: 1799 M: 5 Noember 1818 Gottfried Bartel D: 22 May 1887  
Dorothea Caroline Moll B: 19 December 1823 M: 19 November 1847 Johann Wilhelm Bethsold D: 26 March 1864 Familytree
Ruth Moore B: 1620 M: 1645 Henry Robie D: 5 May 1673 Familytree
William Moore B: about 1600   (Jane Blount?) D: 21 May 1671  
Eli Ray Morris B: 19 July 1892 M: 9 December 1914 Tina Matilda Kunzler D: 14 October 1980 Familytree
George Morris B: 23 August 1816 M: 23 August 1843 Hannah Maria Newberry D: 29 January 1897 Familytree
James Newberry Morris B: 3 May 1857 M: 14 November 1878 Harriett Louisa Elliott D: 21 January 1913 Familytree
James Morris B: about 1761   Hannah Ledsham D: about 1798 Familytree
James Morris B: about 1724 M: 8 October 1749 Catherine Huxley D: abt May 1798  
Joseph Morris B: 17 April 1795 M: 24 July 1815 Elizabeth Vernon D: 28 April 1861 Familytree
LeGrand Elliott Morris B: 3 November 1916 M: 30 October 1942 Dorothea Bertha Ernestine Kersten D: 14 October 2005 Familytree
Rodney Allen Morris B: 10 July 1949 M: 2 February 1973 Deborah Lee Handy   Familytree
John de Morteyn B: April 1274   Joan de Rothwell D: April 1347 Familytree
John de Morteyn     Joan Gobion D: 1296 Familytree
John le Morteyn     Constance de Merston    
Lucy de Morteyn B: about 1317 M: about 1330 John Giffard D: after March 1361 Familytree
Anne de Mortimer B:27December1390   Richard, Earl of Coinsburgh (Cambridge) D:aboutSeptember1411 Familytree
Edmund de Mortimer B:1February1351 M: about 1368 Philippa Plangagenet D:27December1381 Familytree
Roger de Mortimer B:11April1374 M:7October1388 Eleanor de Holand D:20July1398 Familytree
Suzannah Mossinden (Mossindew) B: abt October 1762 M: 6 December 1784 John Spendlove   Familytree
Maud Moton B: about 1396   John Gregory   Familytree
Robert Moton B: about 1337   Alice Basset D: 19 July 1367 Familytree
Roger Moton B: about 1366       Familytree
William Moton B: about 1354   Agnes D: 12 October 1391 Familytree
William Moton B: about 1305   Joan Inge D: 1362 Familytree
William Moton, the Elder          
John Moubray     Elene Sinclair    
Margaret Moubray     William Graham   Familytree
John Moulton B: about 1599 M: 24 September 1623 Anne Green D: about 1650 Familytree
John Moulton     (Agnes?) D: 1549  
Mary Moulton B: abt November 1626   William Sanborn D: 11 Octoberr 1686 Familytree
Mary Moulton B: about 1632   Thomas Nichols    
Robert Moulton B: 1565 M: 15 May 1595 Mary Smythe D: 11 October 1633 Familytree
Robert Moulton B: about 1475 M: before 1491 Margaret Wattes D: abt August 1535 Familytree
Sarah Moulton B: 17 December 1656 M: 1 January 1675 Jonathan Haynes D: 1731 Familytree
Thomas Moulton B: about 1513 M: about 1558 Joanna Green D: abt September 1587 Familytree
William Moulton B: about 1617 M: about 1651 Margaret Page D: 18 April 1664  
Mstislav I, Grand Prince of Kiev B: 1 June 1076 M: 1095 Christina Ingesdotter of Sweden D: 14 April 1132 Familytree
Adelheit Mueller B: 16 December 1684 M: 23 August 1717 Hans Ulrich Zuppinger D: 10 March 1754 Familytree
Hans Jacob Mueller B: 28 September 1595 M: 22 Feburary 1631 Regula Ruegg    
Hans Rudolph Mueller B: 29 June 1645 M: 9 July 1671 Barbara Jucker D: 24 September 1711 Familytree
Hans Mueller     Elsbeth Grob    
Margaret de Mulys     John Upton    
Muniadona Mayor     Sancho Garces III    
Elizabeth Ellen Munn B: about 1541 M: 19 January 1562 John Fosten D: 18 July 1611 Familytree
Stephen Munn     Bridget Saxby    
Munion (Memnon) B: about 1260BC   Troana    
MURCHAD macDiarmata meicMael na mBo     Sadb ingen MacBricc   Familytree
Adam Mure, of Rowallan          
Elizabeth Mure (Muir)   M: 1336 Robert II, King of Scotland D: before May 1355 Familytree
Richard Myles B: about 1570 M: 17 October 1597 Alys Cherry D: abt October 1628 Familytree
Thomas Myles   M: 2 December 1562 Elizabeth Eacre   Familytree
William Myles, of Much Munden          
Nahor, son of Serug D: 2152BC     D: 2004BC Familytree
Nahor, son of Terah         Familytree
Elizabeth Nash B: 10 November 1771   Orvil Perry   Familytree
William Nash B: 2 February 1741   Mary D: 31 July 1822  
Elizabeth Neal   M: 7 May 1620 Rowland Lovejoy   Familytree
Simeon Neal          
Jane Neale     Henry St. John   Familytree
Thomas Neale (II)     Goditha Throckmorton    
Thomas Neale (I)     Emlyn Cheshire    
Nectanebo, Pharaoh of Egypt B: about 380BC   Scota D: about 362BC  
Neil de St Sauveur     Helen of Normandy    
Nenuall, King of Gothia          
Nest ferch Cadell     Merfyn Frych ap Gwriad    
Anne Neville B: about 1404 M: abt October 1424 Humphrey Stafford D: 20 September 1480 Familytree
Cecily de Neville B: 3 May 1415 M: about 1424 Richard, Duke of York D: 31 May 1495 Familytree
John de Neville B: about 1328 M: 1364 Maud de Percy D: 17 October 1388 Familytree
Ralph de Neville B: about 1363 M: (c1382)(c1396) (1) Margaret de Stafford, (2) Joan de Beaufort D: 21 October 1425 Familytree
Ralph de Neville B: about 1291 M: 14 January 1326 Alice de Audley D: 5 August 1367 Familytree
Ralph de Neville B: 18 October 1262   Euphemia de Clavering D: 18 April 1331 Familytree
Roger de Neville B: about 1240 M: after 1256 Mary Tailboys D: 6 June 1271 Familytree
David Nevins B: 1714   Lois Patch D: February 1778 Familytree
Margaret Nevins B: 3 February 1752 M: 1781 Samuel Phelps   PC W2
Thomas Nevins     Margaret    
Hannah Maria Newberry B: 13 March 1823 M: 23 August 1843 George Morris D: 6 November 1893 Familytree
James Abraham Newberry B: 29 May 1791 M: 24 August 1811 Mary Smith D: 10 July 1880 Familytree
John Newberry B: about 1744 M: 1 June 1770 Jemima Benedict D: 3 January 1818 Familytree
John Newberry B: 16 August 1710 M: 26 November 1739 Zerviah Burtch D: about 1809 Familytree
John Newberry B: 28 March 1686 M: 5 April 1707 Elizabeth Stark D: 30 August 1759 Familytree
Ebenezer Nichols B: 3 August 1664 M: June 1686 Benoni Tucker D: after 1735 Familytree
Thomas Nichols B: about 1634 M: about 1655 Mary Moulton D: about 1720 Familytree
Walter Nichols          
Marie Elisabeth Niemann B: about 1772 M: 1796 Gottfried Stenzel D: 25 June 1854  
Niul     Scota    
NOAH B: 2945BC     D: 1995BC  
Arnould Noirett     Barbe du Chesne    
Jaquemyne Noirett B: about 1586 M: abt April 1615 Phillip du Trieux (Truy) D: about 1653  
No-pee B: about 1600   John Hyano    
No-took-saet B: about 1570        
Nuadhad, King of Gothia          
Adelheit Nuessli B: 22 September 1661 M: 20 April 1685 Jakob Peter   Familytree
Anna Nuessli B: 24 July 1611 M: 30 January 1631 Felix Moergeli   Familytree
Hans Balthsar Nuessli B: 14 October 1638 M: 10 February 1657 Anna Meili D: 12 June 1694 Familytree
Hans Balthsar Nuessli B: 25 January 1609 M: 30 October 1627 Margreth Winkler    
Rudi Nuessli B: about 1575 M: about 1610 Elsbeth Ladman D: 6 January 1622  
Hans Ulrich Nussli B: 2 January 1663 M: 27 zjune 1684 Anna Peter   Familytree
Maria Nussli B: about 1700   Hans Heinrich Peter   Familytree
Ulrich Nussli B: 1 May 1633 M: 28 October 1656 Elsbeth Horber    
Hannah Oaks B: 4 May 1657 M: 7 August 1672 Joseph Waite D: about 1680 Familytree
Thomas Oaks     Elizabeth D: abt September 1658  
(miss) Ochssner B: 10 November 1616 M: 29 January 1639 Hans Fischer   Familytree
(Mr) Ochssner B: about 1590 M: 23 June 1611 V. Summer    
Odard, Lord of Dutton B: about 1046 M: about 1066 (Alice?) D: about 1086 Familytree
ODIN (SCEAF)(Dan I) B: about 1020BC     D: about 999BC  
ODIN (WODEN) B: about 215AD   Frea D: about 300AD Familytree
ODO, Count of Orleans     Engletrude    
Odomar, King of the Franks          
Odomar, King of Scythia          
Alexander Ogilvie of Auchterhouse (II) B: about 1374     D: about 1470  
Alexander Ogilvie of Auchterhouse (I)     Isabel Ramsey D: about 1422  
Margaret Ogilvie   M: 1467 James Stewart D: about 1429  
Patrick Ogilvie   M: before 1413 Christian Keith D: about 1429  
Walter Ogilvie     Isabel Ramsey    
Oilialla (Eochaid I)   M: about 585BC Tama Tephi    
Lucretia Oldham   M: 10 April 1624 Jonathan Brewster D: 4 March 1679  
Ada Ormeston B: about 1450 M: about 1469 Adam Gregory   Familytree
Adae Ormeston         Familytree
David Osborn B: about 1650 M: about 1670 Abigail Pinkney D: 1679 Familytree
Eunice Osborn B: 16 February 1728 M: 11 December 1751 Daniel David Burr D: 1 December 1789 Familytree
John Osborn B: about 1645 M: about 1673 Sarah Bennett D: 15 July 1709 Familytree
Richard Osborn B: 1612 M: possibly abt 1640 Mary (widow Bedient)(widow Townsend) D: 1686  
Samuel Osborn B: 1680 M: 4 November 1724 Hannah Couch D: 2 April 1752 Familytree
Sarah Osborn B: about 1673 M: 31 July 1692 Jonathan Sturges D: 17 June 1727 Familytree
