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Peter Atte Wode and Laurencia

Peter Atte Wode. (Attewode). [B13].
Born about 1321 in Sanderstead, Surrey, England; son of Geoofrey Atte Wode. (S1).

He married Laurencia. (S1).

He became a man of vast wealth, probably in part through inheritance. (S1).

In 1346 Peter Atte Wode and his wife Lawrance sued to record title to a wide acreage in Surrey, including lands in Sanderstead Parish. (S1).

Ethelfreda, Queen of King Edgar (958-975AD) gave Sanderstead Manor to the Abbey of Hyde. It then contained 18 hides or farms. By the time of the Domesday Survey in 1086 the Abbey had parted with 13 hides. Peter bought these 13 hides, not including the church and the village, and lived at Woods Place near his new possessions.(S1).

The history of Sanderstead, by Gower, says that he paid a fine on Sanderstead manor in 1346. (S1).

He also bought land at Woodmanstone in 1346. (S1).

In 1359 he was licensed to maintain a chapel of his own at Woods Place. (S1).

Peter was a close associate of William of Wyckeham. They were Forest Wardens together, and Peter was clerk to William as Justice in Eyre (itinerant justices from the Latin itinere, on a journey. Now part of the High Court of Justice) for the forests of Hants and Wiltshire. William of Wyckeham had many other interests, including becoming Bishop of Winchester and Chancellor of the Exchequer. Peter and William were Kings Commissioners together in rebuilding a part of old Windsor Castle. Perhaps Wyckeham has been given credit for work done by Peter at Windsor for there is a commission to Peter alone. (Rotolorum). Perhaps Peter let William have the honor and in exchange obtained a lease in perpetuity of the church part of Sanderstead Manor, for there is no record of when the Atte Wode family got it, but it was about this time and the remainder of the original 18 hides were controlled by Wyckeham. (S1).

He died on 30 November 1382. (S1).

Laurencia. (Lawrance).
Born about 1324. (S1).

CHILDREN of Peter Atte Wode and Laurencia:
  1. Peter Atte Wode. [B13]. Born about 1360. He married Petronilla. (S1).