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(Sir) Thomas ap Adam and Joan Inge

(Sir) Thomas ap Adam. [Ancestors].
He was born (before 1307-S1)(in 1315-S8)(in 1325-S5); son of (Sir) John ap ADAM and Elizabeth de GOURNAY. (S1).

Thomas was never summoned to parliament; thus the barony became dormant.

On 4 July 1325 he did homage, and had livery, of the lands of his father. {S1}.

He married (1) Margery before 1331 {S1}, but probably about 1325.

He split with his wife Margery and sold most manors to Thomas, Lord Berkeley. {S2}. He conveyed the manor of Barrow Gurney in 1331, with that of Beverston. {S4}.

He married (2) Joan Inge, daughter of Sir John Inge and Alice Basset, before 1341. {S1, S10}.

He died (before 1342-S1)(in 1343-S8).

WIFE (1):

CHILDREN of Sir Thomas ap ADAM and Margery:

WIFE (2):
Joan Inge. [Ancestors].
Daughter of (Sir) John Inge and Alice Basset..

She died before 9 July 1349. {S1}.

CHILDREN of Sir Thomas ap ADAM and Joan INGE:


Thomas ap Adam (c1307-c1343) and Joan Inge
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