Roger Osborne B: 1561        
Sarah Osborne B: 1589 M: 1602 Richard Lyman D: January 1642  
Christopher Osgood B: about 1607 M: 21 April 1632 Mary Everat D: 1650 Familytree
Christopher Osgood B: about 1569 M: 30 October 1599 Elizabeth Brockwell D: 1611 Familytree
Mary Osgood B: 3 March 1560 M: 9 December 1668 Thomas Currier D: 2 November 1705 Familytree
Mary Osgood B: about 1633 M: 1 June 1651 John Lovejoy D: 7 November 1690 Familytree
William Osgood B: about 1609 M: about 1635 Elizabeth Cleer D: 1700 Familytree
Hans Ott     Magdalena Hoppler    
Hans Casper Ott B: 21 December 1662 M: 14 September 1680 Elsbeth Winkler   Familytree
Hans Jakob Ott B: 20 April 1787 M: 26 October 1817 Anna Peters D: 6 October 1839 Familytree
Hans Jakob Ott B: 10 May 1640 M: abt 1658 Margretha Boshard D: abt 1695 Familytree
Hans Konrad Ott B: 12 June 1757 M: 1 February 1785 Susanna Kundig D: 25 May 1832 Familytree
Hans Ulrich Ott B: 7 August 1681 M: 14 April 1712 Kathrina Moergeli D: 28 March 1749 Familytree
Heinrich Ott B: 30 September 1827 M: 16 February 1851 Anna Elizabeth Winkler D: 14 October 1864 Familytree
Jacob Ott B: 23 April 1713 M: 21 April 1750 Magdalena Schoch D: 2 December 1781 Familytree
Leonhart Ott B: 23 July 1615 M: 14 May 1639 Dorothea Grosslin D: before 1686 Familytree
Louisa Ott B: 4 November 1859 M: 18 March 1880 Jacob Kunzler D: 28 January 1944 Familytree
Joane Otter     Robert ap Rhese   Familytree
John Otter          
Otto I, Duke of Saxony     Hathui D: 30 November 912  
Cutler Overton     Olive (Olyve) Brown    
Rose Overton     John Irby D: 1579 Familytree
William Overton     Rose Pulter    
Owain ap Afallach     Emerita verch Coel of Britain    
Gwinedh Owen     Gladys 28 November 1170 Familytree
Owen, Prince of South Wales          
Elizabeth Owley     Nicholas Patch    
Alice de Oxton B: 1193   Hugh de Venables   Familytree
Ranulph de Oxton          
Padarn Beisrudd          
Henry Page     Martha D: 1587  
Margaret Page B: 1629 M: 1651 William Moulton D: 13 July 1699 Familytree
Mary Page B: 21 March 1665   Samuel Robie D: 5 September 1750 Familytree
Robert Page B: 1604 M: 8 October 1629 Lucy Ward D: 22 September 1679 Familytree
Robert Page B: about 1577 M: 16 July 1598 Margaret Goodwin D: July 1617 Familytree
Sabina Page B: about 1640 M: about 1662 William Marston D: 10 November 1689 Familytree
Thomas Page B: 1639 M: 2 February 1664 Mary Hussey D: 6 September 1686 Familytree
John Pagrave B: about 1445   Margaret Yelverton   Familytree
John Pagrave B: about 1420   Anne Sturmer   Familytree
John Pagrave     Sibel Hethersett D: after 1439  
Rebecca Palfrey     John Swan    
(Rev) Edward Palgrave B: about 1540   Ann D: December 1623 Familytree
Henry Palgrave B: about 1470 M: about 1498 Anne Glemham D: 2 October 1516 Familytree
Mary Palgrave B: about 1617 M: 1637 Roger Wellington   Familytree
Richard Palgrave B: about 1585 M: about 1615 Anna (Hooker?) D: 4 June 1656 Familytree
Thomas Palgrave B: about 1505 M: about 1538 Alice Gunton   Familytree
Grace Palmer B: 9 May 1612 M: 23 April 1634 Thomas Miner D: 12 October 1690  
Isabel Park B: 1628 M: 1648 Francis Whitmore D: 31 March 1665 Familytree
Richard Parke B: about 1602 M: about 1625 Margery Crane D: August 1665 Familytree
William Parke B: 1557 M: about 1601 Mary Manning    
Elizabeth Parker     John Stevens    
John Parker B: about 1627        
Sarah Parker B: 22 June 1653   Isaac Bull   Familytree
Christopher Parkhurst B: possibly abt 1540       Familytree
Deborah Parkhurst B: about 1619   John Smith   Familytree
George Parkhurst B: about 1588 M: about 1611 Phebe Leete D: June 1675 Familytree
George Parkhurst B: possibly abt 1500        
John Parkhurst B: about 1560   Sarah D: about 1611 Familytree
Susanna Parlour B: about 1687 M: 10 December 1713 Shubael Tomson D: 9 June 1734 Familytree
Thomas Parlor B: about 1659 M: about 1678 Elizabeth Liscomb D: about 1705  
Parovius, nobleman of Reims     (miss), princess of Thuringia    
Dorothy Parre B: about 1478 M: about 1495 William Gregory    
Isaac Patch B: 1682 M: 10 March 1709 Edith Edwards D: 12 July 1762 Familytree
Lois Patch B: 24 February 1720   David Nevins   Familytree
Nicholas Patch     Elizabeth Owley (Owsley)   Familytree
Nicholas Patch          
Thomas Patch B: 1638 M: 1670 Mary Scott D: 19 February 1722 Familytree
Benjamin Payne B: about 1758   Ann Corleyor (Kirby?)   Familytree
Benjamin Payne     Elizabeth    
Cornelius Payne B: 13 August 1800 M: 15 April 1827 Ann Blount D: 6 April 1863 Familytree
Harriet Payne B: 14 April 1833 M: 7 March 1853 Joseph William Spendlove D: 13 May 1881 Familytree
Elizabeth Pearson B: 17 October 1646 M: 8 June 1670 John Hopkinson   Familytree
Benjamin Pearson B: 6 April 1658 M: 20 January 1680 Hannah Thurston D: 16 June 1731 Familytree
(Dea) John Pearson B: 6 April 1617   Dorcas Pickard D: 22 December 1693 Familytree
John Pearson B: about 1517 M: about 1538 Catherine Oglethorpe D: 21 October 1570 Familytree
Mary Pearson B: 27 October 1671 M: 24 January 1693 James Thurston D: about 1716 Familytree
Mehitable Pearson B: 18 May 1695 M: about 1720 William Tenney D: 1 March 1749 Familytree
Nicholas Pearson B: about 1584 M: 1609 Elizabeth Brett D: 1664 Familytree
Samuel Pearson B: 29 July 1648 M: 6 December 1670 Mary Poore D: 4 December 1721 Familytree
William Pearson B: about 1541 M: 19 October 1581 Alison Bushbie D: 19 December 1587 Familytree
Elizabeth Pease     Daniel Reed    
Deliverance Peck B: about 1639 M: 26 June 1662 William Cahoon D: 9 December 1727 Familytree
Joseph Peck B: 1616   Deliverance Bosworth D: 1675  
Pedro, the Cruel B: 30 August 1334   Maria de Padilla D: 23 March 1369  
PELEG B: 2244BC     D: 2005BC  
Ann Pell B: 1635 M: 20 October 1655 Daniel Thurston D: about 1678 Familytree
Joseph Pell B: about 1598 M: 5 November 1619 Elizabeth James D: 23 Feruary 1650 Familytree
William Pell          
Christian Penn B: 2 September 1613 M: 16 July 1634 Francis Billington D: July 1684 Familytree
George Penn B: about 1571 M: about 1587 Elizabeth D: January 1632 Familytree
John Penn          
William Penn B: 1548   Margaret Rastall D: 12 March 1610 Familytree
William Penn         Familytree
Cicely Penny B: 21 February 1601 M: 9 February 1622 Samuel Chapin D: 8 February 1682 Familytree
Henry Penny B: 12 December 1571 M: 10 July 1589 Jane Dabinott D: 13 May 1630 Familytree
William Penny B: 1539   Maria Lewis    
PEPIN of Heristal B: about 635   Chalpaida D: 16 December 714  
PEPIN II, King of Itay B: April 773     D: 8 July 810 Familytree
PEPIN of Landen B: about 580     D: 21 February 640 Familytree
PEPIN The Short B: 714 M: 740 Bertrada D: 24 September 768  
PEPIN of Vermandois B: about 815     D: about 840  
Elizabeth Perkins B: about 1605   William Sargent    
(Sgt) Jacob Perkins B: 1624 M: about 1645 Elizabeth Lovell D: 29 January 1700 Familytree
John Perkins B: about 1583 M: 9 October 1608 Judith Gater D: 1654 Familytree
Henry Perkins B: 1556 M: 29 November 1579 Elizabeth Sawbridge D: 5 April 1608 Familytree
Henry Perkins B: 1484 M: about 1529 Alice D: 1547 Familytree
Mary Perkins B: 14 May 1654 M: 3 March 1673 Thomas Wells D: 26 January 1727 Familytree
Thomas Perkins B: about 1530 M: 1555 Elizabeth Kebble D: 23 March 1591 Familytree
Thomas Perkins B: 1458 M: about 1482 Alys D: 21 A;pril 1528 Familytree
William Perkins B: 1430 M: about 1455 Joanna Read D: after 1495  
Mary Perry   M: 1765 Job Golborn    
Orvil Perry B: pobbibly abt 1770   Elizabeth Nash    
Pamela Perry B: 25 October 1789 M: 3 May 1804 John E. Allen 27 July 1861 Familytree
Anna Peter B:12March1749 M:21November1733 Heinrich Morgeli D:30May1824 Familytree
Fronegg Peter B: about 1577   Hieronymuse Moergeli    
Anna Peters B: 8 October 1794 M: 26 October 1817 Hans Jakob Ott D: 1866 Familytree
Hans Heinrich Peters B: 15 July 1725 M: 26 November 1748 Anna Barbara Zuppinger   Familytree
Heinrich Peters B: 8 March 1761 M: 9 July 1781 Elsbetha Waeckerlig   Familytree
Heinrich Peters B: 6 August 1695 M: 10 OCtober 1724 Anna Barbara Brunner D: 1 July 1760 Familytree
Jakob Peters B: 22 September 1661 M: 20 April 1685 Adelheit Nuessli   Familytree
Joachim Peter B:25April1724 M:5March1748 Anna M. Bachmann   Familytree
Ulrich Peter B: about 1635   Susanna Schup    
Petronilla of Aragon B: 1135 M: 1150 Ramon Berenguer IV, K. of Aragon D: 17 October 1174 Familytree
Pharamond B: 370AD M: 394AD Argotta D: 430AD  
Burton Harmon Phelps B: 4 May 1806 M: about 1831 Amanda Melvina Webb D: 7 May 1885 Familytree
Edward Phelps B: about 1624 M: about 1645 Elizabeth Adams D: 3 October 1689 Familytree
Henry Phelps B: 1595   Eleanor Sharp   Familytree
