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Peter de Arderne and Margaret Elleford

(Sir) Peter de Arderne.
Born in 1241 or 1251 at Alford, Cheshire, England; son of Walkelin de Aderne and Agnes de Orreby. (S1).

Lord of Aldford, which he granted to his son John. (S1). He is recorded as Lord of Aldford in a grant of the manor of Congleton to his first born son, John, and his contracted wife, Margery, daughter of Griffin de Bromfield made between 1267 and 1270.

Sir Peter de Arderne, knight, lord of Alvanley and Alford. Grantee of Aldford in 1265, from his father. (S4).

He married Margaret de Elleford in 1271 in Alford, Cheshire, England. (S1).

Between 1272 and 1280, he is recorded granting the wardship of Thomas de Orreby, of Gawsworth, a minor, to Thomas de Macclesfield. (S4).

In a suit between Sir Peter de Arderne and the Bishop of Lichfield in 17 Edward I, he proves his right in Elford from the House of Montalt by these terms: from Roger de Montalt in the time of Richard I, to Leuca, daughter and heir; from Leuca to Agnes, daughter and heir; and from Agnes to Peter, the claimant, son and heir. (S4).

He died on 12 September 1292 in Alvanley, Runcorn, Cheshire, England. (S1).

In Sir Peter's Inquisition post mortem, take 14 Sep 1292, this Sir Peter Arderne is found to have died seized of the manor of Aldford and the Vills of Elton, Alderdelegh, and half of Mobberly, held from the King, in capite, by service of two knight's fee, from Robert de Praers. (S4).

Margaret de Elleford.
Born about 1250 in Aldford, Cheshire, England; daughter of Roger de Elleford. (S2).

She died in 1300 in Aldford, Cheshire, England. (S1).

CHILDREN of Peter de Arderne and Margaret Elleford:
  1. (Sir) John Arderne. Lord of Aldford, from 3 to 33 Edward I. born 1266. (S1). He married Margaret verch Gruffydd, daughter of Griffin de Eromfield. (S1). On July 1, 1308, 1 Ed. II, he was appointed a Commissioner of Array for the county of Chester, with Hugh Venables, and had the leading of the levies agamst Bruce as far as Carlisle. In the same year he made a settlement of the manors of Aldford, Elford, and Alderley, in contracting for marriage of his eldest son and heir apparent, John, with Alice, daughter of this Hugh, Baron of Kinderton, covenanting to endow her with Alvanley. This manor was granted by him to them ; and in 1 Ed. II, Sir Hugh Venables, guardian of John, his son and heir, and Alice, wife of that John, constituted his brother William his attorney for taking seisin of Alvanley. (S1).
  2. Agnes de Arderne. Born (in 1270-S4)(in 1276-S1) in Alford, Cheshire, England. She married (William de Mainwaring II-S1)( Warin Mainwaring-S1).
  3. Cecily de Arderne. Born about 1275 at Alvanely, Cheshire, England. She married (Sir) William Wasteneys. (William Wasteneys was born in 1272 in Colton, Staffordshire, England.). Their daughter Ellen married John de Arderne (b 1286). (S3).