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John ap ADAM (Adam Fychan)

John ap ADAM. (Adam Fychan). (Lord of Beachley). [Ancestors].
Born about 1220; son of Adam Gwent. (S1).

The Welsh word 'Fychan' actually means 'little' in the sense that a same- named child of Adam Gwent would be 'little Adam' to distinguish him from his father. Not in the sense of physical stature; a short man was called 'Bach'. Fychan is pronounced VAW kun and came to be used much like the English 'junior'. (S11).

Bradney claims he was a base son (born out of wedlock). (S1). It is said that his mother was (miss) de Seymour. (S4). However, neither of these sources provide documentation.

He received the estate of Beachley from his father. (S1).

He was living in 1249 AD. (S1).



John ap Adam (Adam Fynchan)
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