John Phelps B: 12 March 1719 M: 16 December 1740 Deborah Lovejoy D: about 1789 Familytree
John Phelps B: 28 September 1686 B: 4 November 1714 Sarah Andrews D: 23 April 1739 Familytree
Julia Amanda Phelps B: 30 April 1839 M: 8 May 1859 Warren Reed Tenney D: 14 January 1912 Familytree
Lydia Phelps B: 9 March 1782 B: 26 November 1801 Ebenezer Ferrin B: 16 March 1853 Familytree
Samuel Phelps B: about 1780 M: about 1805 Rebecca Roza    
Samuel Phelps B: 10 October 1756 M: 1781 Margaret Nevins D: 7 January 1839 Familytree
Samuel Phelps B: 1651 M: 29 May 1682 Sarah Chandler D: 26 January 1746 Familytree
Ester Philbrick B:2May1699 M: about 1726 Amos Rand   Familytree
James Philbrick B:2December1619 M: 1657 Anna Roberts D:16November1674 Familytree
Joseph Philbrick B:1October1663 M: 1686 Tryphena Marston D:17November1766 Familytree
Thomas Philbrick B: 1584 M: 4 June 1615 Elizabeth Knapp D: abt October 1667 Familytree
Philip I, King of France B: 23 May 1052 M: about 1072 Bertha of Holland D: 29 July 1108 Familytree
Philip II, King of France B: 21 August 1165 M: 28 April 1180 Isabelle of Hainaut D: l4 July 1223 Familytree
Philip III, King of France B: 30 April 1245 M: 28 May 1262 Isabella of Aragon D: 5 October 1285 Familytree
Philip IV, King of France B: 1268 M: 16 August 1284 Jeanne of Navarre D: 29 November 1314 Familytree
Philip of Swabia B: 1177 M: 25 May 1197 Irene Angelian D: 21 June 1208 Familytree
Philippa of Hainaut B:24June1311 M:24January1328 EDWARD III, King of England D:15August1369 Familytree
Hamo Pincerna (le Boteler) B: about 1110 M: about 1150 Maud Bussel D: 1189 Familytree
Philippa Plantagenet B: 16 August 1355 M: about 1368 Edmund de Mortimer D: 7 January 1378 Familytree
Hannah Phillips B: about 1724 M: 1745 Reuben Dale D: after 1800 Familytree
Tobias Phillips     Hannah Goad    
Judith Phippen B: 1618   William Simonds   Familytree
William Phippen B: possibly abt 1590   Judith    
Phoeniusa Farsaidh          
Piast, Duke of Poland B: before 842     D: 861  
Alice Pichard   M: about 1127 Hugh FitzOdard de Dutton    
Geoffrey Pigott B: about 1429   Margaret Sywardby    
Margaret Pigott B: about 1490   James Metcalfe D: 3 February 1531 Familytree
Thomas Pigott B: about 1454   Isabel Gascoigne D: 16 May 1513 Familytree
Hamo Pincerna (le Boteler) B: about 1110   Maud Bussel D: 1189 Familytree
Henry Pinder B: about 1578   Mary Rogers D: about 1649  
Joanna Pindor   M: 14 November 1643 Valentine Rowell D: about 1690 Familytree
Abigail Pinkney   M: about 1670 David Osborn   Familytree
Philip Pinkney     Jane D: about 1689  
Mary Pontus B: about 1621 M: 31 October 1645 James Glass D: 1681 Familytree
William Pontus B: possibly abt 1600   Wybra Hansen    
Daniel Poore B: about 1624 M: 20 October 1650 Mary Farnum D: about 1690 Familytree
Mary Poore B: 21 March 1650 M: 6 December 1670 Samuel Pearson D: 27 October 1671 Familytree
Philip Poore          
Ruth Poore B: 16 February 1665 M: 20 December 1689 John Stevens D: 19 February 1739 Familytree
(Samuel or John?) Poore          
Eudes, Vicomte de Porhoet     Anne (Emme) de Leon    
Posh-Pw     Canonicus    
James Powell B: 3 June 1788 M: about 1809 Clothilda Madison Salisbury D: 13 October 1856 Familytree
Sally Clotilda Powell D: 29 March 1811 M: 21 February 1833 Samuel Ferrin D: 29 September 1855 Familytree
William Powell B: 1750   Rebecca D: possibly (1779?)  
Jane Powys B: about 1600   Thomas Holbrooke D: 24 April 1677  
Prasutagus     Boudecia D: 60AD  
Mary Pratt     John Swan    
Alice Prescott     Hugh de Dutton    
William ap Rhese (Price)     Elizabeth Latimer    
Priam, King of Sicamber       D: 357BC  
Priam, King of Troy B: about 1250BC   Hecuba D: 1181BC  
Hugh Price B: 26 April 1654 M: about 1685 Mary Wright D: 1691  
Mary Price B: 25 July 1685 M:20January1706 Samuel Sturtevant D: 29 May 1748 Familytree
Adam Prince     Isabella Hunt    
John Prince B: about 1610 M: May 1637 Alice Honour D: 16 August 1676 Familytree
John Prince B: 1580 M: 26 November 1606 Elizabeth Tolderbury D: 1644 Familytree
John Prince B: about 1541     D: 23 December 1606 Familytree
John Prince B: about 1480   Juliana Dodington D: 1551 Familytree
Richard Prince B: possibly abt 1525   Agnes D: 8 October 1559 Familytree
John Provender B: about 1662     D: about 1712  
Sarah Provender B: about 1689 M: 3 February 1708 Daniel Elliott   Familytree
Ann Pruden     Samuel Cooley    
Caroline Prushaw     Michael Herzfeld D: 27 October 1816  
Prydain ap Aedd B: 9 March        
Edward Purefoy B: 13 January 1494   Anne Fettiplace D: 1 June 1558 Familytree
John Purefoy B: about 1440   Joan Wistowe   Familytree
Mary Purefoy   Thomas Thorne  
Nicholas Purefoy B: about 1476   Alice Denton D: 18 February 1547 Familytree
Philip Purefoy B: about 1315 M: before 1344 Margaret Shirford D: after 1374 Familytree
William Purefoy B: about 1398   Margery Moton D: 29 March 1466 Familytree
William Purefoy   M: 24 August 1397 Margaret Chetwynd   Familytree
William Purefoy B: before 1350     D: after 1418 Familytree
William Purefoy B: about 1290   Alice    
Pyll ap Breichiol B: about 1060AD        
Quintus Tarus Prefect of Provence     Argotta. (Siegse) D: 438  
Elisabeth Raas B:6July1686 M:29September1707 Hans Heinrich Abegg D:18April1713 Familytree
Heinrich Raas B: about1660   Susanna Baumann   Familytree
Alexander Radcliffe B: about 1416   Agnes Harrington D: 10 July 1475 Familytree
Henry Radcliffe B: about 1185     D: about 1250 Familytree
John Radcliffe B: about 1377 M: 13 March 1396 Clemence Standish D: 26 July 1442 Familytree
John Radcliffe B: about 1333   Margaret Trafford D: 8 August 1422 Familytree
John Radcliffe B: 1269     D: 1357 Familytree
John Radcliffe B: about 1211   Joane   Familytree
Katherine Radcliffe B: 1436   Thomas Davenport D: 1496 Familytree
Richard Radcliffe B: about 1320   Maud Matilda Leigh D: 19 July 1380 Familytree
Richard Radcliffe B: 1239   Isabella le Boteler D: 1304 Familytree
William de Radcliffe B: about 1159     D: 1220 Familytree
Henry FitzGilbert de Radeclive B: about 1140       Familytree
Ragnar Lodbrok B: about 750   Aslaug Sugurdsdottir D: 794  
Ragnwald Eysteinsson B: about 830   (Hilda) Ragnhild Hrolfsdottir D: 890  
Edward Rainsford B: about 1609   Mary (Burt?) D: 18 August 1680 Familytree
Mary Rainsford B: 1 June 1632 M: about 1652 William Basset D: 12 April 1694 Familytree
Robert Rainsford B: about 1566 M: about 1652 Mary Kirton D: about 1629 Familytree
Ramon Berenguer I, The Old B: 1024   Almodis de La Marche D: 1076  
Ramon Berenguer II B: about 1053   Maud of Apulia D: after 1097  
Ramon Berenguer III B: 1082   Douce de Gevaudaun    
Ramon Berenguer IV, K. of Aragon B: 1113   Petronilla of Aragon D:6August1162  
Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Provence B: 1195 M: 5 June 1219 Beatrice of Savoy D: 19 August 1245  
Ramon Borrell B: 972   Ermesinde de Carcassonne D: 1017  
Amos Rand B: 1703 M: about 1726 Ester Philbrick D:15September1740 Familytree
Ann Rand B: 13 August 1727 M: 31 May 1753 Thomas Shannon D: 18 October 1811 Familytree
Francis Rand B: 1616 M: about 1634 Christian D: 29 September 1691  
John Rand B: about 1640 M: 1668 Remembrance Ault D: 1698 Familytree
Nathaniel Rand B: about 1670 M: December 1701 Elizabeth Marden D: 1758 Familytree
Elizabeth Rande B: 1559 M: 1575 Henry Lyman D: 15 April 1587 Familytree
Peter Rande B: about 1526   Joan    
Randulfus, of Normandy B: about 1030     D: after 1086  
Margaret Rastall B: about 1547   William Penn    
Thomas Rathbone B: about 1596 M: 13 April 1616 Alice (Childwall?) D: 7 February 1654 Familytree
Thomas Rathbone B: 1566 M: 13 October 1588 Grace Coppowe D: 7 November 1623 Familytree
William Rathbone B: before 1538   Ellen D: 1587  
John Rathbun B: about 1655 M: 11 November 1686 Ann Dodge D: 1 March 1723 Familytree
John Rathbun B: 1628 B: about 1654 Margaret Acres D: about 1602 Familytree
Marcy Rathbun B: 3 October 1688 M: 22 August 1706 Jonathan Burch D: after February 1767 Familytree
Jane Rawlings B: about 1677   John Hall    
Anthony Rawlings B: 1609   Jane D: 1652  
Henry Rawlings B: possibly abt 1580        
Raymond, Count of Burgundy     Urraca I D: 1107  
George Raynsford B: 1504 M: 1528 Katherine Travener D: 27 March 1559 Familytree
John Raynsford B: April 1474 M: 1504 Alice Danvers D: 29 August 1551 Familytree
Richard Raynsford     Anne Meade   Familytree
John Raynsford     Alyce Ames    
Elizabeth Read B: about 1563 M: 27 September 1584 William Knapp D: 8 July 1593 Familytree
John Reade     Margaret    
Joshua Read B: 14 December 1742   Elizabeth Underwood   Familytree
(Joshua?) Read     (Hannah Proctor?)    
