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THORKELL of Arden and Leofrun

Thorkell of Arden. (Thorkill-S2)(Turchil-S2) (Ardene). [T1-17-1-17-1].
Son of ALWIN.

He succeeded his father as Sheriff of Warwickshire.

Ryton-on-Dunsmore was one of the vills given by Earl Leofric to Coventry Priory in 1043 [Dugdale, Mon. Angl. iii, 191]. But in Dugdale's words 'it seems that the Monks chopt it quickly away, though it appears not how', [Dugd. 46] for by 1066 it was held by 'Alwin' (Ælfwine), and in 1086 by his son Turchil of Warwick, being then assessed at 3½ hides and including woodland half a league by 2 furlongs, and a mill worth 12s. The value had seriously decreased, from 100s. in 1066 to 60s. in 1086 [VCH, warw. i, 318]. The manor remained with Turchil's descendants, the Arden or Arderne family, for about 200 years. (A History of the County of Warwick: Volume 6, pp. 210-213).

He married (1) ?

He married (2) Leofrun, daughter of Ælfgar, Earl of Mercia.

Thorkell of Arden, a descendant of the ruling family of Mercia, was one of the few major English landowners who retained extensive properties after the Norman conquest, and his descendants, the Arden family, remained prominent in the area for centuries. (S1).

Fully four columns of the Domesday Book were filled by the landholdings of Turchill of Arden. (S4)

Thorkell of Arden died (after 1086-S2)(about 1100 AD-S1).

WIFE (1):

CHILDREN of Thorkell of Arden and wife (1):
  1. Siward de Arden. [T1-17-1-17-1]. He married Cecilia.

WIFE (2):
Daughter of Ælfgar, Earl of Mercia.