Judith Read B: 28 October 1776 M: 20 October 1799 William Tenney D: 12 August 1813 Familytree
Katharine Rede     Thomas Hatcher   Familytree
Thomas Rede     (miss) Yelverston    
Daniel Reed     Elizabeth Pease    
Elizabeth Reed B: 29 September 1739 M: 9 September 1762 David Stoddard D: 1838 Familytree
REU B: 2214BC     D: 1975BC  
John Reynolds B: about 1620 M: about 1650 Anna Holbrooke D: 1690  
Mary Reynolds B: about 1704   Ebenezer Cahoon   Familytree
Thomas Reynolds B: about 1652 M: 11 October 1683 Sarah Clarke D: abt September 1724 Familytree
Cassandra ap Rhese B: about 1530   John Roberts D: 22 February 1590 Familytree
Isaac ap Rhese B: possibly abt 1460   Joan Bray   Familytree
Juon ap Rhese B: possibly abt 1440   (miss) Wonton   Familytree
Juon ap Rhese B: possibly abt 1400   (miss) Cradock    
Mathew ap Rhese B: possibly abt 1420   (miss) Radnall   Familytree
Robert ap Rhese B: possibly abt 1480   Joane Otter   Familytree
William ap Rhese (Price) B: possibly abt 1500   Elizabeth Latimer   Familytree
Rhiwallon ap Cunedda       D: about 750BC  
Rhiwallon ap Dyngad B: about 965AD     D: 1040AD  
Rhodri Mawr B: about 820   Angharad D: 878  
Rhodri Molwynog ap Idwal          
Rhun Hir ap Maelgwn B: possibly abt 525AD     D: about 586AD  
Richard, Duke of York B: about 1411   Cecily de Neville D: 30 December 1460 Familytree
Richard, Earl of Cambridge (Coinsburgh) B: abt September 1376   Anne de Mortimer D: 5 August 1415 Familytree
Richard I, The Fearless B: 933   Gunnor, of Denmark D: 20 November 996 Familytree
Richard II, The Good     Judith of Britany D: 28 August 1026 Familytree
Edward Richardson B: 7 March 1716 M: 9 September 1747 Abigail Chinery D: 1797 Familytree
Ezekiel Richardson B: 28 October 1655 M: 27 July 1687 Elizabeth Swan D: 13 March 1734 Familytree
Ezekiel Richardson B: 1602   Susanna (Bradford?) D: 21 October 1647 Familytree
Sarah Richardson B: 1763 M: 1782 Enoch Wellington D: 8 May 1799 Familytree
Theophilus Richardson B: 7 January 1692 M: 24 April 1711 Ruth Swan D: 1723 Familytree
Theophilus Richardson B: 25 December 1633 M: 2 May 1654 Mary Champney D: 28 December 1674 Familytree
Thomas Richardson     Katherin Dusford    
Richeza (Rixa) of Poland   M: 1152 ALFONSO VII, Emperor of Spain    
Richilda   M: about 917AD Sunyer    
Ridoredh, Count of Vannes B: about 825     D: about 857  
Hannah Robbins B: 30 January 1705 M: abt June 1723 Zebediah Johnson D: after 1769 Familytree
Nathaniel Robbins B: 28 February 1678   Hannah Chandler D: 16 January 1742 Familytree
Nathaniel Robbins B: 28 February 1678   Mary Braside D: 16 January 1742 Familytree
Richard Robbins B: about 1610 M: about 1639 Rebecca D: abt April 1683 Familytree
Robert, Count of Artois B: September 1216 M: 14 June 1237 Matilda of Brabant D: 8 February 1250 Familytree
Robert, I, Duke of Burgundy B: 1011 M: about 1033 Helie of Semur D: 21 March 1076 Familytree
Robert, I, King of the Franks B: aft September 866   Beatrice of Vermandois D: 15 June 923 Familytree
Robert, II, King of France (the Pious) B: 27 March 972 M: about 998 Constance Taillefer (of Tolouse) D: 20 July 1031 Familytree
ROBERT II, King of Scotland B: 2 March 1316 M: about 1348 (1)Elizabeth Mure;(2)Euphemia de Ross D: 19 April 1390 Familytree
ROBERT II, Duke of Normandy (The Devil)     Herleva (Arlette) of Falaise D: 2 July 1035 Familytree
ROBERT III, King of Scotland B: 14 August 1337 M: about May 1367 Annabella Drummond D: April 1406 Familytree
ROBERT III, of Wormsgau     Waldrada of Orleans   Familytree
Robert the Strong B: about 825AD   Adelaide of Tours D: 15 September 866AD Familytree
Robert of Haspengau B: about 764   (Williswint?)   Familytree
Robert of Hesbye (Hrudobertus) B: before 770AD   Theoderata (Tiedrada) D: 12 July 807AD Familytree
Robert of Salzburg B: about 625   Theodora (Theoda) D: 677 Familytree
Robert the Bruce (Robert I) B: 11 July 1274 M: 1296 Isabella of Mar D: 7 June 1329 Familytree
Robert de Brus, Lord of Annandale     Marjorie of Carrick    
Anna Roberts B: about 1631 M: about 1649 James Philbrick D: about 1668 Familytree
John Roberts     Cassandra ap Rhese    
(Governor) Thomas Roberts B: about 1600 M: about 1627 Rebecca Hilton D: about 1674 Familytree
Henry Robie B: 12 February 1619 M: 1645 Ruth Moore D: 22 April 1688 Familytree
John Robie B: 2 February 1649 M: 1 November 1677 Anne Corliss D: 16 June 1691 Familytree
John Robie       D: abt December 1515  
Ruth Robie B: 14 October 1678 M: 10 December 1701 John Sanborn D: 19 April 1753 Familytree
Thomas Robie B: 20 April 1576 M: 29 September 1606 Mary Coxen D: 27 March 1653 Familytree
Thomas Robie B: 12 April 1536 M: 25 November 1569 Joann Cowley D: 12 September 1588 Familytree
Thomas Robie B: 6 May 1516   Elizabeth Swaine D: abt December 1552 Familytree
Katherine Roet B: about 1350   John of Gaunt D: 10 May 1403  
Payne (Paen) Roet B: possibly abt 1300     D: about 1352  
Elizabeth Rogers     Thomas Ayer    
John Rogers          
Mary Rogers B: 1582   Henry Pinder D: about 1655  
Barbara Rohner B: 29 August 1614   Joss Kunzler D: 30 August 1680  
Rollo the Dane B: about 860 M: about 920 Poppa de Valois D: before 933 Familytree
Aeltio Root B: about 1595   Joris Dyckman    
Roshin mac Trer B: about 45AD     D: about 98AD  
Alexander Rotherford B: about 1522        
Elizabeth Rotherford B: about 1554 M: about 1574 Percival Leavitt D: 1608 Familytree
Rothrer mac Airndil B: about 260BC   (daughter) of Getus D: 187BC  
Isolde le Rous B: about 1265 M: about 1288 Hugh de Audley D: about 1328 Familytree
Roger le Rous B: possibly abt 1250   Eleanor de Avenbury D: 1294 Ancestors
Joanna Rowell B: about 1676 M: about 1697 Titus Wells   Familytree
Thomas Rowell B: 7 September 1644 M: 8 September 1670 Sarah Barnes D: 1684 Familytree
Thomas Rowell B: 17 March 1594 M: 12 October 1615 Margaret Milner D: about May 1662 Familytree
Valentine Rowell B: 22 June 1622 M: 14 November 1643 Joanna Pindor D: 17 May 1662 Familytree
Valentine Rowell B: about 1566 M: 12 January 1591 Elizabeth Hampton D: 13 September 1613  
Rebecca Roza B: about 1785 M: about 1805 Samuel Phelps D: 1853  
Charlotte Rubbert B: 8 January 1821 M: 1847 Wilhelm August Karl Bartel D: 15 June 1895 Familytree
(Beniegna) Engel Rubbert B: 1741   Jacob Bartel D: 29 November 1822 Familytree
Friedrich Rubbert B: about 1794 M: 1819 Maria Dorothea Werth   Familytree
Johann Rubbert          
Rud Hud Hudibras B: about 800BC       Familytree
Anna Ruegg     Heinrich Isler    
Barbara Ruesch B: 10 July 1662   Jakob Kunzler D: 16 February 1742 Familytree
Catharina Ruesch B: possibly abt 1685 M: 1705 Hans Casper Kunzler   Familytree
Elsbeth Ruesch B: possibly abt 1750   Johannes Kastli    
Elsbeth Ruesch B: 10 June 1688 M: 1710 Wilhelm Brassel D: 26 March 1718 Familytree
Hans Ruesch B: about 1615 M: 1658 Anna Brassel   Familytree
Hans Ruesch B: about 1585   Anna Kellenberger    
Hans Georg Ruesch B: 5 January 1647 M: 1679 Elsbeth Messmer   Familytree
Hans Jakob Ruesch     Catharina Gallisee    
Jakob Ruesch B: about 1610 M: 1636 Anna Tobler D: 10 January 1678 Familytree
Ursula Ruesch   Hans Jakob Halter PC Z1
Wolfgang Ruesch     Magdalena Sitzin    
Elsbeth Rusch B: possibly abt 1670 M: 1688 Johannes Kunzler    
Rurik, Grand Prince of Kiev       D: 879  
Elizabeth Russell B: about 1622   Thomas Hyatt   Familytree
John Russell B: about 1596        
Elizabeth Rutschman B: 27 February 1620 M: 27 September 1642 H. U. Flach   Familytree
(miss) Rutschman B: 12 May 1622 M: 6 July 1647 H. U. Flach    
(Mr.) Rutschman B: about 1592 M: 25 May 1617 Verena Kaeller    
Rydeyrn ap Deheuwaint          
Rose Rysse     Edward Gilman    
Thomas Ryse     Anna    
SALAH B: 2308BC   (Mauk?) D: 1875BC  
Clotilda Madison Salisbury B: 3 November 1786 M: about 1809 James Powell D: 10 September 1868 Familytree
David Salisbury B: 15 October 1736 M: possibly abt 1755   D: about 1800  
Richard Salisbury B: 14 April 1760 M: about 1785 Prudence D: 16 July 1833 Familytree
Jeremiah Sanborn B: 12 February 1703 M: 29 January 1730 Lydia Dearborn D: 8 August 1783 Familytree
John Sanborn B: 6 November 1680 M: 10 December 1701 Ruth Robie D: 30 October 1767 Familytree
(John?) Sanborn     Anne Bachiler (Batchelder)    
Lydia Sanborn B: 26 February 1737   Nathaniel Leavitt D: 30 October 1827 Familytree
William Sanborn B: about 1652 M: 1 January 1680 Mary Marston D: 9 December 1744 Familytree
William Sanborn B: about 1622 M: about 1649 Mary Moulton D: 18 September 1692 Familytree
Sancha of Castile     ALFONSO II, King of Aragon    
Sancha of Leon     FERDINAND I The Great D: 27 November 1067  
Sancha Sanchez   M: 1021 Berenguer Ramon I, the Crooked    
Sancho I B: about 860   Toda Aznarez D: 11 December 925  
Sancho II B: about 938 M: about 965 Urraca Fernandez D: December 994  
Sancho Garces III B: about 992   Muniadona Mayor D: 18 October 1035  
Sancho IV, K. of Castile B: 12 May 1258 M: 1282 Maria de Molina D: 1295 Familytree
Sandregisisle, Lord of Bobigny B: about 580   Gertrude of Hamage    
Elizabeth Sanford B: 27 August 1648 M: 28 October 1669 Obadiah Allen D: 1687 Familytree
Ezekiel Sanford     Rose Warner    
Thomas Sanford B: 1607 M: 1636 Sarah Meadows D: October 1681 Familytree
Sarah (Sarai)     Abraham    
Elizabeth Sargent B: 22November 1648 M: before 1668 Samuel Colby D: 5 February 1737 Familytree
Hugh Sargent B: about 1530 M: about 1554 Margaret Gifford    
John Sargent B: about 1639 M: about 1700 Lydia Chipman D: 9 September 1716 Familytree
Lydia Sargent B: about 1701   Joseph Waite   Familytree
Richard Sargent     Katharine Stevens    
Roger Sargent B: 1560   Ellen Makerness D: 1649 Familytree
Susanna Sargent B: about 1610   Anthony Colby D: 8 July 1689  
William Sargent B: about 1602   Elizabeth Perkins   Familytree
William Sargent B: 20 June 1602   Sarah D: 16 December 1682 Familytree
Hendrick L. Bout Sassian B: about 1621        
Jane Scarborrow B: 1575 M: 16 October 1596 Thomas Hills    
Sceldwea (Celdwa)          
Maarten Schaghen B: about 1516   Dirkje Cornelis D: 1542 Familtree
Volkert Schaghen B: about 1490   Aeff van Warder    
John Schmidt B: 1760   Catherine Bess    
Hans Urech Schoch B: 4 September 1673 M: 26 February 1704 Margreth Isler   Familytree
Heinrich Schoch     Anna Isler    
Magdalena Schoch B: 25 December 1723 M: 21 April 1750 Jacob Ott D: 7 January 1768 Familytree
Anne Scott B: about 1608 M: 1628 James Hamblin    
John Scott B: 1781 M: 1 April 1811 Martha Marshall D: 4 January 1873 Familytree
(John?) Scott B: possibly abt 1760        
Henry Scott B: about 1560 M: 25 July 1594 Martha Whatlock D: 1624 Familytree
Maria Scott B: about 1814 M: 20 December 1830 George Stovall   Familytree
Mary Scott B: about 1639 M: 1670 Thomas Patch D: 26 September 1728 Familytree
Thomas Scott B: about 1595 M: 20 July 1620 Elizabeth Strutt D: about 1654 Familytree
Elizabeth Scranton   M: 30 April 1700 Joseph Cahoon    
Katherine Seald B: 1610 M: 3 September 1629 George Aldrich D: 11 January 1692  
George Seaton III B: about 1508 M: 10 April 1527 Elizabeth Hay D: 17 July 1549 Familytree
George Seaton B: 1481   Jane Hepburn D: abt 9 September 1513 Familytree
George Seaton B: about 1431   Margaret Campbell D: 11 June 1507 Familytree
Marion Seaton B: 1528 M: 8 October 1548 John Graham D: 23 June 1567 Familytree
Elizabeth (Seeley?) B: about 1634   Matthias St John    
Susan Selbee B: about 1586 M: 31 August 1609 Robert Blott D: 20 January 1659  
Dorothy Selden B: 1582 M: 25 January 1601 Stephen Hosmer D: 15 February 1640  
SERUG B: 2182BC     D: 1952BC  
SETH D: 3871BC     B: 2959BC  
George Seton B: about 1404 M: bef 8 January 1437 Margaret Stewart D: 15 July 1478 Familytree
John Seton B: about 1428 M: 20 January 1459 Christian Lindsay D: 19 July 1476 Familytree
Volkert M. Seylemaecker B: 4 March 1542 M: 20 October 1564 Anna Dircks D: 4 December 1618  
Sarah Shannon B: about 1765 M: about 1780 Jeremiah Leavitt D: about 1838 Ancestors
Thomas Shannon B: about 1700     D: about 1752  
Thomas Shannon B: about 1725 M:31May1753 Anne Rand D: about 1795 Familytree
Eleanor Sharp   Henry Phelps  
Mary Shatswell   John Webster  
Arthur Sheldon     PC M28
Hannah Sheldon   Samuel Chapin PC M28
Isaac Sheldon   Mary Woodford  
Ralph Sheldon   Barbara Stone  
SHEM (2443BC-1843BC)    
Thomas Shirley B: about 1315   Isabella Basset D: about 1363 Familytree
Elizabeth Short (1606-1656) Nicholas Holt  
Joseph Simonds   Mary Tidd  
Rebecca Simonds   Thomas Wellington  
William Simonds   Judith Phippen PC M30
William Simonds   Alice PC M30
Elizabeth Simmonds   Reuben Dale PC H10
John Slawson   Mary Dixon PC T1
Mary Slawson   John Spendlove PC T1
Agnes Smith   John Webster PC M27
Deborah Smith B: 1645 M:10December1656 Nathaniel Batchelder D:8March1675 Familytree
Dorothy Smith     John Blackman    
(Elijah?) Smith          
Elizabeth Smith   Samuel Dudley PC T26
(Erasmus?) Smith      
(Rev) Henry Smith   Dorothy PC M13
Isaiah Smith     PC M1
(John?) Smith   Elizabeth (Libby?) PC T55
John Smith   Deborah Parkhurst PC T27
Katherine Smith   Seth Ward PC H18
Martha A. Smith   Thomas Bull PC T1
Mary Smith   James Newberry  
Mary Smith   William Cahoon How are we Related
Richard Smith      
Samuel Smith   Jane Stephens  
Sarah Smith   (Judge) Robert Wadleigh  
Sarah Jane Smith B:5January1787   George Burkett, Jr. D: 1846 Familytree
Mary Smythe   William Eastow  
Mary Smythe   Henry Jenne  
Henry Smythe      
William Smythe      
Cunrad Sommer (1607-1646) Barbell Kunn Familytree
Hans Heinrich Cr. Sommer (1672-?) Ester Wymann Familytree
Hans Jacob Sommer (1634-1691) Barbara Gibel Familytree
Regula Sommer B:24April1712   Konrad Winkler D:24April1767 Familytree
Rudolf Sommer   Anna Sigerst Familytree
Guta Sonderegger   Hans Kunzler  
Thomas Southern   Eleanor  
Winnifred Southern   Abraham Dellaware Dale  
Joseph William Spendlove   Harriett Payne  
John Spendlove   Mary Lanston Slawson  
John Spendlove   Suzanne Mossendew  
Mary Ann Spendlove   Peter Franklin Thurston  
(Thomas, William, or John?) Spendlove      
Diana Spicer   Joshua Hall  
Edward Spicer     PC H1
John Spicer   Juliatha Hawkins PC H1
Edward Spicer     PC H1
Anna Spörri   Jakob Winkler PC M1
Georg Spörri (1702-1770) Anna Margaretha Abegg Ancestors
Hans Spörri   Barbel Jucker PC Z1
Hans Jakob Spörri   Susanna Waeckerlig PC Z1
Hans Jakob Spörri   Barbara Schoch PC Z1
Mary Sprigge   Thomas Fish PC T19
Edith Squire   Henry Adams PC ?
Henry Squire     PC ?
William Squire     PC ?
Matthias St John   Elizabeth (Seeley?) PC M2-12
Matthias Sention B: about 1604 M:1November1627 Mary Tinker D: 1669  
Matthias St John B: November1628 M: 1658 Elizabeth (Seeley?) D: December1728 Familytree
Mary St John B: about 1656 M:10November1677 Thomas Hyatt D:17August1745 Familytree
(Oliver?) Sention      
Sarah St John (c1614-1689) John Gregory  
Anna Stacey   Thomas Fitch  
William Stacey   Anna Garrold  
Anne Stafford   William Berkeley PC ?
Edmund Stafford   Anne of Glouster CHART A1
Edmund de Stafford   M: 1298 Margaret Bassett D: about 1309 Familytree
Hugh Stafford     Philippa de Beauchamp   CHART A1
Humphrey Stafford     PC ?
Humphrey Stafford   Anne Neville Chart A1
Humphrey Stafford     PC ?
Margaret Stafford   Robert Dunham Chart A1
Nicholas de Stafford     PC ?
Ralph de Stafford   Margaret de Audley PC T?
Robert de Stafford   Alice Corbet PC ?
Hans Stahel   Magdalena PC Z1
Hans Stahel   Barbel Fluk PC Z1
Hans Jacob Stahel   Susanna Ruegg PC Z1
Hans Ulrich Stahel   Margretha Isler PC Z1
Magdalena Stahel   Jacob Waeckerlig PC Z1
Magdalena Stahel   Ulrich Bosshard PC Z1
Philippa de Standon   M: 1250 Thomas de Dutton    
Vivian de Standon     PC M12-18-19-18
Charles Stearns   Rebecca Gibson PC1
Isaac Stearns   Mary (widow Baker) PC1
Sarah Stearns   Samuel Stone PC1
Christian Stenzel   Christine Wittkopp PC K2
Gottfried Stenzel   Maria Elizabeth Niemann PC K2
Gottfried Stenzel   Maria Wittkopp PC K2
Wilhelmine Stenzel   Wilhelm Kersten PC C1
Stephen V, King of Hungary   Elizabeth The Hungarians
Jane Stephens   Samuel Smith PC M2
Elizabeth Stevens   Morris Tucker W2-3
Hannah Stevens   Samuel Lovejoy W2-12
John Stevens   Ruth Poore W2-12
John Stevens   Hannah Barnard W2-12
John Stevens   Catharine Codman W2-3
John Stevens   Elizabeth Parker W2-12
John Stevens   Alice Atkins W2-12
Isabel Stewart of Buchan     James IV, King of Scotland   Familytree
Isabel Stewart     Colin Campbell D: 26 October 1510 Familytree
Joan Stewart     James Douglas III    
Lady Janet Stewart B: 17 July 1502   Malcolm Fleming D: 20 February 1562 Familytree
Marjorie Stewart B: about 1400   Duncan Campbell D: before 1432 Familytree
Walter Stewart   Marjorie Bruce PC M22-2-28
Marion Stirling   Alexander Colquhoun PC M22
Anthony Stoddard   Alice Martin Ancestors
Anthony Stoddard   Mary Downing Ancestors
Anthony Stoddard B: 9 August 1678 M: 20 October 700 Prudence Goodrich Welles D: 6 September 1760 Ancestors
David Stoddard   Elizabeth Reed Ancestors
Elisha Stoddard   Rebecca Curtis Ancestors
George Stoddard   Anne Herdson Ancestors
Hugh Stoddard     Ancestors
Nicholas Stoddard   Elizabeth Eden Ancestors
Polly Stoddard   William Haynes Ancestors
Rukard Stoddard   Ann  
Solomon Stoddard   Esther Warham Ancestors
William Stoddard   Emma Cheeseman Ancestors
Barbara Stone   Ralph Sheldon  
Dorcas Stone   Joseph Wellington PC M1
Jonathan Stone   Cherry Adams  
Lettice Stone   George Stovold  
Samuel Stone   Dorcas Jones  
Samuel Stone   Sarah Stearns PC M31
(Samuel?) Stone     PC M31
Susanna Stone   Henry Kimball  
Bartholomew Stovall III   Sally Brackett Familytree
Bartholomew Stovall II (c1708-1777) Mary Hughes Familytree
Bartholomew Stovall   Ann Burton Familytree
George Stovall (c1623-1665) Joane Tickner Familytree
George Stovall (c1588-c1663) Margaret Farley Familytree
George Stovall (c1805-1849) Maria Scott Familytree
Jesse Stovall (c1670-c1807) Elizabeth Howard Familytree
Sarah M. Stovall   James Marion Handy Familytree
George Stovold c1555-1610) Lettice Stone Familytree
Elizabeth Straight (c1653-1714) Joseph Wellington Familytree
Thomas Straight   Elizabeth Kimball PC M30
Thomas Straight     PC M30
Elizabeth Stratton   John Chinery PC1
John Stratton   Elizabeth Trane PC1
Margaret (Stratton?)   (Deacon) Samuel Wright  
Eva Strubi   Bartholome Kunzler PC Z1
Christopher Strutt     Anne Waller    
Elizabeth Strutt   Thomas Scott PC W2-15
Elizabeth Margaret Stuart   John Colquhoun PC M22-1
Margaret Stuart   George Seton PC M22-2-25
Dorothea Stumpf B: about 1553 M:14September1574 Hans Rudolf Abegg D:25January1619  
Abigail Sturges     Simon Couch    
John Sturges   Deborah Barlow PC T56
Jonathan Sturges   Sarah Osborn PC T56
Sarah Sturges   (Col) Andrew Burr PC T56
Anne Sturmer   John Pagrave PC M30-5
Henry Sturmer     PC M30-5
John Sturtevant     PC T30
Lemuel Sturtevant   Priscilla Thompson PC T4
Lemuel Sturtevant   Deborah Bryant PC T4
Samuel Sturtevant B: about 1677 M:20January1706 Mary Price D:18September1743 Familytree
Samuel Sturtevant   Mary Cornish PC T30
Samuel Sturtevant   Ann Lee PC T30
Sarah Sturtevant B:5September1798 M:6March1817 Jeremiah Leavitt D:5April1878 Familytree
Elsbeth Sturtzenegger     Hans Jakob Kunzler    
Sunyer   Richilda  
(Sir) Edmund Sutton   Joyce Tiptoft PC T26-9
(Sir) Edward Sutton   Cicely Willoughby PC T26-9
Hervey de Sutton     PC T26-9-1
Hervey de Sutton     PC T26-9-1
Hervey de Sutton     PC T26-9-1
Hugh de Sutton   Elizabeth Patrick PC T26-9-1
(Sir) John Sutton   Cicely Grey PC T26-9
(Sir) John Sutton   Elizabeth Berkeley PC T26-9
(Sir) John de Sutton   Constance le Blount PC T26-9-1
(Sir) John de Sutton   Alice le Despenser PC T26-9-1
(Sir) John de Sutton   Catherine de Stafford PC T26-9-1
(Sir) John de Sutton   Isabel de Cherleton PC T26-9-1
(Sir) John de Sutton   Margaret de Somerie PC T26-9-1
(Sir) Richard de Sutton of Warsop   Isabel verch Roderick ap Griffin PC T26-9-1
(Sir) Robert de Sutton of Warsop   Johanna PC T26-9-1
Rowland de Sutton   Alice de Lexington PC T26-9-1
William de Sutton of Warsop   Matilda  
Sviatopolk II (1050-1113) A Bohemian princess  
Elizabeth Swaine   Nathaniel Weare  
Richard Swaine     PC T26
Elizabeth Swan   Ezekiel Richardson PC1
Gersham Swan   Sarah Holden PC1
John Swan   Mary Pratt PC ?
John Swan   Rebecca Palfrey PC1
Ruth Swan   Theophilus Richardson PC1
Catharine Swovelin   George Burkett PC T1
Peter Swovelin (c1720-?) Magdalena Bausser (Bowser)  
Katherine Swynford   John of Gaunt PC M22-2-28
SYLVIUS ap Iulus (reigned 1139-1110BC) niece of Lavinia Familytree
Tacitus (Tegid)      
Taetwa         Chart A1
Gilbert de Frunesco Taillebois B: about 1090        
Taksony     The Hungarians
Tama Tephi B: about 590BC   Heremon D: 534BC Ancestors
Tassilo I, Duke of Bavaria      
Hannah Taylor   Thomas Huxley PC M1
Tea Tephi   Ghede, the Heremon  
Benjamin Tenney B:28October1746 M:28January1772 Ruth Blanchard D:2September1790 Familytree
Clive Vernon Tenney B:2August1895 M:30January1918 Minnie Williams D:2August1960 Familytree
Daniel Tenney B: 1653   Mary Hardy D: 1727 Familytree
Franics Tenney D: about 1654   Jane D: 1626  
John Tenney B: about 1534   Jane D: about 1613  
Mildred Ella Tenney B:9May1920 M:4November1942 Glenn Russell Handy D:11August1982 Familytree
Ruth Tenney B: 1728   Samuel Blanchard   Familytree
Thomas Tenney B: about 1614   Ann Mighill D: 1700 Familytree
Warren Moroni Tenney B:4January1861 M:14March1884 Ella Ann Hamblin D:22June1935 Familytree
Warren Reed Tenney B: 1827   Julia Amanda Phelps D: 1889 Familytree
William Tenney B: 1802   Eliza Webb D: 1844 Familytree
William Tenney B: 1778   Judith Read D: 1838 Familytree
William Tenney B: 1723   Ann Jewett D: 1783 Familytree
William Tenney B: 1698   Mehitable Pearson D: 1784 Familytree
TERAH B: 2122BC     D: 1918BC  
Ferdinando Thayer (1625-1713) Huldah Hayward  
Huldah Thayer (1657-1695) Jacob Aldrich  
Theodo I, Duke of Bavaria     Gleisnod    
Theodo II, Duke of Bavaria     Folchaide of Salzburg    
John Thompson   Sarah  
Mehitable Thompson   Samuel Hayward  
Priscilla Thompson   Lemuel Sturtevant  
John Thomson   Lydia Wood  
Thor (Tror)   Sebil  
Jean Thorland   John Dunham II PC T?, Chart A1
Susanna Thorne   Roger Dudley  
Thomas Thorne (c1521-1588) Mary Purefoy Familytree
William Thorne (c1490-?) Alice  
Thorold de Pont-Audemer B: about 949   Wevia de Crepon D: about 1040 Familytree
Maud Thorton   Henry Beeston  
(Sir) Pierce Thorton   Lucia de Helsbury  
Randoll Thorton     PC M12-18-1
Abner Thurston B: 1698   Shuah Gilman D: about 1742 Familytree
Daniel Thurston (c1631-1693) Ann Pell  
Hannah Thurston (1658-1731) Benjamin Pearson Familytree
Harriet Thurston (1872-1945) George William Williams Familytree
James Thurston (1670-?) Mary Pearson Familytree
Moses Thurston (1721-1800) Hannah Johnson Familytree
Peter Thurston (1760-1827) Hannah Butler Familytree
Peter Franklin Thurston B:24June1851 M:3October1871 Mary Ann Spendlove D:23May1886 Familytree
Thomas Jefferson Thurston (1805-1885) Rosetta Bull Familytree
Rebecca Tibbetts (1607-?) John Ault Familytree
Bartholomew Tickner (c1571-?) Millicent  
Joane Tickner (c1630-c1680) George Stovall  
Thomas Tickner (c1530-?) Alice Frauncis  
John Tidd   Rebecca Wood  
John Tidd   Margaret  
Mary Tidd   Joseph Simonds  
Mary Tinker B: 1606 M:1November1627 Matthias ST John D: 1669 Familytree
Robert Tinker B: 1565 M:26February1601 Mary Merwin D:aboutJune1624  
Ephraim Tinkham   Mary Browne  
John Tinkecombe   Martha Beare  
Mary Tinkham   John Tomson How are we Related
Robarte Tinckecombe   Katherine  
Anna Tobler   Jakob Ruesch  
Barbara Tobler   Bartholome Kunzler  
Toda Aznarez B: about 885   Sancho I D: after 970  
Elizabeth Tolderbury   John Prince  
Walter Tolderbury      
John Tomson   Mary Tinkham Famiytree
John Tomson   Mary Cooke How are we Related
Shubael Tomson   Susanna Parlour PC T4
Gillian Tonzar     John Vaughan    
Torf de Harcourt B: about 920 M: about 950 Eremberga D: about 1030  
Elsbeth Torgler   Johannes Kunzler PC Z1
Elizabeth Traine   John Stratton PC1
John Traine   Margaret Dix PC1
Joan Trelawny   Thomas Upton Ancestors
John Trelawny   Agnes Trogodeck  
Maria du Trieux   Cornelis Volkertszen Viele PC T53
Troana   Munion CHART A1
Troas, King of Dardania (c1314BC-c1281BC)   Callirhoe Ilium   Familytree
Phillip du Truy     Jaquemyne Noirett    
Alice Tucker   Zebulon Ferrin PC T42
Benjamin Tucker   Alice Davis  
Benoni Tucker   Elizabeth Nichols  
Morris Tucker   Elizabeth Stevens  
Tudor Trevor (c900-948) Angharad ferch Hywel Dda (Ankaret) Familytree
Alice Turberville (c1575-1640) John Grant  
Matthew Turberville (c1555-?)    
Humphrey Turner   Lydia Gamer PC T30
John Turner   Mary Brewster PC T30
Margaret (Turner?)   Joseph Clarke PC M22
Mary Turner   Isaac Prince PC T30
Frances F. (Tuxbury?)   John Hoyt PC T43
Ugaine Mor   Cessaire Ancestors
Ugyek (c790AD-c820) (Emese?) The Hungarians
Elizabeth Underwood   Joshua Read PC T1
John Upton   Margaret de Mulys Ancestors
Marie Upton   John Adams Ancestors
Richard Upton   Agnes Carnother  
Thomas Upton   Joan Trelawny Ancestors
Urraca I B: 1078   Raymond, Count of Burgundy D:8March1126  
Urraca Fernandez   M: about 965 Sancho II    
Urraca of Portugal     FERDINAND II, King of Leon   Familytree
Uzziah, King of Judah   Jerusha  
Ralf Varnham     PC W2-11-17
Abigail Vaughan   Nathaniel Shannon PC T4
David Vaughan   Mary PC M3-21
Elizabeth Vaughan   William Cahoone PC M3
George Vaughan   Elizabeth Bassett PC M3
George Vaughan   Mary Boxall PC T4-11
John Vaughan   Elizabeth Bull PC M23
John Vaughan   Gillian Tonzar PC M3-21
(Sir) Roger Vaughan     PC T28
William Vaughan   Margaret Cutt PC T4-11
Vazul     The Hungarians
George Vernon (became Venables-Vernon), 2nd Lord Vernon   Mary (presumed relationship) Familytree
Gilbert de Venables B: 1147   Margery de Hatton    
Gilbert de Venables B: 1130        
Gilbert de Venables B: 1105        
Gilbert de Venables B: 1085        
Hugh Venables III B: about 1330 M: 1363 Margery Cotton D: 1383 Familytree
Hugh Venables II B: 1303 M: 1338 Katherine Houghton D: 1368  
Hugh Venables I B: about 1256   Agatha de Vernon D: 1333  
Hugh de Venables B: about 1191   Alice de Oxton D: 1269  
Margery Venables B: about 1358 M: 1387 Richard de Bulkeley D: 1449  
Roger de Venables B: about 1211   Alice de Penington D: 1262  
William de Venables B: about 1235   Margaret de Dutton D: after 1292 Familytree
William de Venables B: 1175        
Vernon Family Study      
Catherine Vernon (1663-1710) George Vernon Familytree
Elizabeth Vernon (1791-1839) Joseph Morris Ancestors
George Vernon (1770-1846) Rebecca Golbourne Familytree
George Vernon (became Venables-Vernon), 2nd Lord Vernon (1735-1813) Mary (presumed relationship) Familytree
George Vernon, Lord Vernon (1708-1780) Mary Howard Familytree
George Vernon (1636-1702) Catherine Vernon Familytree
George Vernon (?-1630) Matilda Familytree
George Vernon (?-?) ? Familytree
Henry Vernon (1686-1719) Anne Pigott Familytree
Henry Vernon (1616-1658) Meriall Vernon Familytree
Henry Vernon (1588-1657) Jane Winter Familytree
Henry Vernon (?-1600) Arabella Familytree
Henry Vernon (?-?) Anne Talbot Familytree
Humphrey Vernon (1463-1542) Alice Ludlow Familytree
Thomas Vernon (1643-1709) Anne Weston Familytree
Cornelis C. Viele   Suster Bouts PC T53
Cornelis Volkertszen Viele   Maria du Trieux PC T53
Jannetje Viele     Johannes Dyckman Jr.    
Vingenar     CHART A1
Vingethor     CHART A1
Violante of Aragon   M: 1249 ALFONSO X, King of Castile   Famioytree
Christine Vogel   Johann Gottlieb Bethsold PC K5
Mary Vore   Alexander Alford PC M26
Richard Vore   Ann Harris PC M26
Thomas Vore   Ann PC M26
Wacchon, King of the Lombards   Ostrogotha, princess of the Gepids  
John Wadleigh   Mary PC T26
Jonathan Wadleigh   Hannah Weare PC T26
Mary Wadleigh   Joseph Leavitt PC T4
(Judge) Robert Wadleigh   Sarah Smith PC T26
Robert Wadleigh     PC T26
E. Waeckerlig   Heinrich Peters PC M1
Hans R. Waeckerlig   Susanna Fischer PC M1
(Henry?) Wall     PC H6
Maria Theresa Wall   Isaac Hentze PC C1
Ellen Wallace   Patrick Hepburn PC M22-2-27
Anne Warburton   Robert Markham PC T6
Francis Warde   Susannah Brown PC T22, T29
(CPT) John Ward   (Grace?) PC H18
Lucy Ward B: about 1604 M:8October1629 Robert Page D:12November1665 Lucy Ward
Mary Ward   William Hatcher PC H18
Seth Ward   Katherine Smith PC H18
Robert Warde   Alyce Pixton PC T22, T29
Roger Warde   Kathryn PC T22, T29
William Warde     PC T22, T29
Hester E. Warham   Solomon Stoddard PC T24
Abigail Warner B:2June1614 M:23JUne1630 (Dea) Thomas Wells D:22July1671 Familytree
Rose Warner     Ezekiel Sanford    
Samuel Warner B: about 1560        
William Warner B: about 1586 M: about 1610 Abigail Baker D: about 1648 Familytree
Jane Watson   John Grant PC T23
Elizabeth Watts     Jonathan Dustin    
Elizabeth Watts   George Hubbard PC T52
Richard Watts   Elizabeth PC T52
Richard Watts   Agnes Mackworth PC T52
Samuel Watts   Elizabeth Ayer PC T23
Hannah Weare   Jonathan Wadleigh PC T26
Nathaniel Weare   Elizabeth Swaine PC T26
Nathaniel Weare   Sarah PC T26
Peter Weare      
Alexander Webb (1559-c1629) Mary Wilson Familytree
Alexander Webb (1534-1573) Margaret Arden Familytree
Amanda Melvina Webb (1809-1871) Burton Harmon Phelps Familytree
Eliza L Webb B: 1803 William Tenney D: 1883 Familytree
Geoffry Webb (1372-1408) Julian Cloward Familytree
Gideon Webb (1709-1799) Edith Bates Familytree
Hannah (Evered or Webb?) (1598-1688) John Ayer Familytree
Henry Alexander Webb (1510-c1544) Grace Arden Familytree
Henry Alexander Webb (1350-1397) (miss) Cloward Familytree
James Webb (1733-1817) Elizabeth Douglas Familytree
(Elder) James Henry Webb (1777-1844) (1) Betsy Faville, (2) Hannah Giswold Familytree
John Webb (1615-1670) Anna Bassett  
John Webb (1640-1684) Hannah (Anna)  
John Webb (1405-1455) Johan Familytree
John Webb (1667-1711) Ruth Graves Familytree
John Webb (1640-1720) Susanna Cunliffe  
Richard Webb (1611-1676) Margaret Moyer Familytree
Richard Webb (1580-c1676) Grace Wilson Familytree
William Webb (1424-c1523) Joan Ewen PC T6
Hannah Webster (1635-1707) Michael Emerson Familytree
John Webster   Agnes Smith  
John Webster   Mary Shatswell  
Mary Webster   John Hunt PC M27
Elizabeth Welles   John Curtis PC T24
Prudence Goodrich Welles B: 9 August 1682 M: 20 October 1700 Anthony Stoddard D: 16 April 1715 Familytree
Enoch Wellington   Sarah Richardson PC M4
Joseph Wellington   Dorcas Stone PC M4
Joseph Wellington   Elizabeth Straight PC M4
Lewis Wellington     PC M4-17
Oliver Wellington   Joan Greenwood PC M4-17
Roger Wellington   Mary Palgrove PC M4-17
Sally Wellington   Thaddeus Alvord PC M4
Thomas Wellington   (1) Rebecca Simonds (2) Cherry Adams PC M4
Electa Wells   Aaron Currier PC W2
John Wells   Dorothy Hoyt PC W2-7
Sarah Wells   Jonathan Farren PC W2-2
(Rev) Thomas Wells   Mary Perkins PC W2-7, PC W2-2
(Dea) Thomas Wells   Abigail Warner PC W2-2
Thomas Wells     PC W2-2
Titus Wells   Joanna Rowell PC W2-2
Elizabeth Wentworth   Ralph Dunham PC T?, Chart A1
Mary Wentworth   William Brewster PC T30
Thomas Wentworth     PC T?
Anna Sophia Werth   Johann Wittkopp PC K2
Friedricke Werth   Friedrich Buedner Bartel PC K3
Johann Werth     PC K3
Maria Dorothea Werth   Friedrich Rubbert PC K8
Martha West   William Wheeler PC ?
Francis John West   Susanna Soule  
Elizabeth Westcott   Roger Carwithe  
Elizabeth Wever   John Done  
Joshua Weyt B: 1 May 1698   Christena Dutcher   Joshua Weyt
William Weyt     Judith Meales    
William Weyt     PC W3-13
Martha Whatlock   Henry Scott PC W2-15
Thomas Whatlock   Joan PC W2-15
Ann Wheeler   Thomas Hall PC H1
Elizabeth Wheeler   Thomas Dustin PC T23
Hannah Wheeler   James Bennett PC T56
Jane Wheeler   Adam Blackman PC M2-13
John Wheeler   Ann Yeoman PC T23
(John?) Wheeler   (Alice Sayre?) PC T56
Samuel Wheeler   Mary PC H1
Thomas Wheeler   Ann Halsey PC T56
Thomas Wheeler   (Rebecca?) PC T56
William Wheeler   Martha West PC H1
Jane White B: 27 August 1752 M: 1 June 1769 Thomas Butler D: 4 March 1834 Familytree
Ruloff White B: 1724 M: 24 May 1748 Maritjen Knickerbocker   Familytree
Elizabeth Whitmore   Daniel Markham PC T6
Francis Whitmore   Isabel Park PC T6
Nicholas Whitmore     PC T6
Wig (Uvigg)     Chart A1
Wilfred the Hairy (c850-897) Guinidilda  
WILLIAM I Longspee   Ela Fitzpatrick CHART A1
WILLIAM II Longspee   Idoine de Camville CHART A1
William III, The Good, Count of Holland and Haunault   Jeanne of Valois  
WILLIAM The Conqueror   Mathilda  
George William Washington Williams   Lydia Powell Ferrin PC W1
George William Williams (1871-1913) Harriet Thurston Familytree
Mary Williams   Josiah Closson  
Minnie Williams B:25December1896 M:309January1918 Clive Vernon Tenney D:18June1981 Familytree
William Washington Williams   Elizabeth Ann Burkett  
Eleanor Wilmot   Robert Adams PC T44
Grace Wilson   Richard Webb PC T6
Mary Winche   William Halton PC M26
Elizabeth Wingfield   (Sir) William Brandon PC M30-5
(Sir) Robert Wingfield   Elizabeth Goushill PC M30-5
Anna Elizabeth Winkler (1831-1896) Heinrich Ott Familytree
Anna Magdalena Winkler   Hans Jacob Winkler PC Z4
Elsbeth Winkler   Hans Casper Ott  
Hans Winkler   Barbara Wyss  
Hans Jakob Winkler   Susanna Burri  
Hans Jakob Winkler     Anna Magdalena Winkler    
Hans Jakob Winkler   Verena Greitler  
Hans Jakob Winkler   Anna Brunner  
Hans Jakob Winkler   Anna Mueller  
Hans Jakob Winkler     Elsbeth Jucker    
Hans Jakob Winkler     Barbara Isler    
Hans Rudalph Winkler B:15Feburary M:19August1704 Margaret Zuppinger   Familytree
Hans Rudolf Winkler   Dorothea Waeckerlig  
Jacob Winkler   Verena Meili  
Jakob Winkler   Anna Spoerri  
Jacob Winkler     Barbara Bear    
Jorg Winkler   Elsbeth Isler  
Jorg Winkler   Eva Boelster  
Konrad Winkler B:28Feburary1708   Regula Sommer D:20January1749 Familytree
Wilhelmine Witt (c1788-1872) Johann Kersten  
Christian Wittkopp      
Christine Wittkopp   Christian Stenzel  
Christine Wittkopp   Joachim Kersten  
Johann Wittkopp   Anna Sophia Werth  
Maria Wittkopp   Gottfried Stenzel  
WODEN (see ODEN)    
Abiel Wood   Abijah Bowen  
Elnathan Wood   Mary Billington PC T4
Henry Wood/Atwood B: about 1620 M:25April1644 Abigail Jenney D:30September1670  
John Atwood   Joan Coleson PC T33
John S. Wood   Olva PC M30
Lydia Wood   John Thompson PC T4
Nicholas Atwood   Olive Harman PC T33
Rebecca Wood   John Tidd PC M30
Joseph Woodford     PC M28
Mary Woodford   Isaac Sheldon PC M28
Thomas Woodford   Mary Blott PC M28
Joan Wooten   Hugh Davenport PC M12-18
Thomas Wooten     PC M12-18-18
Clemence Wright   Joseph Alvord PC M1
Dorothy Wright   John Blanford PC?
Ebenezer Wright   Hannah Hunt PC M27
(John?) Wright   Martha Castell PC M27
(Lord) John Wright   Elizabeth Lindsell PC M27
(Myddle) John Wright   Alice Rucke PC M27
(Sir) John Wright   Olive Hubbard PC M27
(Rev) John Wright   Agnes PC M27
Mary Wright B: 1654 M: about 1676 Hugh Price D:1November1711 Familytree
Richard Wright   Hester Cooke Ancestors
Samuel Wright   Elizabeth Burt PC M27
(Deacon) Samuel Wright   Margaret (Stratton?) PC M?
William Wright   Priscilla Carpenter Ancestors
Wulfnoth Cild Thegn of Sussex     How are we Rleated
Peter de Wckhurst B: about 1195     D: 1220 Familytree
Peter de Wckhurst B: about 1180     D: 1203 Familytree
Ester Wymann   Hans H. Cr. Sommer  
Yaroslav the Wise      
Margaret Yelverton   John Pagrave  
(Sir) William Yelverton      
Ann Yeoman   John Wheeler  
Ynyr ap Cadfarch   Rhiengar  
Dorothy Yorke   Thomas Dudley  
Edmund Yorke   Katherine Fairfield  
John Yorke   Ann Smith  
John Yorke   Katherine  
Barbara Zellwegger   Pauli Kunzler Familytree
Anna Zengler   Jos Kunzler Familytree
Zerah (c1738BC-c1638BC) Electra Familytree
Zedekiah, King of Judah         Familytree
Zoltan (c880-c950) daughter of Menmarót Familytree
Alan le Zouche     Eleanor de Segrave    
Elena la Zouche B: 1288 M: about 1317 Alan de Charlton D: 3 December 1360 Familytree
Elizabeth la Zouche     Nicholas Bowett   Familytree
John la Zouche   M: about 1399 Margaret de Burge D: 1445 Familytree
William le Zouche B: 1374   Agnes D: 1415 Familytree
William le Zouche B: 1342   Elizabeth de Ros   Familytree
Zuchilon, Prince of the Lombards (c500-c540)    
Anna Barbara Zuppinger B:26November1721 M:26November1748 Hans Heinrich Peter   Familytree
Burckhart Zuppinger B: February1552 M:16February1576 Verena Weber D: after 1602 Familytree
Conrad Zuppinger B:20April1663 M:26May1684 Margaretha Wirth D:6December1701 Familytree
Conrad Zuppinger B:16January1628 M:11January1653 Elsbeth Dickbuch D:30December1687 Familytree
Hans Zuppinger B:23May1589 M:29November1612 Othilla Hagmann D:13August1654 Familytree
Hans Ulrich Zuppinger B:30October1692 M:23August1717 Adelheit Mueller   Familytree
Jacob Zuppinger B: about 1516 M: about 1540 Weybrot Stoltz D: 1567 Familytree
Margretha Zuppinger B:24June1686 M:19August1704 Hans Rudalph Winkler D:3October1750 Familytree
Rudolph Zuppinger B: about 1465     D: 1513  
Vinzenz Zuppinger       D: 1567 Familytree